East England Ghost Hunts

East England Ghost Hunts…..Looking to go on a ghost hunt at Colchester Castle in Essex or  fancy exploring old nuclear bunkers or old Forts?. Haunted Evenings have selected some fantastically spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter at some of the East of England’s main haunted destinations.

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Ghost Hunting | Essex | East England Ghost Hunts

Choose from Ghost Hunts in and around the Essex area, from Secret Nuclear Bunkers to old Forts and Colchester Castle. There are some serious hauntings going on in Essex and we reckon we’ve picked some incredibly spooky locations to spend the night ghost hunting. Check out some of East England’s finest haunts!

Ghost Hunting | Cambridgeshire | East England Ghost Hunts

Choose from ghost hunts at Peterborough’s Museum to Cromwells House in Cambridgeshire….some of the areas most infamously haunted locations.

Lincoln Ghost Hunts | Lincolnshire East England Ghost Hunts

Choose from Ghost Hunts at Lincoln’s Revesby Hall, Saltmarshe Hall and Gainsborough  Old Nick…..plenty of haunted reports to investigate in Lincolnshire!. Dare to join the team?

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