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Fancy a ghost hunt experience to top all experiences?! London is without question one of the most haunted cities in the UK. If you’re intrigued by the paranormal and live in London or you fancy a weekend away in London with a spot of ghost hunting in to boot, look no further at the haunted delights we have in store….


Ragged School Museum | Ghost Hunts London (East)

Ragged School Museum London Ghost Hunts


The most haunted school in the UK!….The building in which you’ll now find The Ragged School Museum, once housed London’s largest Victorian School for poor children in the East End of London. Established in 1877 by Dr Barnardo, his mission was to provide a place of education for under-privileged children at a time where schooling was otherwise not available for the poor and destitute. Step back in time as you enter these canal-side warehouses and test your bravery as you join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt experience like no other!. Using traditional alongside modern techniques, the team will guide you through several activities in the quest to capture who still haunts here after dark. The team will be setting up some unique experiments specific to the old Ragged school Museum. People entering the old school have experienced disturbing cries, bangs, heavy footsteps and poltergeist activityΒ .Check out the extensive paranormal equipment Haunted Evenings use on ghost hunts to increase the chances of guests capturing genuine ghostly evidence. MORE INFO!…

Charlton House | Greenwich | Ghost Hunts London

London Ghost Hunts Charlton House Ghost Hunting Events


Greenwich in London is a must see location by day and now there is one hell of a reason to visit by night! Charlton House, a grade I listed building, is London’s best-preserved Jacobean style house in Greater London. Charlton House was a lavish and ambitious build, with many original features still intact, such as stunning ceilings and fireplaces. It boasted having it’s own chapel which was sadly bombed during the Blitz. A subsequent chapel wing was re-built after the war. Charlton House was used during World War I as hospital and in later years as a museum. With over 400 years worth of history, who still roams the great hall, gallery, chapel and state dining room from Charlton’s past? Join Haunted Evenings as we take you on an intense but fun evening ghost hunting at this magnificent London building. MORE INFO…

Eastbury Manor House | Barking | Ghost Hunts London

Ghost Hunts London Eastbury Manor Ghost Hunting event in London


Located in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham sits Eastbury Manor House, an Elizabethan house which is built on land originally forming part of Barking Abbey. Built in the 1570’s, this magnificent Manor would have been one of the very first brick built properties in the area, with it’s high chimneys indicating the wealth of the owner. In later years this grand Manor fell into a state of dilapidation and by the late 19th Century, only the west wing of the house was habitable. Strange paranormal activities have been reported at this London haunted hotspot – apparitions of a young girl and women have been sighted, doors banging with no explanation along with loud footsteps. Armed with more gadgets you can throw a stick at, Haunted Evenings will be setting up innovative experiments alongside more traditional methods to hopefully get to the bottom of these strange reports at Eastbury Manor. Join us on a ghost hunt at this under-investigated Haunted House!

London Tombs | London Bridge Experience | Ghost Hunts London

Ghost Hunts London Bridge


Located deep beneath the infamous London bridge lies the London Tombs where over 100 bodies of plague victims were discovered during construction. Because of this and it’s prestige location, no wonder the London Bridge Experience is now London’s top scare attraction. Scary enough by day with the hustle and bustle of visitors about for comfort, now imagine experiencing this hostile place with just a small group for an overnight investigation?! Haunted Evenings will be taking you through a night of ghost hunting at this awesome location. Take all the very latest paranormal equipment with you and try your hand at capturing your own paranormal evidence. You can’t get much better and closer to ghost hunting as this. Join us on a ghost hunt at this creepy as hell location!

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Ghost Hunting in London

Ever wanted to experience first-hand, what it feels like to walk around dark haunted buildings in and around London? Ghost hunting experiences can vary so much but a ghost hunt with Haunted Evenings will guarantee you will take part in several traditional activities as well as more modern innovative vigils. Haunted Evenings is a professional paranormal investigation team who have been specialising in organising public ghost hunts and haunted events for over 6 years….Ghost Hunting with Haunted Evenings is the closest you’ll get to the real deal!….