Ghost Hunts Hull

Ghost Hunts Hull : Why not experience the paranormal side to Hull and join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunting event to remember!. Ghost Hunting in Hull could see you spend the night investigating an old funeral parlour or investigating an old Fort. Whatever location you are intrigued by, Haunted Evenings investigate the most haunted locations in the UK. Hull has some great places to go ghost hunting and a fun but very real night awaits as we take you on a ghost hunt to see what truly haunts these buildings with so many ghost stories attached. Check out the locations below for further details on our Ghost Hunts Hull Events.

“The Hostel” Ghost Hunt 39 de Grey Streetย | Ghost Hunts Hull

Ghost Hunts Hull 39 de grey street


This 7 bedroomed house in Hull hasn’t been lived in by the living for over 7 years due to overwhelming experiences by the owner that left him no choice but to move out. Poltergeist activity is said to occur here, objects have been moved at force and a dark entity is said to control the upstairs. The under stairs cupboard is also said to have an unpleasant feel, children allegedly mistreated and assumed locked in there. 39 de Grey Street has been heavily reported in local and national press as being Hull’s most haunted property with many visitors claiming it to be one of the most active they’ve ever visited. This place needs investigating and we invite anyone brave enough to join us to see for ourselves just how haunted this Hull hole is! NEW DATES COMING SOON – ADD TO WAITING LIST!

Fort Paull | Ghost Hunts Hull

Fort Paull Ghost Hunts Hull Paranormal Ghost Hunt Events


Fort Paull has been built on the site of a 1542 Fort built during the reign of Henry VIII. Built to defend the once thriving Humber Ports, Fort Paull is now a visitor centre and museum. This 10 acre site is Yorkshires only remaining Naploeonic Fortress. Fancy spending some time after dark in the Blackburn Beverley Aircraft, The Vaults or the ย Victorian Hospital area?Several reports of disembodied voices have been seen at Fort Paull as well as several accounts of shadows. Join the team, use all the latest equipment and try a variety of experiments to see what you can experience at this under-investigated site. MORE INFO…

Annison Funeral Parlour | Ghost Hunts Hull

Ghost Hunts Hull Annison Funeral


Not new to being Haunted but relatively new to the paranormal public is the old (former) Annison Funeral Parlour. This building with its stable block used to house the horses for the City of Hull mounted police before becoming a Funeral Parlour. Those lucky enough to leave these premises alive have reported experiencing unexplained taps. bangs and shadows have been seen. Whilst the building no longer functions as a funeral parlour, the old embarming table has been left behind by the Annisons when they vacated. This place has several pockets to investigate. Dare to spend the night at Hull’s most haunted building? Check out all the details and we’ll see you there! MORE INFO…

The Chocolate Factory | Ghost Hunts Hull

Ghost Hunts Hull Chocolate Factory


This may sound heavenly named but this venue is not what it seems! Once an old Mill in the heart of Hull, The Chocolate Factory is a bundle of sound proofed music rehearsal rooms which, when investigated, are pitch black with the added bonus of being completely free of noise contamination. This interesting building date backs to the 1800’s and is reportedly haunted predominantly by a male spirit, believed to be an old caretaker, who does not like visitors to his building. On investigating this building, it has to be said, these claims appear to be true as we captured EVP’s telling us to leave!.

Saltmarshe Hall | Ghost Hunts Hull

Ghost Hunts Hull Saltmarshe Hall


Saltmarshe Hall, close to Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire is a privately owned residence. The north wing of the old hall, which was once the servants quarters, is no longer lived in (by the living!), in fact it’s been abandoned since the 1930’s and is a part of the building and estate that the current family rarely enter. It is here in the north wing, with its cellar areas that many who have braved the location, have reported many unexplanable phenomenon. The estate has also built up a vintage reputation by locals who have reported ghost sightings in the grounds… Join Haunted Evenings for a night of ghost hunting at Saltmarshe Hall to discover for yourself if the rumours of this place being haunted are indeed true!

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