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Read all about what happened on our 2020 Ghost Hunt Events and what paranormal experiences occurred during the latest haunted evening!


Bolling Hall is Bradford’s haunted jewel in the crown! In fact, the first ghost report is believed to have been noted here in the mid 1600’s! Now surrounded by housing in a typical suburbia, Bolling Hall kindly opened their doors for us all to enjoy a night of investigating the several rooms and layers of history this Grade I building has to offer.


‘Newer’ West Wing: A vigil focused around the stairwell produced some fascinating moments of the unknown. As guests experienced cold spots (at times icy cold), vibration devices triggered as if someone (spirit) was walking up and down the stairs. On command a guest was pushed when we encouraged spirit to make physical contact with us, an EVP which says “Get out” was captured via our recorders, followed by an audible female voice saying “Get out” heard by many first hand (without recording equipment) that was so clear it left us stunned!
Later in the investigation further EMF meters sparked into life (some spiking to red) step by step again showing a presence moving on the stairs. We believe this was a male spirit called Richard (EVP) who on command said “goodnight”

Ghost Room / Upper Bedroom : On the ouija board guests experienced connections with both (personal) loved ones and spirits potentially relating to the building. In the upper room a female spirit came forward and gave the initials RNG and the age of 6. She used the glass to show guests where lights were in the room and was wearing a white dress. A further female, Ava, 23 came forward who claimed to have been murdered by the master (Peter) by strangulation.
The ouija board in the ‘Ghost Room’ made contact with Master Peter who would not talk to any of the women, only Male guests. The Rempod (EMF device) flashed green and yellow during the vigil.
Richard came through on a final vigil, who worked at the Hall.
A final vigil produced an amazing light show on the k2’s (EMF meters), lighting to red 3 times on command!

Kitchen/Parlour : A young female came forward during the 1st and 2nd Human Pendulum experiment with EVP’s captured.
Female cook came forward during a further vigil in the kitchen, with a name William being mentioned.
Team member Andy sketched out the image of a female presence in the side parlour room (see photo)

Thank you to the team for helping to investigate this incredible site and a huge thank you to all the wonderful guests who took part in tonight’s investigation.

Thank you for the feedback!

“A very good night I was always sceptical but last night changed my mind on the physical presence and by my own observation” K.Johnson 14.03.20 Source:facebook

“Something amazing I caught on camera” J.Liquorish 14.03.20 Source:facebook


Friday 13th, unlucky for some (definitely for me!) but luckier for those who managed to grab places on the 2nd ever ghost hunt to take place at The Coffin Works Museum in the Jewelry quarter, Birmingham. It was exciting to be back to continue on from our 1st visit and to see what activity we could experience…..

Ouija Board : During vigil 2 a male spirit came forward with initials ATM, 64 years old and gave the year 1718 (pre building). The spirit was asked to copy a symbol drawn on paper and this happened but on the board next door! Amazing!
K2 surged to red on command when spirit was asked to give all their energy to say goodbye.
Rob, 56, lost fingers on his right hand in the stamp room.

Shop Area /Stamp Room : The names Vera and Alison were picked up during an early vigil in the front (shop) area, with movement devices triggering throughout the night that could not be explained. A very shouty EVP was captured on the side stairs as well as a rempod reacting to a change in energy. A guest experienced back pain and this was also reported by guests in another group unbeknownst to each other.
During the end vigil, the name Ted / Edward was sensed in the stamp room (1915) who did not take a shine to the ladies! He came through via EVP on the stairs. Name was noticed on a poster door when the lights went on at the end of the night.

Shroud Room / Warehouse : A strong EVP which we believe says “(come) help me” was recorded in the Shroud room. The name Michael Bradbury was picked up by a team member, confirmed via a Human Pendulum. 2 spirits were being picked up via Dowsing rods in the Warehouse, one male, one female.
Possible Jane picked up on the last vigil, 18 when she started at the factory.

