Ghost Hunts April 2015

Gresley Old Hall | Swadlincote | Derbyshire | Ghost Hunts April 3rd

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Haunted Evenings are proud to state that we were the first to put this location on the Haunted Britain Map!. We’ve investigated this location a few times and Old Gresley Hall has never failed to produce strange happenings on all our ghost hunts here. Some not so nice savory characters seem to still wander around this stripped bare location. Its almost abandoned now and is the classic haunted location. SOLD OUT! New Dates Available!

Bodmin Jail (Gaol) | Cornwall | Ghost Hunts April 18th

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Are you brave enough to spend a night in one of England’s most brutal jail cells?..Bodmin Gaol (pronounced Jail) is located on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall and from a distance is a forbidding  sight amongst the landscape. Bodmin Gaol saw hangings take place from 1785 til 1909. Haunted Evenings will be  conducting a ghost hunt here, taking all the very latest equipment to really delve into this notoriously haunted location. The challenge is set for the braver few to be left in a cell to see what you pick up, but one things for sure, it won’t be Kreed Kafer!!! Join us on Saturday 18th April 2015 at one of England’s most brutal prisons! SOLD OUT!