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July 2016 – WOW what a month!

July may traditionally be the start of being in “Holiday” mode but it certainly didn’t stop our events from selling out!……..

The Creaky Cauldron Ghost Hunts with Haunted EveningsThis month saw the team head back to The Creaky Cauldron which produced some phenomenal results. To read our event review and to listen in to what has to be one of the most mindblowing EVP’s we’ve captured!, please click here

If you fancy ghost hunting at The Creaky Cauldron please note we are the only company who runs nights here!….just a word of warning, they get booked up really quickly!


abbey july guests

We announced back in February that we had sourced a new venue and July saw the team (and a bunch load of ghost hunting guests) conduct THE VERY FIRST EVER Ghost Hunt to be held at The Abbey Pumping Station.  Is it Haunted? The results are in! Click here to read our review!

New Ghost Hunting Venue!

Just Announced! New Venue!

Abbey Pumping Station Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings

NEW LOCATION! NEW LOCATION! NEW LOCATION!…. Brand new to the paranormal circuit is this GIANT Victorian building that dominates the north Leicester landscape. The Abbey Pumping Station, built in 1891 saw tragedy in it’s final construction stages when one of the site engineer labourers fell over 45 ft to his death inside the now Beam room. Staff members have reported the sensation of feeling uneasy in several parts of the site and ghostly sightings have been experienced by passers-by. Be one of the very first to ever investigate this location…To grab a place click on the following link; Ghost Hunts Abbey Pumping Station

Here’s some of the photos taken on our recent site visit to this amazing and very different location! From the 3 floors in the beam room that houses the magnificent steam engines with Victorian staircases and original features, the exhibition hall with various museum displays and the Victorian Keepers house not open to the public….

What’s On in 2016?!


January has freakishly flown by and all our reports on what happened during our January events can be read under the Ghost Hunt Event Reviews section….Now to focus on what’s to come, we have some pretty exciting events just around the corner!….

Ghost Hunts February

February sees us really step up a gear and kick start 2016….Since early January most of our February Events became sold out and we only have a few spare tickets left for Alton Towers ( at the time of writing). February sees us revisit the Leicester Towers (twice), Drakelow Tunnels, Gresley Old Hall in Derbyshire and another of our favourites, Smethwick Baths nr Birmingham. We have been overwhelmed with the sell outs this month and cannot wait to give all attendees a top night out to remember!

March Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events

WHAT A MONTH THIS IS GOING TO BE! March sees Haunted Evenings add 3 new locations to it’s portfolio…. St Catherine’s House in Doncaster, St George’s Hall, Liverpool and Kelvedon Hatch in Essex. We are incredibly excited to be adding these new venues to the list and giving our guests added choice…this theme continues as the year progresses, with several new locations booked to explore throughout the year!…The team will also be back to the Leicester Towers, HMP Ashwell and Dudley Castle this month. March tickets are selling fast but most venues still have some availability. Check out all our March ghost hunt dates 

April Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events Ltd

If we thought March was mad, April see’s the team investigate even more locations, some familiar, some new! Warwick Castle was earmarked for 2015 but we just ran out of time so April finally see’s the team hit the dungeons at this magnificent Castle. Woodchester Mansion was last investigated by the team in 2012 so has been long overdue! Moving swiftly on to Bodmin Gaol, where our last ghost hunt in 2015 left every attendee in no doubt this was one hell of a haunt! Fancy a former funeral parlour anyone?! The team revisit Annison in Hull this month after our first ghost hunting event proved simply mind blowing….we’re also back to Derby Gaol, The Leicester Towers, Gresley Old Hall and  Leicester’s Guildhall before ending the month at another new location for H.E…Ordsall Hall nr Manchester. What a crazy choice of Ghost Hunts in April!

May Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events

We are so excited to just announce that Tutbury Castle joins our list of venues! After a stay of ghost hunting abstinence, Tutbury Castle has announced it will be allowing a select few companies to investigate here and we are so proud to be one of them! We kick start May with a ghost hunt at Tutbury Castle and end the month at what we can only describe as the AWESOME Carew Castle in Wales (nr Tenby)….not forgetting all the fantastic locations in between….Leicester Towers, Lancaster Castle and 2 venues (Drakelow Tunnels & Guys Cliffe House) on the only Friday 13th of 2016!  Dare to join us this May?!