Thank you to those who took an active part in tonight’s investigation and helped add additional evidence to this exclusive location.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Really enjoyed it thank you x .” J.Ritbergeris 13.03.20 Source:facebook

“Loved every minute of it. Even when in the shop I was given a baby to hold and my face changed in to a mask. My hands were so ice cold too.” J.Matthews 13.03.20 Source:facebook

“Another good night looking forward to the next 👻” G.Rowley 13.03.20 Source:facebook


It’s been far too long since we last investigated the Castle Keep in Newcastle so it was good to be finally back after 3+ years!
With the chapel and basement of the keep to investigate, as well as middle floors incl. The Great Hall and its many passageways, this 12th Century Grade I listed City Centre location is a fascinating place to visit day or night.

Groups were separated into 3 and soon got stuck into conducting vigils in all areas. Here is a summary of tonight’s Haunted Evening…


The Great Hall : A Dowsing rod experiment picked up an energy corner where one of the team members sensed a male presence, possibly connected to Religion. Our music box triggered on and off on the internal stairs suggesting movement but as this did not trigger on command, we believe the energy to be residual.
Vigil 2 a female spirit was connected with during a further dowsing rod experiment, a guest sensed her name was Jenna, a spirit from the ground pit area of the keep detected earlier in the evening. During a pendulum a little boy came forward and later, a male, 28, believed to be a guard (very strong energy).
Vigil 3, school mistress, strong responses during a human pendulum with child spirits setting off emf meters on command.

Middle floor : Our ouija board experiments took place here. Vigil 1 detected a male spirit (Peter, aged 23) who died in action. Married to Victoria (aged in her 30’s) with whom they had 2 children.
In session 2, a spirit named Samuel came forward and gave 17 when asked what year he was born. Further glass movement suggested other spirits attempted to come forward but made very little sense other than one responding with a ‘yes’ when asked if they were buried nearby.
In the final session on the Ouija board a child spirit (aged 4) and the mother (aged 36, maid) came forward, spelling the name Bannb when asked for their name. Bob was the name given for her son as well as his father.
Spirit named Brendan (thief) came forward connected to Jenna

Lower level (chapel) : Vigils 1 and 2 both detected spirit voices via our voice recorders, one being a possible laugh, however none clear enough to upload. Possible Brendan and Jenna sensed during vigil 1
Vigil 3 started in the lower chamber adjacent to the chapel before a further EVP session took place in the Chapel. The team played chanting music and this certainly aided a response with EMF meters spiking into life and 2 EVP’s playing back ‘get them out’

We ended the evening allowing guests free roam to explore the many narrow passageways and roof top to conduct their own mini experiments.

Thank you to the team who travelled up to investigate this former Keep and a special thank you to tonight’s guests who got fully involved from start to finish making tonight’s Haunted Evenings event a pleasure to be a part of.

Thank you for the feedback!

” Amazing night! Thank you so much for.coming to Newcastle x.” C.Louise 07.03.20 Source:facebook

“Great night!! Xx” S.Chapman 07.03.20 Source:facebook

“Was very interested in the connection to my family history in the ouija board session 3 x” E.Freeman 07.03.20 Source:facebook


We returned to Gresley Old Hall last night and it’s no secret that this is a firm favourite location of ours!
Great energy from our guests most certainly aided the investigation with some fascinating findings…..


Attic : Music box triggered indicating movement at the top of the attic stairs, this has happened on previous evenings. Vibe pod also detected movement near to the fire place, again backing up previous investigations. Voices, albeit muffled, were detected via our recorders, louder close to the fire place. A male and female (adult) spirits were sensed, with the male coming forward during a dowsing rod experiment, suggesting he worked at the Hall. One guest reported stomach-ache and a headache that passed once leaving the attic.
Vigil 2 an EMF bear triggered early on suggesting an increase in energy ( increase in electro magnetic field). As the vigil came to a close the bear triggered again, this time on command having been dormant for 30+ mins! Amazing!
Vigil 3 in the attic was quieter but muffled voices were still detected and a k2 spiked up a notch, as well as a shout (recorded) directly after asking for a shout.

Middle Rooms : A human pendulum experiment at the start of the night picked up on a female maid, aged 36, died in a fire and an older female connected more to the village area than the actual building. An evp suggesting “not just yet” was heard on playback.

