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So you’re intrigued by the paranormal and fancy a ghost hunt night out in and around Chester dabbling in a spot of ghost hunting!? Need a little more than a ghost walk?!..Look no further as we have lined up some great ghost hunting venues in the Chester area. From haunted museums to nearby abandoned mental asylums, we reckon we have your area covered. Not only that, a Haunted Evenings event involves lots of different ghost hunting techniques to get you involved and really experiencing what it is like to go ghost hunting. Why not try your hand at using some of the very latest equipment, or join in on group activities. Whether you’re a go it alone kinda person, or a bit of a screamer who would prefer the comforts of hiding behind others, we have the perfect paranormal event for you. Join Haunted Evenings on a ghost hunt night out in and around Chester and experience the paranormal world for yourself! …..

Ghost Hunts | Stanley Palace – Chester

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Stanley Palace located in the stunning city of Chester, is a 16th Century building built close to the site occupied by the medieval Black Friars. Several haunted sightings here, including the sighting of the former owners. Now a museum, members of the public have reported sightings of Ghosts in period dress, only for them to literally vanish into thin air!. An intriguing location in a very historic City.

Ghost Hunting | Tatton Old Hall – Chester

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Haunted Evenings invite you to join us for an overnight ghost hunt at Tatton Old Hall, not far from historic Chester, Cheshire. Tatton Hall, now part of the National trust is a Country manor House built around 1716. A magnificent Grade I listed building surrounded by parkland, guests will be treated to an access all areas spooky evening exploring the many rooms of this vast building. Within these now abandoned walls there have been several accounts of poltergeist activity. Explore the main hall and barn area with the use of all of our equipment, take part in a variety of experiments and experience ghost hunting first hand.

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