Derby Ghost Hunts

Looking to go ghost hunting in Derby and surrounding Derbyshire? Haunted Evenings have selected some fantastically spooky and haunted locations for you to join the team for the night and become a ghost hunter! Derby Ghost Hunts are held at locations packed full of character and we’ve found some hidden gems for you to explore after dark!. Whether you’re looking for a night out in Derby City Centre or fancy travelling further a field in Derbyshire, check out these main haunted hot spots which we believe to be Derby’s Most Haunted locations. Click on the venues below for more details about our Derby Ghost Hunts……

Gresley Old Hall | Swadlincote | Derbyshire | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Gresley Old Hall


Haunted Evenings are proud to state that we were the first to put this location on the Haunted Britain Map!. We’ve investigated this location a few times and Old Gresley Hall has never failed to produce strange happenings on all our ghost hunts here. Some not so nice savory characters seem to still wander around this stripped bare location especially on the landing area. The attic is also a good place to test your nerves!. Its almost abandoned now and is the classic haunted location. BOOK NOW!

Moira Furnace Museum | Derbyshire | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Moira Furnace Ghost Hunting


Moira Furnace is an intriguing location, with adjacent spooky woodlands close by and outside lime kilns to investigate. The building that remains, consist of the imposing  furnace stack and old bridge house building, which is now a museum. Haunted Evenings caught some fascinating EVP’s in the tunnel underneath the old building and had some of the best results to date on the spirit box.  Moira Furnace has gained a reputation as being haunted and the team did not leave disappointed. Fancy a stroll in the woods or time in the tunnel? Haunted Evenings will be unlocking the doors to the old bridge house and setting up some pretty cool experiments with all the latest kit. If you fancy trying your hand at ghost hunting, Moira is a cracking location to give it a go! MORE INFO….

Derby Gaol | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Derby Jail GaolGHOULISH GAOL!

This small old Gaol house situated in Derby is one of the most haunted locations in Derby. No surprises really considering the sheer nature of the building. Several haunting’s have been reported here, from doors banging, whispers and ghostly apparitions. If you fancy a night in the condemned mans cell, why not join Haunted Evenings and take all the latest equipment with you to see what evidence you can collect at this chilling location. Contact the team for details on investigating the paranormal perils of Derby Jail. MORE INFO…

The Grand Pavilion Matlock Baths | Derbyshire | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Grand PavilionPARANORMAL PAVILION!

Opened in 1910 to provide an additional tourist attraction to this already thriving Spa town, The Grand Pavilion is said to be haunted by several unknown spirits. Claims that ghostly children have been heard running around the building is just one of many ghost stories attached to this grand old theatre. The cellar area is evidently not so welcoming with many visitors reporting a more sinister feeling down there – people reporting the sensation of being strangled. The Grand Pavilion is a Derbyshire paranormal hotspot and is certainly a place Haunted Evenings recommend a night off from the “norm” to investigate! MORE INFO…..

Carnfield Hall | Alfreton | Derbyshire | Derby Ghost Hunts 

Derby Ghost Hunts Carnfield Hall


Carnfield Hall – where do we begin?! Haunted Evenings have investigated this privately owned hall on quite a few occasions and return year after year due to its resident hauntings. An incredibly active location, due, likely to the fact that this old Hall is rarely investigated by the public. Shadows were seen in the attic and in the funeral room ( yes they have a bedroom called the funeral room!). Stones were thrown which is a rarity and plenty of activity captured on the glass divination that was verified led this to being one of those very memorable nights! MORE INFO

Bolsover Castle | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Bolsover CastleHAUNTED CASTLE!

This stunning Grade I heritage site sits majestically in the Derbyshire hills and dates back as far as the 12th Century when it was then known as Bolsover Manor, lived in by one of William the Conquerors Knights. Taken over by Royal Seizure in 1155 it was soon besieged once again in 1216 before being abandoned in 1322. In 1600 the Cavendish family took residence where the little castle was added and the now Bolsover Castle became a lavish estate fit for a king. Over the centuries, Bolsover Castle has been a place of opulence and disrepair, now in the ownership of the English Heritage since 1945. It is without question that such an expanding historical estate that is Bolsover Castle is said to be haunted. Rarely investigated, guests who investigate this site are likely to encounter the sense of the paranormal here. Are you brave enough to stay here after dark?

The Bull ‘I ‘th Thorn | Buxton | Derbyshire | Derby Ghost Hunts

Derby Ghost Hunts Bull in The Thorn


Haunted Evenings are always excited when we know we’re heading to this neck of the woods! The Bull ‘I ‘Th Thorn is a strange, stand alone public Inn. Step back in time to what is a very quirky, odd atmospheric location. Despite the very warm welcome, there’s a feel to this place that leaves you wanting to hang around to find out why! The food here is an added bonus – it is to die for (pardon the pun!) Join us on a ghost hunt and supper evening before lights out at this 17th Century haunted Inn! If you fancy holding a private night here, Haunted Evenings will be happy to host! Contact us for more details.

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