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Paranormal Events | Abandoned Hospital | Leicester Towers | Leicester | 25th September 2015

Paranormal Events at Leicester Towers Hospital

Location: East Midlands

Join Haunted Evenings on a paranormal event at this haunted hotspot in Leicester. The old Leicester Towers Hospital is now abandoned and left in an eerie state. Built in 1869 as one of the very first UK Borough Lunatic Asylums, this historical Victorian Hospital is not one of the nicest places to hang around at night. Join us for a night of exploring with all the very latest equipment. The Towers will soon be closing it’s doors for good, so time is limited if this haunted hospital is on your para-bucket list! Limited Spaces available

Ghost Hunts | Haunted Museum | Fire & Police Museum | Sheffield | Yorkshire| 2nd October 2015″ Paranormal Events Sheffield Fire Museum

Location: Sheffield | South Yorkshire

Join Haunted Evenings on an intimate ghost nights at the Sheffield Police & Fire Museum. We’ll be splitting you off into small groups, arming you with all the very latest paranormal equipment and giving you the closest experience to ghost hunting as possible. The team will be there to guide you and make sure you get the most out of your spooky ghost night!.

Ghost Nights | Belgrave Hall | Leicester | 03rd October 2015

Ghost Nights at Belgrave Hall Leicester

Location: East Midlands

Haunted Evenings are excited to announce more ghost nights at Belgrave Hall. We investigated here for the first time in March and picked up on so much paranormal activity that we just had to go back. Join the team as we re-visit this fantastic gem in Leicester. We’ll be setting up experiments in the attic, which seemed to be one of the most active places, the former bedrooms, the cellar area and weather permitting, the grounds too. Lots of history and tragedy attached to this place which may explain why we captured such a lot of unexplained activities.

Ghost Nights | Drakelow Tunnels | Kidderminster | 17th October 2015

Ghost Nights at Drakelow Tunnels

Location: West Midlands

Your Haunted Evening at Drakelow Tunnels will start with a walk around of the location, it’ll be right about then that you realise just how epic this former nuclear bunker really is! 3.5 miles of forgotten tunnels, it still has a canteen area which is literally corroding away after years of being out of use. It has an incredibly eerie feel to the place and you definitely have that sense of being watched. It is has been experienced by many that an entity of a man follows you around and Tunnel One especially leaves people feeling right on edge!. This location is a must do location, it’s like no other you’ll likely visit! Book on this one and you’re in for a ghost nights you’ll never forget!

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