Paranormal Equipment available to use at Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

Thermal Imaging Camera – Flir

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Fancy getting your hands on this amazing piece of kit at a Ghost Hunt? Well you can at Haunted Evenings! We only use FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras, ranging from the Flir i3 down to the Flir ONE, capturing some fantastic evidence a long the way!. Extremely easy to use, just point and shoot at the area you expect there to likely be activity. Any strange cold (or hotspots) can instantly be detected with the Flir Thermal imaging camera, which converts temperatures into easy to see images. We have captured cold footsteps with this rare piece of ghost hunting kit, as well as an unexplainable head and shoulder cold image. The Thermal Imaging Camera is available on ALL events for ALL guests to use.

Ovilus III

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Guests can enjoy the chance to use the Ovilus III  – it has an embedded database of words & it contains an EMF meter. These readings are combined to create a number and this number is used to reference a database of words. The Ovilus then “speaks” that word. An Ovilus can also operate in a phonetic mode that reacts to EMF variations to create words that are not in the database. It is believed that spirits can use the Ovilus to try and communicate.

Spirit Box – SB7 + the NEW P-SB11

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

The SB7 fondly known as the Spirit Box is an invaluable piece of kit which has time and time again produced unexplainable verbal evidence through the use of reverse sweeping radio transmissions. We also now have the latest version P-SB11 proudly sitting in the KIT box which was only available to pre-order in May 2014. This new edition has a built in temperature gauge which can detect temperature fluctuations as well as has the ability to sweep both FM and AM frequency together or independently which gives more control over the quality of paranoral captures. We have plenty of spirit boxes available to use on ALL our events and for ALL guests to use.


Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

A favourite amongst the Haunted Evenings team are the 2 slightly different REMPODS we use on investigations. The first has the additional feature of a temperature gauge. This means that not only does the REMPOD pick up on any changes in the electromagnetic field, it will also alarm out if there is a fluctuation in temperature. The second REMPOD we use has a built in Shadow Detector, again a feature not found in the standard model. Both REMPODS have shown some great responses and all guests will be able to complete investigations with the REMPOD in their vigils. These really are the top of the range and we love them dearly!

Mel Meter Standard | SDD | Rem

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Mel Meters are a great addition to any paranormal KIT. At Haunted Evenings we currently use 3 versions of the Mel Meter. All the Mel’s indicate EMF readings (Electro-Magnetic Fields), they act like a more sensitive K2 Meter and when they get a hit, show that there is a significant change in the electro-magnetic field in that particular area, which can suggest paranormal activity (once all environmental explanations have been exhausted). The Mel Meter also shows a digital temperature gauge, again a handy double action piece of kit. One of the non-standard Mel Meter’s we use has the added bonus of a shadow detector. Unlike the standard Mel, we use the SDD Mel for lock down experiments, although this can be handheld on investigations. Our third type of Mel Meter has a built in REM and has the same functionality of the REM-Pods above. Plenty to get your hands on on an investigation with Haunted Evenings!

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