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Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Fancy a ghost hunt experience to top all experiences?! East Sussex and the surrounding areas offer up some pretty cool haunted locations. If you’re intrigued by the paranormal and are looking for the thrill of a hardcore ghost hunt down south, look no further at the haunted delights we’ve unearthed in East Sussex….

Old Police Cells Museum | Brighton | Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Ghost Hunts East Sussex Brighton Police Cells Ghost Hunt


Hidden beneath Brighton’s historic Town Hall, you could soon find yourself in the dark Victorian cells that once accommodated the less savoury characters of this East Sussex resort. With both Male and Female police cells to investigate, will you be fortunate enough to encounter the spirit of the Chief Constable who was murdered here? Take part in an array of ghostly experiments, from EVP vigils through to traditional methods. You will have access to this hidden basement gem with just a handful of others. Event now live! BOOK NOW!

Rye Castle Museum | Rye | Ghost Hunts East Sussex

Ghost Hunts East Sussex Rye Castle Museum Ghost Hunts


Delve into the history of the Rye Castle site and be prepared to be blown away! The (Ypres) Tower that stands before you today is believed to date back as far as 1249!.  Built to defend attacks from the French,  most of the town was burnt down in 1377, only a few survived of which Ypres Tower at Rye Castle was one of them.  Over it’s lifetime, The Castle site has been used for defense, a prison gaol and up until 1959 was used as a Mortuary. Now a museum, visitors can enjoy the delights of its uneven spriral staircase, and those brave enough to spend the night here can enjoy the haunted delights this Castle | Museum has to offer.

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