Ground floor : Ouija session one was a personal connection for one of the guests.
Session 2 we tried using the board in the downstairs hallway/entrance. Letters FG were picked up on and the word Play was spelt out before establishing the spirit was a little boy, around the age of 7 (not the first time a boy of that age has been picked up on, on location). A guest tried using dowsing rods in the baseroom (reception room) and sensed a child (infant) spirit and a ‘yes’ response was given when she asked if his name was Tommy. Tommy believed to have been a part of a Family who once lived at the hall.
Session 3 a vibe pod and k2 went off during the ouija session and a spirit came forward willing to play with equipment upstairs.

Thank you to all that attended and made tonight a great extension to previous investigations, with many moments correlating to other evidence recorded over time.
If you would like to join us at Gresley Old Hall, whilst our May event has now sold out, we have just added, this week, an extra date this coming July.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Had an amazing night, thank you♥️♥️♥️♥️” W.Meredith 06.03.20 Source:facebook


Fascinating return visit down to Brighton last night as a new set of guests took to investigating a favourite of ours, Brighton Police Cells Museum.

Some of the highlights:

The name Dave came through twice during 2 seperate human pendulum experiments, neither group nor team were aware of the others findings.
A class EVP saying “I’m a prisoner” when asked for them to confirm if they were an officer or prisoner.
EMF meters triggering in the court room as well as a music box that triggered in direct response to asking for spirit to sit in the judges chair!

Thank you to all who attended, you’re input made all the difference and the energy was felt throughout. To the team too, thank you so much for your support…. We shall be back in June, until then, good night Brighton!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Had a wonderful weekend thank you to yourself your team and the rest of guests that attended.” R.Cain 29.02.20 Source:facebook

“😊 it was such a good night! An amazing experience made even better by the whole team and such a lovely group of individuals attending” H.Talbot 29.02.20 Source:facebook



The team headed South last night and returned to a 17th Century Jacobean Mansion in Greenwich, London. Charlton House is a fantastic building and one we have investigated a few times over the years.

Once again our investigation concluded that the library was the main hotspot activity wise, with rempods, EMF meters and a vibe pod going off command (during both vigils). A possible EVP captured the name Alan mid investigation and a guests thoughts of the name Alfred were backed up by someone watching a live feed! Unbeknownst to each other!
Footsteps were heard by 3 people in the long oak gallery (that couldn’t be explained) as well as activity reported during one of 2 ouija sessions.

Thank you to those who joined us last night and made the night a pleasure to be apart of. Onwards now to Brighton! See you all there!


Whilst it’s fair to say West Bromwich might not be most peoples first choice for a romantic valentines location, tucked away within West Broms’ suburbia is a stunning 400 year old Tudor building that is easy to fall in love with!. With several rooms to investigate, this olde charmer of a building was a beautiful location to spend time investigating last night!.

As per usual we split guests down into groups, all in turn spending time conducting vigils in the main parlour, kitchen, servants quarters and infamous master bedroom.
Tonight’s evidence was gentle, but fascinating nevertheless….


Ghostly voices, albeit muffled, were captured in the upper bedrooms, with at one point 2 K2 (EMF meters) triggering on command when we we asked if we were welcome in the building. One guest felt pain in her side and when speaking afterwards to the keyholder, this has occurred on previous investigations!

In a later vigil, K2’s triggered twice on command in the exact same room where earlier, a female (maid, 1700’s, with 1 child) was detected from spirit via a Human Pendulum experiment.

Our Ouija boards made connections with spirit energy from the location, believed to be connected to the building. Activity heightened when the name William was mentioned, which is a name connected with the building. One amazing highlight was a REMPOD triggering in the doorway to the servants bedroom when spirit was asked to enter the room. It triggered on command which was amazing!

Thank you to all who attended this special night on our return visit to The Oak House


Time certainly flies by and it’s been 4 years since we last walked in the footsteps of the former inmates at Ruthin Gaol so it was fantastic to finally get around to revisiting this 1800’s County jail over in Wales last night!.

Guests had access to the main prison block with a number cells to investigate, as well as the former jail kitchen. We investigated the building using an array of techniques, attempting communication via traditional methods as well as through an abundance of paranormal equipment. Some of the highlights were : orbs seen with the naked eye, voices (EVPS) captured, Emf meters triggering on command, keys rattling, footsteps heard, something hitting the railings above and the sense of being watched! Cold spots and the feeling of unwell.


