Ghost Hunting at The Leicester Towers

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Ghost Hunting at The Leicester Towers

What a fantastic night on Saturday (9th May) we had at the Towers Hospital in Leicester. We had a very respectful night establishing contact from the paranormal side at the hospital.

The night started with a welcome briefing in the magnificent 1890 built recreational hall. This hall, with its stunning paneled ceiling, has a real feel to it, like you’re stepping back in time. Imagine the patients who would have come to this hall for parties, dances and general entertainment. Most of the entertainment in the late 1800’s would have been put on by the residential hospital staff.

Next, after the intros and history briefiing, Guests enjoyed walking around this vast location, taking in the sheer scale of the building and experiencing what it is like to walk round an abandoned building. Some parts of the hospital still have the old wood panelling, bed lamps still remaining from many of the main wards, and whilst the rest has been stripped bare, it’s not hard to feel the hustle and bustle that would have been here on a daily basis that has now been replaced with an eerie silence.

Guests were then broken off into groups of 6-8. Split up to cover as much ground as possible. Some started on the stage area where voices were quickly detected on the voice recorders, at the same time a knock came from the back of the hall. Under the stage, the equipment was triggered on command when asking spirits to make the area even colder than it felt down there. Both Rempod and mel-meters showed a temperature decrease to that exact request. Meanwhile another group picked up on voices in the corridor. We also picked up on a female spirit, believed to have been a patient.

Inside Towers Hospital Ghost Hunt Haunted Evenings

In the Daisy Peak ward, several facts came through on the ouija board from a member of the medical staff, this has since been researched and relates to doctors references.

Upstairs, 2 groups investigated the entire wards which stretch from one end of the building to the other. Trigger objects were going off in the isolation cells and a door banged shut on another group. Everything was done to debunk this but could only be labelled as unexplained. Voices were picked up throughout all the vigils and the same name was captured by 2 different groups. One group also experienced a stone being thrown, this was on request in an attempt to verify spirit presence.

The Haunted Evenings team are based in Leicester and grew up hearing stories of this old Borough Lunatic Asylum. Having the chance to take guests around this secure location is a privilege. Not many have this chance and soon the building will sadly be demolished/part converted so there is not that much time to investigate. It’s rumoured the towers will come down at the end of the year.

This location is infamous to pretty much all Leicester locals. A stunning Victorian building with a stigma attached due to the nature of it’s use. ┬áThis was after-all, built to provide care for mentally ill patients, many of whom lived their entire lives here, institutionalized. It was one of the first of it’s kind in the country. Prior to the Borough Lunatic Asylum, people with such difficulties would have been locked away in Pauper Houses. This, in it’s time, was innovative. Treatments in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s would have been barbaric by today’s standards but nevertheless, this was a care facility that has such a significant part to play in the history of Leicester and the UK.

To investigate this abandoned hospital, please be aware that it will only likely be accessible til the end of the year (2015). To get your chance to visit and explore the Towers, and to take part in a paranormal investigation, you can book on to one of our available dates. Events are selling fast so don’t delay. Towers Hospital Ghost Hunt Events