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So you’re intrigued by the paranormal and fancy a ghost hunt night out in and around the Manchester area?! You could soon be joining Haunted Evenings at some of the most haunted locations up North! Whether you’re a go it alone kinda person or a bit of a screamer who would prefer the comforts of hiding behind others!, we have the perfect paranormal event for you. Join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt night out in and around Manchester and experience the paranormal world for yourself! …..

Ghost Hunts Manchester | Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt Events

Ghost Hunts Manchester


This is a gem of a haunted location! Ordsall hall, a magnificent moated Tudor Mansion in Greater Manchester was once owned by the Radclyffe family for over 300 years. Dating back more than 750 years, Ordsall Hall has seen many changes and uses over it’s history and it comes a little surprise that a location such as this has inherited a few ghosts. The most common sighting is that of a grey lady, believed to be Margaret Radclyffe who died of a  broken heart. She is said to appear in the great hall and as such, webcams have been installed due to the extent of ghost sightings here. Dare to join us?!… MORE INFO….

Ghost Hunts Manchester | Antwerp Mansion Ghost Hunt Events

Ghost Hunts Manchester


Antwerp Mansion, the perfect setting for an overnight investigation! This new spook on the block, which has only recently unlocked it’s doors to the paranormal field, is a must do location if you’re fascinated by all things raw and dilapidated. This former Victorian Mansion in suburban Manchester, is in a rather poor state of repair, which only adds to your overnight experience. Once an opulent private Victorian residence to the wealthy Victorian Industrialists, this derelict style property, with it’s many back to basics rooms to explore, dates back to 1840. It’s use as a home, private club and more recently as an urban cult nightclub makes it’s a unique location, where many have felt strangely uneasy. Shadows have been seen lurking in many corners and the challenge has been set to see what or who haunts this building. Are you up for entering the unknown?! . MORE INFO…..

Ghost Hunts Manchester | Ryecroft Hall Ghost Hunt Events

Ghost Hunts Manchester


Once a former private residence, Ryecroft Hall in Greater Manchester became a voluntary war hospital with over 100 beds for the injured during WWI.  Dating back to 1849, this now Grade II listed building is a paranormal magnet due to it’s several claims of unexplanable ghostly happenings! Many have reported experiencing uneasy here, with ghostly voices having been heard and others who have claimed to have witnessed dark shadows in the main hall. Do you fancy splitting down into small groups and investigating for yourself these claims? With all the latest equipment and an array of different experiments to take part in, what will you discover? MORE INFO…

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