1st Floor : reports of headaches and feeling sick in one of the cells, orbs seen with the naked eye, possible Male spirits picked up via communication board, one imprisoned for 5 years for robbery. EVP “turn round” captured by team member just after feeling an immense cold spot and “my name is Master Tom” heard on playback when we asked for their name. Male Spirit sensed by team member peering down from the cells above which was confirmed when a guest sensed the same male (team member had not mentioned it previously).

Former kitchen : vibe pod action and some grainy evps captured during vigils in the old kitchen. A shout captured on command and a clear class A EVP “four” heard when asked how many spirits were in the kitchen. Male spirit currently serving time for stealing hay connected with during a dowsing rod experiment.

Ground floor prison block: emf surges (k2s on red simultaneously) without explanation in the end cell on command, male spirit sensed feeling angry. One guest felt hot, similar experience felt upstairs by another guest (unbeknownst to each other). Cold spots on legs that moved around the room. Strange feelings felt in the cells with the baths with some relatable words coming through on the ovilus.

As always, the investigations are always made so much more fun when surrounded by a great bunch of guests and last night was no exception! Thanks to all who travelled to Ruthin and got stuck in to the various experiments. A huge thank you also to last nights team for stepping in and supporting the event.


If only we could set off the sirens to help shout about this place we would! This magnificent Victorian building in Sheffield is a fascinating time capsule for the emergency services. With original police cells, fire station, former bedrooms, old stable block all to explore and all crammed with memorabilia (including many unexpecting mannequins lurking!), it is little wonder this location is a firm favourite amongst the team! You can just sense the history from the moment you walk in!

Last night was our 3rd visit here and once again, guests were split into 3 groups to head off and investigate all areas. This location has so many rooms to explore, it’s hard to cover all areas in the allotted time!

Ouija boards (Activity Room) –
1. 14 year old boy named William, possibly hanged himself in the cells area. Guest experienced neck pains and being pushed whilst another felt a cold breeze from his leg up to his neck area. The name Alim was sensed, 7 children. Prostitute, raped and murdered by “the gaffer”. A light anomaly was also captured by a guest on video.
2. A personal connection was made during vigil 2 as well as the sound of dragging on the floor and a guest feeling like they had been prodded in the back.
Controlled kit Vigil (old stable block and police cells) –
1. Movement devices triggered in the end cell simultaneously and an EVP played back a word that was spoken prior to the recording. Rempod triggered at the far end of the police cells corridor.
2. Male spirit was connected with (during a human pendulum) in his 50’s passed from heart problems. A class A EVP was captured in the cell area which can be heard saying ” I don’t like it, get me out of here”. A glass in a cabinet was seen to move.
3. A female spirit, during a further human pendulum, was connected with. A prostitute locked up in one of the cells who had also come forward during an earlier vigil (Alim). Bitterly icy cold spots were felt during this vigil. Spirits William and “the gaffer” were also connected with.
Equipment / lone vigils (former fire station communal areas – upper floors) –
1. A guest experienced the sense of being touched at the back of the old Fire station area and dowsing rods detected energy spots on the ground floor. On the upper floor, a female medic was sensed by a team member which was verified by the location staff.
2. A female (child) spirit (possible name Molly) was sensed by more than one person during lone vigil time.
Upper floor bedroom an EVP was heard on playback swearing after guests asked for the spirits favourite swear word.
3. Shouty style EVP’s captured during the last vigil, one which suggests “get back – help me” and a further “get out”. This seems to be a possible connection to a dominant male. A further EVP “I see you, climbing up that” was captured in an upper floor bedroom

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights event and to the team who headed into Sheffield in force to help bring forward some cracking paranormal experiences! Guest photos will be posted up later today.

We will be back to this location for Halloween so keep an eye out later in the year for ticket releases or register your interest for our next Emergency Services ghost hunt here!


Farewell January! We ended the month of investigations by re-entering “The Village” – a former nightclub and 18th Century slaughter house situated in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
Whilst only parts of the old nightclub are evident today, and it’s current use (as a laser tag venue) makes it hard to visualise it’s origins as a slaughter house (then malt house), The Village has become a popular place to investigate due to its impressive back catalogue of paranormal reports.

