Ghost Hunts Doncaster | South Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts Doncaster….Why not experience the paranormal side to Doncaster and join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunting event in this part of South Yorkshire.  A fun night awaits as we take you on a ghost hunt to see what truly haunts these buildings with so many ghost stories attached. Check out the locations below for further details on Ghost Hunts in Doncaster.

St Catherine’s Former Mental Asylum | Ghost Hunts Doncaster

Ghost Hunts Doncaster St Catherines House


St Catherine’s, located on the outskirts of Doncaster was originally built as a family retreat, owned by wealthy former Leeds Mayor George Banks. After it left the family hands, it eventually became Doncaster’s Mental Asylum and hospital, with 2 childrens wards, a pschiatric unit and in it’s earlier days was a fever isolation hospital. With such a varied and tragic history, coupled with the fact that this is not an overly investigated site, this location lends itself nicely to a ghost hunt investigation. Do you dare see what this former mental hospital may have in store after dark?! MORE INFO…..

Haunted RAF Museum | Ghost Hunts Doncaster

Ghost Hunts Doncaster RAF Museum


RAF Doncaster, also known as Doncaster Aerodrome, is a voluntary run museum which displays some phenomenal artifacts from WWII and Falkslands War. With one main Hangar housing planes from such era’s, walking around the hangar at night is a pretty eerie feeling. When investigated, we had equipment triggering from inside closed off planes. Awesome! Other hangars available to investigate left us in no doubt that this former Royal Air Force station, is indeed, haunted! A ghost hunt here is a must! MORE INFO

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