Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Fancy a ghost hunt experience to top all experiences?! Choose ghost hunts Liverpool events with Haunted Evenings and you will feel the eerie silence that cannot be achieved by day. Haunted Evenings have selected some of the finest ghost hunting locations in Liverpool. You’re one click away from booking an experience that may well leave your hair standing on end!…..

St Georges Hall | Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Ghost Hunts Liverpool St Georges Hall


This is a gem of a haunted venue! Liverpool’s magnificent landmark has opened it’s doors to Haunted Evenings and we will be making sure all those brave enough to join us get to experience this amazing location in ghost adventure style! With it’s court rooms and prison cells to investigate along with the underground tombs, this is set to be one HELL of a night!. Dares you spend some time in the condemned mans cell with just a trigger object and a camera? Call out if you dare and see what you experience! MORE INFO…

Newsham Park Hospital – Abandoned Orphanage and Mental Asylum | Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Ghost Hunts Liverpool Newsham Park


Newsham Park Hospital, formerly an Orphanage and Mental Asylum is a location like no other. Now abandoned, the hospital sits eerily overgrown and is one of the most haunted locations in appearance alone! If you fancy ghost hunting this location packed out full of kit then Haunted Evenings is the team for you…you can also sleepover in one of the mental wards – but you’d have to be a bit crazy like us to want to do that! MORE INFO…..

Williamson Tunnels | Ghost Hunts Liverpool

Ghost Hunts Liverpool Newsham Park


This rarely investigated site just on the very outskirts of Liverpool’s city centre is a hidden gem of sandstone and archway bricked tunnels, many of which have not yet been excavated. Those that have, allow daytime visitors a chance to tap into the mind of Joseph Williamson, the wealthy Victorian who spent 30 years paying workers as young as 12, to help mine and construct these underground structures. With reports of activity, Haunted Evenings will be investigating these tunnels after dark, care to join us? MORE INFO…

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