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Ghost Hunting at Wortley Top Forge | Sheffield

A hidden gem in Yorkshire!

Wortley Top Forge in Yorkshire was first investigated by the Haunted Evenings team back in 2014 and because of the activity we experienced soon became a firm favourite of ours! Our last visit was 2017 where we once again captured voices telling us to “Get Out”!…so we did (eventually), but …..we’re heading back in 2021 to do it all again! Dare to join us?!

What our guests had to say about Wortley Top Forge :

“Fabulous night and fantastic people thank you will definitely do another one xx” E.Fells 10.06.17 Source:facebook

“Thanks for fantastic night will be defo doing another one” R.Taylor  10.06.17 Source:facebook

“Fantastic night! A great bunch of people and a top team. Thank you xx” L.Gouneea 10.06.17 Source:facebook

Read all about our ghostly adventures at Wortley Top Forge and challenge yourself to taking part in our next Wortley Top Forge Ghost Hunt on Friday 5th February, 2021!

BLOG : JUNE 10th 2017

Another lovely evening last night investigating the Wortley Top Forge Museum nr Sheffield. Guests experienced activity in the old cottage where an audible groan was heard , temperature changes were picked up on command and a great response (again on command) through our movement detectors on the stairs in the old rear workshop. Voices captured on our recorders may not have been clear tonight but we believe we captured a “get out” and a “leave here”. During the ouija board session in the old cottage, guests picked up on a spirit connected to the building as well as a personal connection . The night was made so enjoyable by such an enthusiastic bunch of guests. It was lovely to meet you all and thank you for making it such a memorable night.

BLOG : MARCH 10th 2017

A big thank you to Friday nights guests and to the team who investigated the Wortley Top Forge Museum nr Sheffield. Here’s a summary of the haunted evening!……

10.03.17 – This was the teams 3rd visit to this hidden gem north of Sheffield. On arrival, guests were given a lowdown on the history attached to this building before it was lights out in all areas.

Trigger objects were set up in the old workshop and soon into vigil one, guests experienced some strange occurrences, with one guest siting what he believed was someone at the window, with another guest sensing a shadow in the same upstairs area. Whoever may have been in there appeared to set off our movement device (that we’d placed on the stairs) on command – with an EVP capture asking us to “Get Out”.

The Ouija board vigil was set upstairs and seemed fairly quiet until we conducted an EVP session and captured a voice which said “get out of my house”. We were, at the time, in the old cottage area of the location. It wasn’t until session 3 that activity occurred with the glass moving. At the same time, down in the oldest part of the location (The old Forge area), an absolutely phenomenal interaction occurred when 4 of our K2 devices were set off simultaneously, on and off, on command, for about 10 minutes. We believed we were making contact with several spirits and the energy in that session was very impressive. Of course we tried to debunk the EMF spikes and couldn’t. What we got was further validation from spirit when we asked “Are you effecting the green lights around us, yes or no?” and received an incredibly clear “Yes, a lot”! A great ending to another night here at Wortley Top Forge.