Last night was our 4th investigation here and our Haunted Evenings event certainly added to our list of previous evidence.


Ouija session –
1. Name of Mark came forward that Lee (Venue host) was able to verify has come forward before.
2. Personal connection for one of the female guests
3. A further personal Spirit connection came forward and was able to copy a word hidden written on a clipboard.

Trigger vigil –
1. Smell of whisky was experienced by a guest whilst down in the old nightclub area. Our music box detected movement almost directly after asking spirit if they would like us to play music. A Rempod triggered on the piano after we asked spirit to make a noise. An Evp suggesting the name “Francesca” was heard on playback with a “yes I can” when asked if spirit could see the group. An EvP “get back down from there” was captured when a guest stood next to the main staircase.
2. “Get Out” heard on playback having taken a baseline recording, a guest sensed a male dominant character (bouncer?) moments before.
3. A further “Get out of here” picked up on the recorder as well as vibe pod triggers on the piano.

Equipment vigil –
1.The name “Christopher Henry” came forward via voice recorder during a call out in the main ground floor area as well as a distinct rustling heard from behind the group whilst everyone was stood still. This was repeated in vigil 3
2. “Get them out of there” was heard via a recording as the guests were all located next door. A whistle was heard by a couple of guests in the main ground floor area.
Cold spots felt and a shadow was seen by a couple of guests (similar to previous investigations). An EVP stating “yes I like the music” was captured after a team member spoke about music. Guests reported the sensation of swaying during the start of a call out vigil.
3. A faint “Goodbye” was heard on our recorder as the team member wrapped up the session and a shout was heard on playback.

Thank you to last nights team for helping to investigate this unique location and to all those who attended for your input and enthusiasm into making our 4th visit another intriguing event.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Thanks all, we had a great night. The Ouija was particularly active 👻” N.Taylor 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night with a great group of people and the wonderful team looking after us. See you next time.” I.Ashford 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night , a must to do another one xx👻” C.Cottingham 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“Thank you for another amazing night. See you soon!!!! Xxx” M.Nock 31.01.20 Source:facebook

“My first night of spirit hunting, certainly wont be my last! 👻😊” F.Sayward 31.01.20 Source:facebook


We were banged up at the Lock-Up again last night! Our first of 3 events this year, before the building shuts down for a revamp in July, was spent at the disused Central Birmingham Custody block known as Steelhouse Lanes “The Lock-Up”.
Built on old slum land, this fine building served for over 127 years and was often described as a mini prison, closing its Victorian doors in 2017.

Once again we took on the challenge to experience the paranormal side in this 1890’s building, with guests spending time in many of the cells with as much equipment as they could carry! From ghostly voices captured on our recorders, guests feeling sick, headaches, personal encounters on the ouija board and emf meters responding on command!

H I G H L I G H T S :

Cell 14 was the centre of attention tonight for one group and one to investigate further next time!
In vigil 3, the vibe pod was triggering in answer to questions being asked in the human pendulum. Pendulum, we had a male prisoner, 31 years old who was there in 1976. He died after being stabbed in a fight over contraband and was in for theft of an inheritance. Next was a female guard, 33 years old, who didn’t die there but was killed as revenge by an ex prisoner. She was strangled and gave the year 1962. She lived nearby and wasn’t married.

For another team member the highlights occurred during vigil one again, in the women’s block. A Rem pod went off and on, on command and then when flat. During the same vigil whilst conducting a Pendulum, a spirit named Lucy came forward who had committed a robbery.
During vigil 2, a cracking EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) was captured in the room opposite the kitchen saying “goodbye” and later, during a ouija board vigil, a personal connection was made with spirit who spelt out names of loved ones. Listen in to the EVP here

As always it was a pleasure to investigate alongside so many guests who share our passion for the paranormal. We hope you enjoyed the evening and thanks once again, for choosing to spend the night, locked-up with the Haunted Evenings crew!

