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Read all about our latest events and what paranormal experiences occurred during the latest haunted evening!


Our recent event at “The Chocolate Factory”,  a Victorian Mill in Hull, produced some fascinating results to back up previous accounts reported here.
The owner kindly shared some very interesting light phenomenon evidence captured on previous events and guests, independently of each other on our Haunted Evening, captured similar unexplainable linear light forms down in the rehearsal studios.
Cold spots were experienced throughout the building despite the rooms being sound proofed with thick walls and no windows. Temperatures dropping on command that we couldn’t debunk.
It’s believed that a male spirit doesn’t like visitors, especially females here. It soon became apparent, through EVP captures, that we were picking up on spirit voices asking us to “get out”. When we then asked if the spirit wanted all of us to leave or just the women, we captured a voice confirming “women”. (Sound video below).

Personal encounters of spirit energy were experienced on the ouija boards throughout the night as well as shadows being seen in areas nearby to guests.
A fascinating location which left us wanting to return! Thank you again so much to all guests for the energy they injected into the evening and to the team for working hard to gather together evidence. We will be returning to this 1840’s Mill, to book, check out details here


The haunted evenings team at the end of the event at Charlton House

Last night (11th March) saw the team head off to London for the first of 2 investigations this year at Charlton House. The venue provided several areas for the team and budding guests to separate off into and the opportunity to ” go it alone”.

Upstairs a shout captured early on via voice recorder, in one of the former bedrooms, indicated we had spirit with us. Although we couldn’t capture a name, we all heard the number 7 on one of the recorders when we asked for how many spirits were with us. In another areas of the upstairs, where guests braved conducting vigils unaccompanied, the name Tom was heard through the spirit box and one of the guests sensed she had been touched.  A guests camcorder unexplainably turned off during their lone vigil only to come on moments later. Another guest tried dowsing rods and picked up a female spirit in one of the grand rooms upstairs. The name “Margaret or Margareta” was heard on a voice recording.

In 2 separate vigils held in the spectacular oak library room, a bang was heard in the same place up on the gallery, almost like a book had been moved on the shelf. A cold spot was felt on both occasions where the noise had occured. Downstairs in the library, a movement sensor was triggering on command. This could not be debunked as all persons were watching from the upstairs gallery.

The Rempod (EMF detector) was triggered up in the attic whilst movement was occurring on the Ouija board.  One last experiment using 2 boards simultaneously provided the guests with a very interesting early hours session.

If you fancy joining us on our return visit to Charlton House, please check out the event listing here for more details.


10.03.17 – The teams 3rd visit to this hidden gem north of Sheffield and a place which makes for an enjoyable Haunted Evening! On arrival, guests were given a lowdown on the history attached to this building before lights out in all areas.

Trigger objects were set up in the old workshop and soon into vigil one, guests experienced some strange occurrences,  with one guest siting what he believed was someone at the window, with another guest sensing a shadow in the same upstairs area. Whoever may have been in there appeared to set off our movement device (that we’d placed on the stairs) on command – with an EVP capture asking us to “Get Out”.

The Ouija board vigil was set upstairs and seemed fairly quiet until we conducted an EVP session and captured a voice which said “get out of my house”. We were, at the time, in the old cottage area of the location. It wasn’t until session 3 that activity occurred with the glass moving. At the same time, down in the oldest part of the location (The old Forge area), an absolutely phenomenal interaction occurred when 4 of our K2 devices were set off simultaneously, on and off, on command, for about 10 minutes. We believed we were making contact with several spirits and the energy in that session was very impressive. Of course we tried to debunk the EMF spikes and couldn’t. What we got was further validation from spirit when we asked “Are you effecting the green lights around us, yes or no?” and received an incredibly clear “Yes, a lot”! A great ending to another night here at Wortley Top Forge. We are heading back in June. If you fancy booking, please check out the event listing here.


On the 4th March, the team headed to Oxford Castle for their first investigation at this phenomenal location. With access to St George’s Tower, several dark and oppressive prison cells, debtors area, museum and old chapel crypt, guests soon found themselves in terrifyingly small numbers!

In the first Ouija board session of the evening an intensive experience of personal contact occurred for guests, with family history and names connected to the group coming through. The group reconvened at the bottom of St George’s Tower and all bore witness to a naked eye phenomenon of orb like lights “dancing” around the out of bounds area. Several lights were seen hovering on the floor, darting and swirving. Everyone in the group were mesmerised by what they saw and the light sources could not be debunked – simply amazing!

