Coronavirus UK – Haunted Evenings Guidance

Dear Guests

With daily news being monitored regarding the Coronavirus, we have put together this guide which we hope will cover any immediate concerns or queries you may have regarding upcoming events.  Whilst our T&C’s will remain the same, this page will be updated in line with current Government guidelines (last updated 12.03.20)

Public Gathering : We will be following Government guidelines with regards to hosting events and for now (as of 12.03.20) all events are running as planned. Whilst there is talk for large public events to be cancelled or postponed, Haunted Evenings Events are categorised as small events, with approximately 30 guests + team in any one location. Guests are then split down into groups (typical group sizes 8 – 10), deeming our type of public gathering to be of low risk. Should we be advised that our events need to be cancelled we will apply T&C Clause 7 entitled “Cancelled Events.”

Travel Restrictions :  We will be following Government guidelines with regards to any travel restrictions and for now (as of 12.03.20) no restrictions are in place within the UK. Our events are hosted throughout England, Scotland and Wales and require the team to travel. Providing the team can travel to an event and the event is therefore able to go ahead, we will apply T&C clause 5 entitled “Poor Weather / Travel Issues / Non-Attendance


Cancellations maybe at short notice due to the daily changes announced from the Government but we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. We will contact customers directly via email should we need to notify you of any cancellation and to arrange a refund.

We continue to advise anyone booking hotels or public transport for future events to take out any suitable insurance / cancellation cover with the appropriate hotels etc. As per our terms and conditions, we are not liable for any additional expenses incurred should the event have to be cancelled.

Should the event go ahead but you no longer wish to attend, as per our usual terms and conditions, you will not be entitled to a refund or a transfer if the event is less than 4 weeks away. Guests providing more than 4 weeks notice and who wish to cancel, as per our usual terms and conditions are entitled to a refund of balances only (deposits are non-refundable).

Other Information:

All of our locations have hand washing facilities and guests will be encouraged and will be able to use the facilities throughout any of our events to practise good hygiene as always.

Anyone showing any symptoms (see NHS guidelines here) as with any other usual ailments/sickness (such as the flu, sickness & diarrhoea etc) are advised not to attend out of public safety, responsibility and common sense. No refunds are provided for personal circumstances outside of Haunted Evenings control and is as per our usual Terms & Conditions Clause 5.