Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunts

Outside Chillingham Castle

Outside Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle claims to one of the most haunted places in England and boasts several ghostly encounters…. (Chillingham Castle Ghosts). Rarely investigated, this is one of those locations that will likely put you on edge!

History of Chillingham Castle

The site of Chillingham Castle dates as far back as the late 12th Century when the site was originally a monastery. Located close to the Scottish Borders, the Castle was not only used as a staging post for the English armies looking to enter Scotland but was also attacked and besieged several times by Scottish armies heading south. By 1344, the location was now a fully fortified Castle with a moat and stone fortifications, in parts, 12 feet thick. By 1617 there was little need for such a stronghold and the Castle and grounds were gradually transformed, the moat filled and the battlements converted into residential use. By World War II, the castle was used as an army base and it is believed, during this period, much of the internal features, such as wood paneling, were ripped out. Post war, the castle fell into disrepair, resulting in Chillingham Castle experiencing extensive weather damage to large areas of the building. In 1982, it was privately purchased and a continual programme of careful restoration by the owners has led to parts of the castle now restored and enjoyed by the public.

Chillingham Castle Ghosts

Featured on several paranormal programmes, Chillingham castle boasts many ghostly encounters. The most famous ghost was said to be the “blue boy” who used to haunt the Pink room. Visitors claimed seeing a blue mist and audible tones of a boy crying. It’s believed this haunting ceased once renovations revealed the skeleton body of a boy buried within the thick walls of the castle. It’s also claimed that the ghost of Lady Mary still haunts the Castle. Many other former family members met their untimely deaths at the Gallows, some hung, drawn and quartered… a gruesome history such as this is likely the cause for the strange activity felt throughout the castle.

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