Ghost Hunts Cornwall

Ghost Hunting in Cornwall is becoming increasing popular! You could be exploring some of Cornwalls most haunted locations, soaking up the history but better still, visiting places with only a select few, almost having the place to yourself! Beat the crowds and spend quality time in Cornwall’s historic landmarks. Bodmin Jail is one of the places on our books and we’re almost certain that a night ghost hunting with Haunted Evenings will get you hooked! Check out the locations below for further details on Ghost Hunts in Cornwall…..

Bodmin Gaol (Jail) | Ghost Hunts CornwallΒ 

Ghost Hunt Tours at Bodmin Jail Cornwall


Bodmin Jail, close to Bodmin Moor in Cornwall gained a notorious reputation when it was first a serving prison in the 1700’s. A brutal place for punishment, its believed that 55 inmates were publicly hanged, with the last execution taking place in 1862. With such a horrid past, its no wonder this has become Cornwall’s Jewel in her haunted crown. If you’re into ghost hunting, you just HAVE to visit Bodmin. The place is incredibly eerie and has many reportings of strange paranormal activity. Dare to join Haunted Evenings on this one? Join the best equipped team to investigate Bodmin. Who knows what will happen?! MORE INFO…

Haunted Pub | Jamaica Inn | Ghost Hunts Cornwall

Ghost Hunts at Jamaica Inn Cornwall

Why not call in to this old smugglers inn on your way to Visit Bodmin Jail? Located close by in Bodmin is the Jamaica Inn, an old coaching inn that has welcomed and served travellers crossing Bodmin Moor for nearly 300 years. Jamaican Inn is reported to be haunted and with it’s own museum displaying tales of wreckers murderers and villains its no wonder this place has that spooky haunted vibe! I reckon if you’re in the area, this is worth a stop off, it sounds creepy as!