Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Fancy a ghost hunt and looking in the Birmingham area? Look no further as Haunted Evenings gives you the low-down on haunted places in and around Brum!
Choose from classic haunted castles, haunted hotels – to some pretty awesome underground adventures that will get you hooked! Whether you are new to ghost hunting or a seasoned pro, Haunted Evenings welcome you to join them on our Ghost Hunts Birmingham events.
Please see below for the best places to go ghost hunting in Birmingham…..

Ghost Hunts Birmingham | Dudley Castle | Smethwick Baths | Drakelow Tunnels | Middleton Hall | Steelhouse Lane Police Station | Dudley Station Hotel

Drakelow Tunnels | Kidderminster | Ghost Hunts nr Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Drakelow Tunnels Kidderminster



Warning! Very eerie and most definitely haunted! Drakelow Tunnels nr Kidderminster, is without a (dark lurking) shadow of a doubt one of Haunted Evenings favourite locations. With 3.5 miles of incredibly eerie underground tunnels this place is not just disorientating, it puts you on edge just walking around in the dark! Having investigated this place already we were simply left wanting more, there is so much to this place and the paranormal evidence we captured means this is up there for places to ghost hunt. If you fancy exploring this incredible former nuclear bunker…..BOOK NOW!

Steelhouse Lane Police Station | Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Steelhouse lane



Join Haunted Evenings as we take you on a ghost hunting experience like no other at this recently opened location in Central Birmingham. Spend time overnight in some of the many cells that have housed notorious criminals over its 126 year history as a centralised custody suite, from gangsters to serial killers. We’ll be splitting you off into small groups to take part in some pretty intense experiments to establish the hauntings of this oppressive Victorian lock up. What will we unearth?!…….BOOK NOW!

Exclusive | The Coffin Works | Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Steelhouse lane



Brand New Location! Exclusive to Haunted Evenings!. Join us at the Coffin Works Ghost Hunt Birmingham and be part of the first ever investigation to take place at this former Victorian factory in Central Birmingham! A ghostly night watchman has been seen peering out from one of the factory windows and with a recent report of unexplained movement detected in the 1960’s office, what else will we discover at the Coffin works?!. This is an exciting opportunity to take part in an investigation of the unknown at this fascinating time capsule!…….BOOK NOW!

Smethwick Baths | Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Smethwick Baths



Smethwick Baths close to Birmingham is such a fantastic location. This leisure centre by day has a very VERY different vibe when the last swimmers have left! The baths have a maze of underground tunnels, many rooms off the tunnels have connections with the war… one area used as a morgue, another as an air raid shelter. The old stage area, when the baths used to double function as a dance hall, once had the Beatles on you see, Smethwick Baths has an incredible history to it. With history comes hauntings and Smethwick Baths is “swimming” with paranormal activities. If you fancy exploring this vast location, look no further than a night with Haunted Evenings. We’ll ensure you have a spooky night to remember. BOOK NOW!

Old Oak House Museum | West Bromwich | Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Old Oak House West Bromwich Ghost Hunts



This 400 year old property sits tucked away down a residential street near to the centre of West Bromwich. As you enter the grand 2 storey high Hall it soon becomes apparent to how much history this property holds. It is claimed that a woman dressed in black has been seen on numerous occasions in the kitchen area. Other reports in are of unexplanable footsteps, whistling and singing. Join Haunted Evenings for an overnight investigation at this rarely investigated Tudor building……MORE INFO

Dudley Castle | Dudley | Ghost Hunts Birmingham

Ghost Hunts Birmingham Dudley Castle



Dudley Castle is a top tourist attraction, so now imagine almost having the entire castle and castle grounds to yourself after dark?!… a fantastic combo of once majestic castle rooms and ruins to explore. The grounds have an interesting feel as you wander through the ruined castle kitchen to the castles keep. We’ve captured paranormal mists outside and some pretty cool EVP’s inside. Without question this place is haunted and with so much history attached to this site, its no wonder this is a location Haunted Evenings love investigating. The Grey Lady is the biggest ghost story of them all and the staff here do a fantastic tour.  What will you discover on our return visit to Dudley Castle?. BOOK NOW

Station Hotel | Dudley | Ghost Hunts Birmingham



Opposite Haunted Dudley Castle sits Dudley’s Station Hotel, by no means over shadowed by the castles hauntings. The Station Hotel is reportedly the most haunted hotel in the West Midlands and boasts many residents of a paranormal kind that seem to be active in several areas inside the hotel, including the cellars and room 214. Whilst we have yet to investigate these claims, Haunted Evenings do intend on visiting the hotel soon with all the very latest equipment to really find out what lurks here. Who knows we may even combine it with a trip across the road to Dudley Castle. A double investigation sounds cool. Whose up for that?! Contact us if you would like us to arrange a ghost hunt event here.

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