Essex Ghost Hunts

An Essex Ghost Hunt Event with Haunted Evenings will see you visit some amazing, historic and quirky haunted locations after dark with just a handful of others. Essex has some fantastic haunted locations to choose from so you won’t need to look very far for a fun but intense ghost hunting experience. Ghost Hunting in Essex could see you exploring the incredibly eerie Coalhouse Fort, with miles of creepy tunnels and where people have witnessed seeing dark shadows and reports of being touched. Or why not head 125 ft underground and explore Essex’s Kelvedon Hatch Secret Bunker. You’re just a few clicks away from booking an experience that will leave you speechless and wanting more!

Ghost Hunts | Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker | Essex

Ghost Hunting Essex


Enter the innocent looking cottage in the woods and dare to walk the secret 120 yard tunnel that leads to this phenomenal secret nuclear bunker. We’ll be closing the blast doors behind you, locking you in for the night! Armed with all the very latest paranormal equipment, Haunted Evenings will be putting those brave enough through their paces using a combination of modern and traditional ghost hunting techniques. Are you brave enough to take the kit with you in a Ghost Adventures style paranormal investigation? Spend time in each of the 3 levels this bunker has to offer, 125ft underground. This location will test your nerves! MORE INFO….

Ghost Hunt Colchester Castle | Colchester | Essex 

Ghost Hunting Essex


Cross the old ruined foundations and enter this magnificent grade I listed Norman Castle with the castle vaults to your right and the jaw-dropping large exhibition room ahead. Ghost hunting at Colchester Castle will see you investigate down in the prison cell areas, explore and carry out vigils in the vaults and discover who walks the castle rooms and chapel area. Disembodied cries have been heard at the castle, could this be the cries of the innocent women sentenced to death for witchcraft? Join Haunted Evenings for a ghost hunt at this stunning historical landmark! MORE INFO….

Ghost Hunts Redoubt Fort | Harwich | Essex 

Ghost Hunting Essex


Cross the little drawbridge to this now hidden fort and you will soon gain a sense that this location leaves you feeling uneasy. Built in 1808, this circular fort has several rooms off to investigate, some more sinister and eerier than the next. Explore this location after dark with the team, split down into small groups to investigate the former sleeping quarters, prison cells and former soldiers rooms. This is one active location with reports of a headless soldier sighted by numerous visitors. This is a strange location with unexplainable noises and disembodied voices.  How do you feel about going it alone in a lock down experiment in one of the many vaulted rooms? … MORE INFO…

Ghost Hunt | Coalhouse Fort | Essex

Ghost Hunts Essex Coalhouse Fort


Built in 1864 as a coastal defence, this historical Fort is said to be home to a few ghostly antics.  Visitors have reported several types of unexplainable accounts, from strange voices being captured,  dark shadows have been sighted and some have even experienced stones being thrown. Haunted Evenings will soon be heading to this amazing location to see for ourselves what paranormal activities occur. We’ll be looking for some budding guests to take part in vigils throughout the night in all areas. Will you be brave enough to wander the corridors on your own? Or will you prefer safety in numbers? Date coming soon!

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