Ghost Hunting Stratford Upon Avon

Creaky Cauldron NewOur recent ghost hunt at The Creaky Cauldron was simply phenomenal!.

We can’t hide our excitement at investigating this absolute gem of a place and have never tired of it’s quirkiness… Imagine 500 years of Stratford History bundled into a Tudor building just 2 doors down from Shakespeare’s Birthplace that is hardly ever investigated, certainly not by the public, infact, Haunted Evenings are proud to say we are the only events company allowed to invite you guys in!

We cherish this place so we only allow a handful of lucky guests through it’s magical door of this bizarre place. In all the times we’ve investigated here, we’ve been left blown away with the activity and this is one place that guests are spoilt by activity and left swimming in kit to use!

K2’s stole the show on our last visit. We sent one brave attendee off on his own. It seemed something followed him as the equipment around him was going off like a Christmas tree. When we sent others to observe, all of a sudden the kit in the room we were in (Theatre room) kicked into life. It was very evident that someone was walking around the middle floor! We captured a class A EVP confirming Francis was with us. An unsavoury character the team have encountered before. He seemed to stay with the group all night.

Down in the shop area, k2’s again confirmed the presence of someone from the otherside. A personal interaction also happened on the divination board at the same time as the K2’s picked up an increase in EMF. Always fantastic when traditional methods are backed up with a bit of science!

The EMF trigger objects also came into their own later on in the night, accompanied by further fantastic EVP’s. We simply lost count!

The history to this place is astounding! It’s older than Shakespeare’s pad down the road, it has connections to plague, murder, prostitution all the usual for an old public house dating back to when Stratford was pretty much nothing more than a street or two!

To book onto a creaky cauldron ghost hunt, please drop us a message and we’ll put you on the list. We take no more than 16 guests and supply you with enough kit for 40 people! This is a paranormal paradise, kids in a sweetshop time and a damned good way to satisfy your ghost hunting side or test your virgin voyage!

One thing for sure is you’ll NEVER forget your time at The Creaky Cauldron if you’ve been lucky enough to spend the night there!

Inside the Creaky Cauldron