In a vigil down in the Crypt, a human pendulum suggested that the group had made contact with a male spirit who was imprisoned and executed for murder. The energy of the spirit was quite forceful when manipulating the movements of the guest who was chosen to take part in the experiment.

In the debtors areas a voice was picked up on the spirit box and when requested was able to set off our movement sensors. Upstairs a spirit of a child came through who was able to interact with one of our trigger objects on command.

Upstairs in another area of the museum is a padded cell which houses a straight jacket in a glass cabinet. A group of guests were taking part in an EVP session when a voice was clearly captured on a voice recorder saying “get out of it”. Had we just captured the voice of a male spirit referring to the jacket? Take a listen!

Without question Oxford Castle is haunted with evidence coming to light (quite literally) throughout the evening. Haunted Evenings will be back in the very near future so look out for further upcoming dates!


Abbey Pumping Station Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings


The team returned once more to the pretty unknown location that is the Abbey Pumping Station, a Victorian built 1891 imposing structure in the suburbs of Leicester. We were the very first team to ever investigate here last July and we were thrilled to be back on location to continue our investigation.

Teams were split down into 3 areas, the museum, the pump house and part of the old workshop. It didn’t take long for all 3 groups to encounter some activity. In the workshop where we chose to conduct Ouija board sessions and table tipping, activity was captured throughout the night,  a character called John was picked up on the board, interestingly the name came through in other areas of the museum. Along with a personal interaction for one of the guests and some table tipping, this area certainly was interesting!

In the pump house, we experienced some cracking activity. An audible “thud” was heard from the upper level and when we asked for further noises, 2 distinct footsteps were heard. An EVP was also captured where we believe the spirit confirmed the noise was a “foot step”. The same spirit voice was captured moments later saying a  faint “(it’s) Arthur (Smith) when asked for their name, followed by “Yes I can” when asked to repeat their name.

Movement detectors on the stairwell in the pump house were being triggered and on vigil 2, a guest caught a potential orb on camera. Whilst Orbs are debateable, there is a temperature drop on the thermal imaging camera at the same time the orb is captured, with the temp rising again once it disappears from shot. A shadow was also captured on video but despite some  debunking, we cannot completely rule out that this could be explainable.

In the museum area teams held vigils in the “theatre” area, with some voices being captured and some EMF spikes. In another area of the museum, shutters rattled, which, despite some head scratching, could not be debunked. A voice was also captured in the museum which sounds different to most recordings we capture. This is away for analysis to see if we can decipher what is being said, but guest voices have been ruled out.

We left the location once again buzzing that activity was experienced and will plan to return in the near future.

The Creaky Cauldron Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings


Our first event this month took the team back to literally one of their favourite haunts – the quaint, quirky and damn right haunted “Creaky Cauldron” in Stratford Upon Avon. July’s event continued our claims of ” this place never fails to deliver” and we caught one of our best EVP’s to date here this month. To listen in, click here “Creaky Cauldron EVP”  where we distinctively capture a very clear male voice at a time no men were present. Just 6 women on the entire top floor sitting in absolute silence during the recording. All contamination potentials were ruled out and it left the group SPEECHLESS! 

Guests also witnessed other strange phenomenon, strange mists, foul smells and a white apparition was witnessed, verified afterwards by the buildings owner, as having been seen in that exact same spot on several occasions.

creaky guests july 2016

A group of guests join in on a Ouija Board vigil at The Creaky Cauldron

The Creaky Cauldron is such an amazing venue and Haunted Evenings are proud to host events here exclusively. Our next event in October has already sold out, so keep checking back for new dates to be added soon.

May Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events
Lancaster Castle Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events

Last night we ended this spooky weekend at the amazing Lancaster Castle. This former prison has become a firm favourite for the team and it doesn’t take much of a walk around to know why! So many areas to investigate, guests soon found themselves getting stuck in with some intense ghost hunting vigils. The A wing quickly produced spikes on command to our equipment and EVP’s were soon being picked up in the isolation cells. An Audible groan was heard by a guest and people were certainly feeling on edge. Over in the children’s prison block all the trigger objects were picking up activity and some of are rarer equipment even alarmed out! Guests also had the opportunity to explore the witches dungeon and women’s block and we had some interesting results during our traditional vigils in the execution yard. Amazing location, amazing bunch of guests… Thanks to all the team and to the staff at Lancaster Castle ?

Check out our next Lancaster Castle Ghost Hunt
Friday 13 Ghost Hunts

Friday 13th saw the teams investigate 2 West Midlands locations, the first being Drakelow Tunnels nr Kidderminster.

