Full Spectrum Camcorders

Full Spectrum Camcorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

We use Panasonic Full Spectrum camcorders with external IR illuminators to capture great vision in any light. Great for guests to use during vigils and lone time to record moments on the events, share evidence and create short videos. Cameras supplied by

K2 Meter

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Made popular by its appearance on the television show “Ghost Hunters,” the device sold under the brand name “K-II Meter” is part of a class of instruments known as “electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors.” When the K-II meter is exposed to a magnetic field, an electrical current is induced within the device’s circuitry. The relative strength of the field (and the induced current) is expressed visually on 5-LED light-up scale.

According to a theory espoused by many in the paranormal research community, spirits of the deceased produce a magnetic field which they can manipulate at will. Based on this assumption, researchers will ask questions aloud and try to use fluctuations in the magnetic field as a medium of communication for the spirits’ answers. For example, a researcher might ask a question and then read a list of possible answers. If the K-II meter’s LED readout “spiked” while he was reading one of the answers, he would interpret it as though the spirit has “chosen” that particular answer as its own.


Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Small but not to be underestimated is this pretty cool looking Vibe Pod. This in essence is a movement detector, but unlike standard movement detectors such as geophones and EDI’s, the Vibe-POD from the USA detects 3 way movement. Built in XYZ Axis means that movement can be detected from side to side, forward and back and up and down. It is very sensitive so investigators do need to ensure that it is placed on a flat solid surface, and of course debunk any triggers from peoples footsteps etc. We have had some phenomenal success with the Vibe-POD already, with the Vibe triggering on command.

Digital Recorder (EVP)

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

First of all, EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Ghost hunters or paranormal investigators will take a digital voice recorder out into the field and they will ask questions of a spirit or of an area hoping that a spirit will answer. We would not be able to hear the answer with our human ears, but the digital voice recorders are able to pick up different frequencies than we are able to hear. We use various types of recorders to help capture EVP’s, some are highly sensitive with built in autogain and are best left running in a lock down environment away from any possible contamination, others we use as they have the ability to record live EVP’s in the immediate area only. We have captured many Class A EVP’s over the years and this is one area we find fascinating.

If you want to capture an EVP, there are some things that you want to do to enhance the likelihood that a spirit will be able to get through on one. Here’s what you need to do. First, whenever you’re trying to capture EVP, get everybody in your group to be quiet and still – as still as possible. Ask the question out into the air, preferably in an area you have identified as a hotspot, which would be a place where a spirit has been seen before or activity has occurred or where your EMF detector has detected energy. Get your digital voice recorder out. Make sure everybody in your group is very, very still and quiet and ask a question, “So-and-so, are you there? Is there a spirit present?” And then wait five or ten seconds with nobody talking, shifting or making any kind of noises. If anybody in your party makes a known noise, they should immediately identify it. “That was my stomach rumbling.” “That was my shoe squeaking.” So that later when you’re analyzing the data you don’t mistake that for spirit communication. So, be as quiet as possible.

Walkie Talkies

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

These devices allow you to communicate with your ghost hunting party. If you are investigating a big area and you have people scattered all over, walkie-talkies allow you to keep in touch and also dismiss any noises that may be caused by other members of your other groups.

Other Equipment!

Sound recorder for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Besides all the high techi equipment above that we constantly invest in to make Haunted Evenings Events one of the best equipped companies around, we also have extra gadgets that we use on investigations ( too many to list separately! ). We have Thermal Laser guns, sensory alarms, , laser pens and laser grids, paranormal trigger objects, go-pro cameras with IR lights, amplifying listening devices….the list is crazy!….if you haven’t twigged already, we love our gadgets and we hope you will too when you get to have a play with them all on a ghost hunt with Haunted Evenings!

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