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Join Haunted Evenings as we investigate haunted locations in Peterborough and surrounding Cambridgeshire, you won’t need to look very far for a fun but intense ghost hunting experience in the area!.  You’re just a few clicks away from booking an experience that will leave you speechless and wanting more!…..

Peterborough Museum | Ghost Hunts Cambridge

Ghost Hunts Cambridgeshire Peterborough


Built in 1816 as a private residence, this magnificent Peterborough building also served as the local hospital, Old Peterborough Infirmary 1857-1928. Whilst it is now a museum, many Georgian features are still evident and whilst the hospital’s rooms and wards no longer appear to exist, you never know where you’re entering (the operating room that was, still exists …albeit is unrecognizable and is now a modern exhibition room!). The museum claims to have at least 8 ghosts and it seems to indeed be a paranormal hot spot, with many visitors experiencing strange activities. What will you experience when you break off into small groups to investigate this haunted building? MORE INFO….

Oliver Cromwell’s House | Ghost Hunts Cambridge

Oliver Cromwell Ghost Hunts Cambridge


Built in the 13th Century, Oliver Cromwell lived here from 1636 and it is here that many believe is still visited and  haunted by Cromwell. His bedroom is now known as the haunted bedroom as staff over the years have felt uneasy…a different atmosphere has been sensed by many who have entered. Disembodied voices have been captured and reports of ghostly shadows sighted. With so much history attached, its no real surprise that this is one of Cambridge’s most haunted locations. Haunted Evenings invites you to be part of the team on an over night investigation at Oliver Cromwell’s. We’ll be using all the very latest equipment to establish who still haunts here….you’ll soon find yourself in small groups in this reported haunted house…Brave enough?! MORE INFO

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