COVID-19 Measures – Haunted Evenings

COVID-19 / Social Distancing

COVID-19 method statements and risk assessments have been carried out prior to every event. Here is a summary of the key measures Haunted Evenings have in place for your safety.

  1. All in attendance are required to provide ‘track & trace’ details
  2. All in attendance are to wear a face mask when inside the venues
  3. You are required to use hand sanitiser (supplied) on entry and throughout the event.
  4. Groups sizes will not exceed 6 attendees. Where guests are not from the same household, guests will be required to maintain strict social distancing within their groups (bubbles).
  5. Rest areas (baserooms) will be set-up to maintain social distancingย 
  6. All groups to maintain social distancing throughout the event and will not be allowed to mix with other groups.
  7. Entry and break times will be staggered to aid social distancing.
  8. We reserve the right to not provide complimentary refreshments when doing so may compromise social distancing.
  9. Where refreshments are provided, individual refreshment stations will be set up per groupย 
  10. Where refreshments are not provided, guests will be informed prior to the event and are welcome to bring their own food and drink.
  11. You are advised not to touch surfaces, do not move chairs, tables etc around the building.
  12. Paranormal equipment will be cleaned after each use. You will be required to use hand sanitiser prior to handling any equipment. Contact with equipment will be restricted to specific vigils to reduce handling.
  13. You are not permitted to wander around the building unless within your group and with clear guidance on areas available.
  14. Physical activities such as Ouija boards will not be permitted unless you are from the same household.

If you or any of your party show symptoms of COVID-19, we respectfully ask you not to attend the location!