Ghost Hunts Herefordshire

Looking for a Ghost Hunt in the Herefordshire area? Haunted Evenings host ghost hunting events throughout the West Midlands and surrounding counties. We can vouch for these places being haunted, so if you’re brave enough, why not join the best equipped team around and try your hand at ghost hunting for real!

Hereford Shire Hall | Ghost Hunts Herefordshire

Ghost Hunt Hereford


This location is a must! The oldest working court house  – Hereford Shirehall has a pretty negative past!. Built on the site of the old prison, The Shire Hall has 2 court rooms to investigate, as well as several side rooms, a theatre/stage area, prison cells and cellars. Lots of paranormal activity has been reported here and we were not disappointed last time we investigated! MORE INFO

The Ancient Ram Inn | Ghost Hunts nr Hereford

Ghost Hunts near Hereford Ancient Ram Inn


Ok so we’ve jumped the county border but we thought The Ancient Ram was worth a mention as it’s not all that far from Herefordshire! The Ram Inn is a must do Ghost Hunt!. Reportedly one of the most haunted locations in England, The Ancient Ram Inn is more than just a former pub. This place is like no other you will ever set foot inside, its just plain WEIRD!. With a childs grave dug up (and left open) from the pub floor, to the Bishops room with its (now bricked up) Priest hole, this is not for the faint hearted. The Barn, the oldest part of the building, has had guests fleeing and the bedrooms and attic are places not best ventured on your own if you are of a nervous disposition! Brave enough or into strange places?…this ghost hunt is for you!!

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