June Ghost Hunts with Haunted Evenings Events

We wind down the first half of 2016 with our long awaited hop across the pond to Ireland. This will be a first for Haunted Evenings and to make it worth the while, we’ve only gone and booked Ireland’s most haunted castle…LEAP CASTLE! We cannot tell you just how thrilled we are to have this location secured and certainly can’t wait to investigate the location with you all! June also see’s us investigate another first for the team, Castell Coch in Wales. We’ve heard good reports about this place and what a fantastic time to nip back over to Wales!….We also revisit the intense Ancient Ram Inn and the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham!


Several of our events are now listed for July-December which you can select from the following page….We’re still working hard to add a shed load more so please keep checking back as we are in the process of adding new events weekly for our Autumn Season. We hope to see you in 2016 in what plans to be our best yet!…Thank you for all your support in 2015. Nat & Justin

Ghost Hunting Stratford Upon Avon

Creaky Cauldron NewOur recent ghost hunt at The Creaky Cauldron was simply phenomenal!.

We can’t hide our excitement at investigating this absolute gem of a place and have never tired of it’s quirkiness… Imagine 500 years of Stratford History bundled into a Tudor building just 2 doors down from Shakespeare’s Birthplace that is hardly ever investigated, certainly not by the public, infact, Haunted Evenings are proud to say we are the only events company allowed to invite you guys in!

We cherish this place so we only allow a handful of lucky guests through it’s magical door of this bizarre place. In all the times we’ve investigated here, we’ve been left blown away with the activity and this is one place that guests are spoilt by activity and left swimming in kit to use!

K2’s stole the show on our last visit. We sent one brave attendee off on his own. It seemed something followed him as the equipment around him was going off like a Christmas tree. When we sent others to observe, all of a sudden the kit in the room we were in (Theatre room) kicked into life. It was very evident that someone was walking around the middle floor! We captured a class A EVP confirming Francis was with us. An unsavoury character the team have encountered before. He seemed to stay with the group all night.

Down in the shop area, k2’s again confirmed the presence of someone from the otherside. A personal interaction also happened on the divination board at the same time as the K2’s picked up an increase in EMF. Always fantastic when traditional methods are backed up with a bit of science!

The EMF trigger objects also came into their own later on in the night, accompanied by further fantastic EVP’s. We simply lost count!

The history to this place is astounding! It’s older than Shakespeare’s pad down the road, it has connections to plague, murder, prostitution all the usual for an old public house dating back to when Stratford was pretty much nothing more than a street or two!

To book onto a creaky cauldron ghost hunt, please drop us a message and we’ll put you on the list. We take no more than 16 guests and supply you with enough kit for 40 people! This is a paranormal paradise, kids in a sweetshop time and a damned good way to satisfy your ghost hunting side or test your virgin voyage!

One thing for sure is you’ll NEVER forget your time at The Creaky Cauldron if you’ve been lucky enough to spend the night there!

Inside the Creaky Cauldron

Nottingham’s Galleries Ghost Hunt

Last Saturday at The Galleries of Justice Museum was simply mind blowing!

Guests were spoilt for choice in where to investigate. The teams were split down into 3 small groups to cover as much ground as possible.

One group started the night in the old Edwardian Police Station, an area we’ve never had access to before. Results were phenomenal, a trigger doll literally triggered in one of the doorways. This doll has never alarmed before on any investigations! Whatever set that off, had some power and authority. The second vigil had the same results with the doll triggering. This trigger vigil saw k2’s, the EMF bear and doll all alarm out and trigger. EVP’s were captured with a class A “oh yeah” that all guests heard as clear as day!

Down in the caves, all appeared quiet for the glass divination vigil, other than in 2 separate vigils the rempod went off like a disco! The groups moved up to the old washroom where EVP’s were captured. The glass also responded here from whom appeared to be an old prisoner.

The third vigil was held in the old condemned mans cells, courtyard and pit area. The pit area produced an eerie sense that the group were not alone! After several unexplained noises from the pit, an EVP came through so loud that it left a few guests not wanting to hang around!

The night ended on the biggest high in the courtroom. The entire group joined forces for this 4th and final vigil and initial feelings was that the courtroom seemed quite quiet. A few creaks were heard that were likely attributed to bums on benches and it was almost time to call it a night when a row of guests felt an incredible uneasiness behind them. At this precise moment, pretty much without exception, the entire group heard a tapping noise come from behind where the row of guests were sitting. One of the guests took photos and captured a head and torso shadow. What makes this evidence so special, was the photo captures the guests looking behind them in that exact same spot. It was a great capture – Well done to Adrian (guest) for snapping in the right place at the right time!

Galleries Shadow

To join us on our next ghost hunt in Nottingham, check out our City Of Caves Ghost Hunt event in December 2015
Nottingham City of Caves Ghost Hunt with Haunted Evenings