A further date has been added to our diary for Steelhouse Lane. One of the last events to take place before the Lock-up is locked up for a refurb! Grab the chance to investigate this building in it’s most abandoned state by checking out our Ghost Hunts Lock-up page


A grade I listed 15th century manor house situated in Abington Park (Northampton) was our “home” for the evening and it’s fair to say we would move in permanently if we could! A fantastic building with an abundance of rooms to investigate, layered in history, from once a grand Manor to becoming a mental institution in the 1800’s, to its present day use as a museum.

Original photo courtesy of Northampton Museums and Art Gallery

Activity seemed to be apparent in all areas we investigated and some fascinating paranormal evidence was reported after each vigil conducted. Here are some of last nights findings :

Ouija board (Oak Panel Room + adjacent room):
Tim, youngest in his family of 7 came through on the ouija board. Spelt out H-I. Next door, simultaneously a group got Lim and the letters H-I. Tim had connections to World War 1.
Alfred 12 came through on the board, connected to Binny (25) who we believe both had connections to a spirit named George. Every time George was mentioned, the glass stopped suggesting George had caused both a wrong doing.
Eugenie, aged 9 also came through during a session as well as a personal connection for one of the guests.

East Wing :
Our spiritual team members picked up on the name Allan, Jessica (7 or 8 years old) and Elizabeth Bardon with a further surname Nee picked up on a later vigil. Names confirmed to be connected to the building. Another team member independently picked up on the same female spirit and was able to sketch out a chilling portrait of her.
An angry spirit sensed along the East Wing corridor with an EVP which we believe says “Yes I am”.
A guest felt her jumper was tugged from behind and felt shivers. Headaches felt in the side room near to the East Wing by 2 seperate people (unbeknownst to each other).
Music box triggered suggesting an unexplained movement detected.

A Child came through during one of the human pendulums who was shot. In a later pendulum a John Watkins (or Hopkins) was sensed by the team member and through the pendulum, discovered to have wartime connections, poisoned 1859 (aged 25-30)

Ground Floor:
A cabinet door in the Oak Panel room opened of its own accord and could not be replicated by walking passed.
2 guests who braved going off on their own came swiftly back after hearing a heavy breath. Team member went back with them and connected with a Chaplin or Vicar who he sensed was grounded at the Manor House in his quest to help the sick.

I’m sure lots have been missed but it’s fair to say we certainly came away buzzing from such a paranormally filled night! 

Thank you to all the guests who attended last night, you were all such a pleasure to investigate alongside and we’re thrilled you chose to investigate with Haunted Evenings. 

Further dates are in the diary and will be announced soon for Abington Park Museum…watch this space!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Such a good night 😊” R.Hutchinson 11.01.20 Source:facebook

“Amazing time last night. Had such an insight to how it all worked x” E.Duckett 11.01.20 Source:facebook


Last nights return visit to Derby Gaol was long overdue as we were last there to see in the New Year in 2015 (scary how time flies!). The location is split into 2 with the old Gaol site (1756) positioned on Friar Gate and the tower of the old county Jail (1843) off Vernon Street.

With 2 completely different areas to investigate, guests were split into 2 and spent time conducting experiments in both locations, combining both traditional and equipment methods together.

During the evening, grainy voices were heard via voice recorders, people reporting headaches in certain areas, the sense of unwell in other parts of the jail, neck pains and EMF spikes were just some of the occurrences reported back last night. The spirit of the old Jailer was sensed as well a little girl.

Over in the older Gaol the evening soon warmed up nicely with movement on the ouija board in one of the original cells, picking on one of the more sceptical guests. Although no real sense was made from the board, it was a good indication of spirit energy. This was then strengthened when a REMPOD triggered in the doorway to the same cell. Grainy voices were also detected down the main corridor via voice recorders, again suggesting we were not alone! In the same cell for the second group, energy was detected once again when a K2 triggered when we asked for any spirits to bring their energy forward. The timing certainly suggested this was in direct response to our initial call out, with EMF meters showing some unexplainable spikes outside the cell moments before.

