Ghost Hunts Museums

Ghost Hunts Museums

Some of the most active places to carry out a ghost hunt can be at Haunted Museums. Not only are they usually old listed buildings which carry layers of history (along with some stunning British architecture) but the artifacts they display also carry their own source of spirit energy which can be tapped into on a paranormal investigation.  Haunted Museums are a venue type that Haunted Evenings are always looking to investigate. We always try and have a variety of different venues booked and museums are always on our current ghost hunt events list.

Haunted Events in Museums

We recently carried out a ghost hunt at RAF Doncaster. Nothing was given away by staff when we visited and by day it didn’t initially hit us as feeling particularly haunted. Of course the WWII artifacts and spooky mannequins in war time costumes gave it a slight edge but a day time visitor probably wouldn’t think twice about its actual hauntings. By night, this place took on a new feeling. We picked up so much during the ghost hunt, audible groans and knocks, along with the REM Pod being set off with no explanation, the Ovilus seemed to be a hit too here. We also had a spirit come through who, not only was able to communicate which RAF regiment he belonged to, but whereabouts in the haunted hanger he felt a connection. When we went over to that part of the museum, there was a entire display devoted to his RAF base.

Haunted Evenings have investigated many East Midlands haunted museums. Leicester Guildhall is a Grade I listed timber framed building, a place we’ve investigated before with incredible EVP evidence using the Panasonic DR60 and a place we intend to carry out another ghost hunt night. Another fantastic Midlands museum is the Nottingham City of Caves Museum, a must for a ghost hunt. We’ve also visited the very haunted Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. Here’s a taster of what a ghost hunt with Haunted Evenings in a haunted museum entails.

Further a field Haunted Evenings have investigated Clitheroe Castle which sits at the foot of Pendle Hill. The area is mostly known for the connections to The Pendle Hill Witches. We investigated the main Clitheroe Castle, which is, in actual fact, a museum. The original castle remains mainly as the Keep which is public access. The Clitheroe Castle Museum is quite modern inside (n terms of museum exhibits) but the actual building turned out to be very haunted and produced some great paranormal evidence.  Haunted Evenings will definitely be booking another ghost hunt in this spooky museum!

Upcoming Museum Ghost Hunts

We’ll soon be carrying out a ghost Hunt in Sheffield at Haunted Museum Wortley Top Forge near Sheffield. Known to be the oldest iron-works in the world, with its history and artifacts, we’re looking forward to seeing what we can pick up at this haunted location.
If a more modern museum is your thing, why not join us at The Creaky Cauldron in Haunted Stratford-upon-Avon. The building certainly isn’t modern (approx 450 years old!) but with displays from the Harry Potter film productions, its certainly a different style altogether. Haunted Evenings are proud to be one of the few paranormal groups to have access and we’ll be holding small ghost hunts here throughout the year….oh! and did we mention this is one of the most active places we’ve experienced?!! Check out their website