About Us

Haunted Evenings Events Ltd, better known as Haunted Evenings (H.E) to our regulars, is run by Nat Wilson with a team of equally dedicated, professional and friendly team members. Established for over 9 years, “H.E” continually strives to deliver quality ghost investigations at different locations to suit all budgets throughout the UK.

What got you started?

Fascinated by the paranormal world that stems way before Haunted Evenings started,(once you’re hooked, you can never get enough experience hence why Haunted Evenings came about!) H.E have built up a credible reputation by taking a more scientific approach – the fact that the team are often out doing private investigations in their spare time, hopefully goes some way to show we’re more than just an events company, we do what we do because of our own passion to experience more paranormal “stuff!”

Why should we book with you?

H.E cater for newcomers as well as the more experienced. Our nights are about quality not quantity. We constantly reinvest in the latest equipment which we encourage guests to use. We always try to explain/ debunk anything that happens on a night before labelling it as potentially paranormal. We don’t fake anything and we will never fabricate anything on our events to enhance the experience. What we can say is, we will keep you busy carrying out activities of your choice in small groups and do our best to make sure you really enjoy your ghost night and have fun whatever may or may not happen! It’s your night after all!

What can we expect on a ghost hunt?

Our aim is to provide the closest thing to a genuine ghost hunting experience that you can get on a public event. We aim to ensure all of our guests get to experience all of the various areas within a location we’re investigating on that night and get to experience all the different techniques paranormal investigators use. From using our thermal imaging cameras, infrared camcorders, DVR’s, night vision goggles, Kinect system, to more standard kits such as k2’s, Mel meters, spirit boxes, Ovilus (all the nerdy stuff) to more traditional techniques such as table tipping, communication boards, human pendulums and dowsing rods. This way, we hope by using as many different techniques as possible, we’re increasing the chances of guests experiencing something paranormal and it keeps the night interesting. We also allow time for those who are brave enough, to go off on their own on all of our events.

Are the nights safe?

We want you guys to enjoy yourselves and our events and locations are chosen for their reported paranormal activities. Some locations due to their very nature, can be amazing places to explore, with caves, tunnels and attic spaces. We take your well being very seriously so carry full public liability insurance, have a trained first aider on site and carry out risk assessments before every event. Guests are under no obligation to carry out anything they don’t feel comfortable doing and we will do our utmost to find alternative, suitable activities to make each individual enjoy their night to the full.

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All the best and hope to see you on a Haunted Evening soon!
Nat & The Team