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Looking for a paranormal night out in Bradford? Haunted Evenings host ghost hunts in and around Bradford and surrounding West Yorkshire. Β We have selected some of the finest haunted locations in your area and with locations constantly being sourced, you could soon be finding yourself one of a privileged few to be ghost hunting and exploring some incredibly eerie buildings after dark. A fun night awaits as we take you on a ghost hunt to see what truly haunts these buildings with so many ghost stories attached. Check out the locations below for further details on our Ghost Hunts Bradford events….

Ghost Hunts Bradford | Haunted Bolling Hall | West Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts Bradford Bolling Hall Ghost Hunts


Bolling Hall (which featured on Most Haunted) is Bradford’s haunted jewel in the crown! There’s rumour of this old hall having around 20 reported sightings of ghosts, along with countless paranormal encounters. In fact, the first ghost report is believed to have been noted in the mid 1600’s! Guests and staff have reported the “blue room” as being particularly unpleasant, with a sense of being watched. It’s also the same room a full apparition of a man has been seen by the fireplace. Β Haunted Evenings will be investigating these claims of Bolling Hall, taking you on an access all areas ghost hunt and seeing what evidence of the above can be picked up on with all the latest paranormal equipment. Not for the faint hearted this one! MORE INFO….

Ghost Hunts near Bradford | Armley Mills | West Yorkshire

Ghost Hunts near Bradford Armley Mills


What a gem this one is! Β Now an Industrial museum, Armley Mills started life as the largest woollen mill in the World, only closing it’s doors to the mill trade in 1969. . This prime grade II listed building lends itself very nicely to a spot of ghost hunting, with it’s displays of artifacts and machinery the place is said to be very haunted. Is this from the objects the museum displays or from spirits left behind who worked the mill?. If you fancy having a right good wander around this fascinating building, armed with some awesome ghost hunting gadgets, then best you book on with Haunted Evenings. We’ll give the chance to use every stitch of latest paranormal equipment and give you the chance to experience ghost hunting at its finest! BOOK NOW!.

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