DRAKELOW TUNNELS: Guests were split down into 6 small teams to cover the 3.5 miles of tunnels on offer underground with many experiencing strange feelings in certain areas of the location. The old canteen area once again seemed to be an area that triggered our equipment with the REMPods lighting up, an audible groan was heard as well as the mysterious sound of footsteps that, on investigating, were not from any of the other groups! Torch light was witnessed coming from an area of a dead end tunnel that has been blocked off, as has been witnessed on previous events. A quieter night than we’ve had before but nevertheless, a great night investigating with all the guests who attended. Big thanks to all who shared their Friday 13th with us at Drakelow Tunnels… We shall be back in September ? To book on to our next Drakelow Tunnels – Click here

GUYS CLIFFE HOUSE:  Our second event on Friday 13th was at Guys Cliffe House. Guests were split into 4 investigation teams and spent time conducting a combination of traditional and scientific vigils in all areas including the undercroft, old house servants quarters, stables and chapel rooms. A fascinating night of evidence came to light. All experiences with each group were consistent throughout the night, with all team members and guests receiving most activity in the chapel and stable areas. Guests felt icy cold spots, equipment triggered on command and some cracking EVP’s were captured. What was fantastic was each group led by a different team member each time, kept quiet on what they exactly experienced and so by the end of the night to have each new team report back similar accounts was fascinating. In free time all guests chose to spend their remaining time back in the stable block and we can’t say we blame them! This was one very active area! Thanks to all who got stuck in to what became a very memorable event and thanks again to the staff at Guys Cliffe. 

Missed out? Don’t worry! Our next event at Guys Cliffe is available to book now!

Guys Cliffe Guests on Friday 13th!

Guys Cliffe Guests on Friday 13th!

April Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events Ltd

16TH APRIL 2016

Another fab night out ghost hunting last night! This time at Bodmin Jail in Cornwall, a return visit for the team. A little quieter activity wise on the ouija board than previously, only proving active for one group – a spirit connected to the Jail came through. However, despite the board being quiet, activity was certainly consistent during all other vigils. Evidence seemed more fruitful through our equipment, with vibration devices, k2 and REMPod activating in the jailers area within moments of each other where we’d set down some original jailers keys. Alongside the gadgets triggering we captured a very loud EVP saying “get out” and another which we believe to have said “get out of here, get out of here”. Many guests reported feeling touched with one guest experiencing the same sensations as another teams guest had the night before. (Verified by the event keyholder). All groups at some point reported hearing strange noises, almost like a ghostly wine and another heard footsteps when all were accounted for. The dowsing rod experiment provided the exact same result for all 3 groups independently, which is always fascinating and helps strengthen the validity. …We certainly did lot leave Bodmin Jail disappointed and would like to thank everyone who came along and took part. It’s everyone’s input that helps gets these great experiences so well done to everyone who got stuck in!. Thanks from all the team ?, we shall return!

March Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events

05TH MARCH 2016

St George's Hall ghost hunt group photo

Our first ghost hunting event at St George’s Hall in Liverpool did not disappoint!. Guests were split down into all areas to carry out a variety of vigils, from traditional experiments in the catacombs and old cells area, to high tech vigils and free time upstairs in the court areas. This location was vast and with so many side rooms and corridors we just couldn’t cover everywhere. What we did capture was consistent throughout the night. An unexplainable icy cold spot was picked up in the civil court. The temperature dropped on command to the temperatures we requested. We kept this quiet from other groups and were amazed that all vigils picked up this same chilling spot! Voices captured in the court and chamber suggested we were in the presence of a judge. The condemned cell left some guests feeling uneasy, whoever was in there told many groups to get out throughout the night! Spirits were picked up in the catacomb areas who were not just able to communicate using the glass but were able to vibrate and rock the board. The consistency of evidence experienced by the different groups and team members meant we did not leave disappointed. Thanks to everyone who got stuck in to the various activities and made this another great haunted evening! Fancy a night at St George’s Hall? Check out when we are back!

04th MARCH 2016

St Catherine's Ghost Hunt group photo

What a fantastic weekend filled with some great paranormal experiences! The team kick started the weekend at St Catherine’s House. The first of our events at this former institution. A few people experienced a door slamming on the upper corridor on 2 separate occasions throughout the night. The cellar provided evidence of a former Dr on 2 vigils where some guests heard an audible voice and on a separate vigil, a shadow was seen down there. Footsteps were heard upstairs when everyone was accounted for and on command knocks were had in the drawing room along with triggers on the vibe pod and people reporting they felt touched. Fantastic night of activity all round. A big BIG thank you to all the guests who really got involved and put such great energy in to the vigils. Thank you from all of the team. To book on our next St Catherine’s Event, Click Here!

