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Join Haunted Evenings at some of the most haunted locations England has to offer. Lancaster and surrounding Lancashire is oozing in haunted-ness! What’s more is we’re running ghost hunt event weekends so if you can’t decide which location to choose from in Lancashire, then you can combine ghost hunting experiences and save! Why not book onto a ghost hunt with Haunted Evenings at Lancaster Castle, with it’s strong connections to the Pendle Witches, you could be exploring the cell that once housed these wrongly accused women.  Please keep checking back as we add more venues and more exciting opportunities to go ghost hunting in Lancaster and Lancashire.

Ghost Hunts Lancaster Castle 

Ghost Hunts Lancaster Castle


If you’ve ever heard about the Pendle Witches then you’ve likely heard of Lancaster Castle?! It is here, over 400 years ago, that the witches trials took place and where 10 witches were sentenced to death. Several of the women perished in their cells at Lancaster Castle before they were due to be executed – the remaining were sent to the gallows. Lancaster Castle has the strongest connection to The Pendle Witches and it is most likely here, rather than Pendle Hill itself, where their energy still exists due to such unrest. Lancaster Castle is a must do location. MORE INFO…

Ghost Hunts Lancaster | Morecambe Winter Gardens | Lancashire

Ghost Hunts Lancaster Morecambe Winter Gardens

Morecambe Winter Gardens is a Grade II listed building situated on the promenade in the seaside resort of Morecambe. Once on a much grander scale the now abandoned theatre formed part of a much larger Victorian complex, most of which has since been demolished. Ghost hunting at Morecombe Winter Gardens gives guests the unique opportunity to explore this fantastic historical gem near to Blackpool, with only a handful of others. Imagine how many people have passed through these doors and performed on the stage. Now imagine having this place pretty much to yourselves….Join Haunted Evenings as we take all the very latest paranormal equipment, turn out the lights and see what ghosts come out to play at Morecambe’s most haunted building. NEW DATE COMING SOON!

Ghost Hunts Clitheroe Castle 

Ghost Hunts Lancastershire Clitheroe Castle


Join Haunted Evenings on our return visit to Clitheroe Castle and discover for yourself the ghostly goings on at this Pendle Hill Castle. You will find yourself split off into small groups exploring the old Clitheroe Castle Keep and internal rooms of the main castle museum. We’ve all heard of the Pendle Witches and it is the nearby hill where it is believed the famous witches gathered to conduct their witchcraft. Sitting at the base of Pendle Hill, Clitheroe Castle is a great location to experience a ghost hunt. MORE INFO

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