The main corridor was investigated again (after groups swapped over) and during a human pendulum, a spirit came forward and responded to yes/no closed questions. The spirit appeared to effect others in the group as well as the female guest in the middle, with swaying movements leaving us with the impression the character connected with was a drunk (A yes was given when we asked if they were!).
As the group moved into the “debtors” cell, people described feeling odd, from a feeling of crushed arms, headaches, heavy headedness and the feeling of droopy eyes, in some cases by more than one person. People also felt unstable yet standing still at the time. It certainly felt repressive!

The newer County Jail tower was less forthcoming activity wise than the 16th Century gaol but still provided some moments of interest. An EMF meter detected a shift in energy up in the spiral tower and a guest picked up on a possible fight that led to someone falling down the stairs. A human pendulum was conducted later on in the same tower and the same facts came through that had come forward for that group earlier in the evening. The quietest area was the drop tower with sadly nothing of substance to report for both groups by comparison.

Thank you to those who braved the rather cold wind chill to investigate this unique little location. We will be back a little sooner than 4 years as we have just announced a second Haunted Evening at Derby Jail in May. To book on please check out details here

Thank you for the feedback!

“Great night last night! Thank you to your amazing hosts and we hope to see you soon at another location ❤️” S.Partington 10.01.20 Source:facebook

“A brilliant night and a great group of guests. Derby Gaol definitely lived up to my expectations 👻” T.Marciniak 10.01.20 Source:facebook

“A fantastic little location which was a first visit for me, a great night thoroughly enjoyed with great friends. Would be interested in visiting again, hopefully when it’s not as bloody cold!!😂😂” M.Reeves 10.01.20 Source:facebook


Thank you to all those who joined Haunted Evenings in our home town last night at the Leicester Guildhall! As much as the festive break was lovely, it was fabulous to get 2020 rolling event wise and what better place than an old faithful haunt of ours!

Throughout the evening activity was reported back in various parts of the building. A particular hotspot appeared to be the old library (3rd oldest in England) where our music boxes detected movement in the side room on 2 separate occasions, often responding on command. EVP’s from here suggest a male presence with muffled voices captured suggesting “murdered him” and “can’t hear the message”.

Down in the old Police holding cells, whilst EMF spikes were dismissed as being explainable and the ouija board wasn’t forthcoming, EVP’s once again suggested a spirit or spirits were present, implying they wished to get out. Again, muffled and not clear enough to upload but fascinating as these similar EVP’s were captured by both groups (unbeknownst to each other).

Thank you for the feedback!

“Had my first event with Haunted Evenings at Leicester Guildhall 04/01/20, It was an incredible event run extremely professionally, all staff were very welcoming and helpful, lots or really interesting investigations and findings throughout the night, will be booking again very soon and would highly reccomend to others” J.Ashby 04.01.20 Source:Google

“Fab night thanku 👻👍🏻x” V.Love 04.01.20 Source:facebook

“Great night thank u 😊 x” C.Love 04.01.20 Source:facebook


Last night to celebrate the New Year, Gresley Old Hall became our home for the evening for our private team “do”. Although many HE crew couldn’t make it, it was a lovely social gathering and of course, a chance to investigate one of our fondest locations at our leisure.

Although I had no plans to divulge the evenings paranormal antics, having caught a phenomenal EVP 2 floors up whilst EVERYONE was downstairs, it would be crazy not to share at least that bit!

What you hear is a crew members voice caught on the recorder (via a mobile phone on loud speaker) and then, a couple of bangs on command, followed by a class A EVP saying “Goodbye”. We did not hear this in real time, only on playback. (EVP in Insta link below)


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GRESLEY OLD HALL | 03.01.20 GRESLEY OLD HALL | 03.01.20 Last night to celebrate the New Year, Gresley Old Hall became our home for the evening for our private team “do”. Although many HE crew couldn’t make it, it was a lovely social gathering and of course, a chance to investigate one of our fondest locations at our leisure. Although I had no plans to divulge the evenings paranormal antics, having caught a phenomenal EVP 2 floors up whilst EVERYONE was downstairs, it would be crazy not to share at least that bit! What you hear is a crew members voice caught on the recorder (via a mobile phone on loud speaker) and then, a couple of bangs on command, followed by a class A EVP saying “Goodbye”. We did not hear this in real time, only on playback. A cracking start to 2020! #evp #ghosthunts #hauntedevenings

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A cracking start to 2020!