Ghost Hunts July 2015

The Creaky Cauldron | Stratford Upon Avon | Ghost Hunts July 04th

Ghost Hunts July 2015 at The Creaky Cauldron Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon is a stunning tourist market town, so what better way to spend a weekend than to stroll around and lap up the ambience and history. As the sun goes down, after a relaxing stroll, why not scare yourself to death by taking part in a ghost hunt at one of the most actively haunted places the team have had the privilege to investigate?!! The Creaky Cauldron, once part of the infamous White Lion Inn, is a Grade II listed Tudor building, built around the time William Shakespeare was born just 2 doors down on Henley Street. The Creaky has seen death from murder and the plague and it’s no wonder that things really do seem to go bump in the night here. A fascinating, quirky and damn right haunted building! Dare to join us on this one?! *SOLD OUT*