Ghost Hunts February

13th FEBRUARY 2016

Alton Towers Ghost Hunt Group Photo

Guests braved almost baltic temperatures to explore all areas at the Alton Towers Gothic Mansion mid February and really got involved in all 6 vigils we had planned for the evening. Investigating in groups of 6-7, guests went off to investigate the old servants kitchen area, banqueting hall, conservatory, upstairs rooms, chapel and outside tunnel area. Audible voices were picked up in the tunnels a long with an unpleasant sense to get out! Names came through on the recorder in the large and stunning banqueting hall which linked back to the Earl of Shrewsbury. Dowsing rod experiments determined spirit presence upstairs and in the conservatory area, a presence of a female energy was captured in there. All in all a night full of activities in various locations within the gothic mansion. Well done to all those who took part in maintaining high spirits despite the freezing temperatures!

05th FEBRUARY 2016

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost hunt group

Drakelow Tunnels continues to be a location that leaves us wanting more! February’s return visit was phenomenal. Whilst walking back through one of the tunnels alone, one of the team members (Stuart) had a good sized stone chucked at him. Of course he didn’t run, he stopped to debunk it! He couldn’t! No one else was around and the direction in which the stone landed eliminated any possibility that he’d kicked it. Meanwhile back in the old staff canteen, several guests experienced cold spots moments before the temperature devises showed a 5 degree drop in temp. This continued throughout the vigil and it soon became apparent that we weren’t alone as the vibration device started to trigger on one of the old cookers. This was further backed up with dowsing rods which confirmed our suspicions that we had picked up on a kitchen worker.  At the far end of Tunnel one, another group spotted a mist that seemed to be slowly moving towards them all. When one guest walked towards it, it started to retreat! Photographed and witnessed by all, no explanation could be given and it is this strange occurrence that left many on a high! It’s not the first time we have seen strange lights and now we can add mists into the mix! The team cannot wait to return on Friday 13th!

January Ghost Hunts


The Leicester Towers Abandoned Asylum featured heavily on our 2015 events calendar and we were thrilled to be the first company back in this year to one of our favorite haunts. The night proved intensely active, with some phenomenal results during the glass divination sessions in 2 out of the 3 sessions. We added a twist to 2 of the ouija sessions with the use of 2 boards and had outstanding results both times! We also had ghostly experiences in the old Daisy Peake ward and some fascinating EVP’s. We currently have further dates for the Leicester Towers right up until May. With our February dates already snapped up and March in hot pursuit, there really isn’t much time to hesitate if you want to explore this abandoned Victorian Asylum. This venue will sadly not be around for much longer. Check out all dates at The Leicester Towers


Ask any of the team which location is up there in their top 3 and you will likely hear them say The Creaky Cauldron! so it was a bit of a no brainer that this should be the first official venue to investigate in 2016. A place like no other, The Creaky Cauldron has never failed to deliver in terms of activity, you really do need to step inside to appreciate why! 3 floors of pure darkness and creepyness awaited those who attended. Dark shadows were seen on the middle floor which left quite a few on edge and one group experienced a phenomenal board session!

The entire night gave activity in all areas and no-one left disappointed. This is a small intimate location and Haunted Evenings are incredibly honoured to being the only public events group allowed in to investigate. We announced a new date for Oct 2016 and in less than a week have sold over a 3rd of the allocated places. This really is worth the wait and being such a unique experience, don’t delay booking this haunted gem! Book Now!



What a fantastic start to the ghost hunting year! Haunted Evenings hosted their first New Years Eve Ghost Hunt (at Derby Jail) and the night literally went with a cork popping bang! After an intense ghost hunting start to the evening, with groups investigating the Drop Room, Tower and old jail, Guests were treated to a sparkling toast at Midnight, buffet and a comedy act in the shape of Merrick Alora (Derek Acorah impersonator) to maintain the party atmosphere.  This was the first time we had hosted a NYE event and we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out, a total sellout!…what a way to end 2015 and bring on the hunting for 2016! Thanks to all who turned out for the event and made it what it was – Amazing!

Derby Gaol Merrick

Merrick Alora (Derek Acorah Impersonator Michael Lee Roberts) getting ready to take centre stage to carry on the New Years party! Accompanied in the photo by Derby Gaol’s Ashley and Lil’ Ash