Ghost Hunts Leeds | West Yorkshire

Fancy a night out with a difference in Leeds? Why not experience the paranormal side of Leeds and join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunting event in this part of West Yorkshire. Ghost Hunting in Leeds will see you visit an old Workhouse now a Leeds Museum. Here at Haunted Evenings, we have selected some of the finest haunted locations in Leeds and with locations constantly being sourced, you could soon be finding yourself one of a privileged few to be ghost hunting and exploring some incredibly eerie buildings after dark. Check out the locations below for further details on Ghost Hunts in Leeds.

Ghost Hunts Leeds | Haunted Workhouse | Thackray Museum 

Ghost Hunts Leeds at Thackray Museum Paranormal Nights


This former Leeds Union Workhouse was built in 1858 to accommodate 784 paupers. During World War I, the building became East Leeds War Hospital, established to care for armed services personnel.  Today  this Grade II listed building is known as the Thackray Museum. A museum depicting the history of medicine. Haunted Evenings will be conducting a lock down at this historical site, investigating its reported hauntings and invite a team of budding paranormal enthusiasts to join them to take part in several experiments in the quest to capture evidence of the afterlife. With so much history, this old workhouse is a must! Ghost hunt event dates now available! BOOK NOW!

Ghost Hunts Leeds | Abbey House Museum at Kirkstall Abbey 

Ghost Hunts Leeds at Thackray Museum Paranormal Nights


Adjacent to the stunning ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, it is little wonder that this former 12th Century Abbey Gatehouse is rife with paranormal accounts! On the ground floor that now forms the Museums mocked up Victorian Streets, many visitors have reported the feeling of their hair being pulled, a full apparition of a man was sighted in the Victorian School house , as well as inexplainable knocks, bangs and smells! Upstairs, the ghostly sights and sounds of a wandering Monk have been reported, a likely link to Kirkstall Abbey of which Abbey House was formerly a part of. Haunted Evenings will be looking to set up an array of paranormal experiments to ensure guests who brave this location after dark, have the best chance of experiencing for themselves, just how haunted this historic building is! BOOK NOW!

Ghost Hunts Leeds City Museum

Ghost Hunts Leeds City Museum Paranormal Nights


Unexplained footsteps have been heard within the Leeds City Museum with staff also reporting doors mysteriously opening and closing of their own accord. Others claim to have witnessed strange lights and a few have seen a shadowy figure lurking in the old Albert Hall balcony area. Haunted Evenings are naturally intrigued by these haunted claims and invite you to join us overnight at this City landmark to discover together, just how haunted this imposing building is….MORE INFO…

Ghost Hunts Leeds Town Hall | Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts Leeds Town Hall Paranormal Nights


An exciting opportunity to spend time in the foreboding Victorian Cells hidden beneath the Grand steps of this Grade I listed Leeds landmark. Reputedly haunted by an unsavoury character executed for a double murder, will you take up the challenge of calling out for him (Charlie Peace) in the cells area where his spirit still haunts? Take time investigating the creepy crypt area of Leeds Town Hall, the new (but now disused) cells area, the former court room and the beyond magnificent Victoria (concert) Hall. This location is a privilege to have access to after dark, are you brave enough to join the Haunted Evenings team as we go in search of the unknown?  MORE INFO…

Ghost Hunts Leeds | Armley Mills | West Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts Leeds at Armley Mills


What a gem this one is! This 1805 built building served as the largest woollen mill, only closing it’s doors to the mill trade in 1969. Its now an Industrial musuem, displaying artifacts relating to textiles, railway equipment and heavy engineering. These artifacts a lone likely hold a charge of energy from the past so add in the vintage grade II listed building into the mix and this location lends itself very nicely to a spot of ghost hunting. If you fancy wandering around this fascinating historic building in Leeds armed with some awesome ghost hunting gadgets, then best you book on with Haunted Evenings. We’ll give the chance to use every stitch of latest paranormal equipment and give you the chance to experience ghost hunting at its finest! BOOK NOW!

Ghost Hunts Leeds | Bolling Hall | Bradford nr Leeds | West Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts Leeds at Armley Mills


Mentioned in the Doomsday book and dating back to the 14th Century, Bolling Hall is Bradford’s oldest building. Parts of the property date back to Medieval times, the oldest part of the estate is believed to be a type of fortified keep/Pele Tower.  In the 18th Century parts of the Hall were modernised following a fire. Bolling Hall has been a museum since 1915 and has recorded many haunted accounts, the most famous being that of a ghost sighting in 1643, believed to be the first recording of such phenomenon in the UK. Since then several accounts of ghostly apparitions have been witnessed, including a white lady in period (Victorian) costume and parliamentary figures seen in the grounds. Investigations have left many ghost hunters in no doubt Bolling Hall is haunted… What will you experience when you take part in an intense ghost hunt investigation with Haunted Evenings? MORE INFO!

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