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Read all about what happened on our 2019 Ghost Hunt Events and what paranormal experiences occurred during the latest haunted evening!




Wow, Our final event of the year! It’s certainly been a mad one (year) and therefore slightly apt that we chose to return to The York Dungeons to end 2019 as this place is just mad bonkers  bizarre! Scare-maze by day, it’s a disorientating location to investigate by night and is impossible to visualise the building as it would have been back in the late 1800’s. Instead, stood amongst gruesome displays, this place tests your nerves, as well as your investigative approach. It’s a fun challenge though and having visited the dungeons back in May with some incredible moments captured, we were thrilled to be back to continue our paranormal search. It did not take long for the activity to kick off!

Cage Area. Group 1 started their investigation in what we decided to call the cage room. Equipment was set up and soon triggered suggesting it was not paranormal, group 2 concluded the same in the other far end of the building. Despite debunking, both groups went on to experience kit changes that could not be explained, a dormant REMPOD for example, spiked on command after sitting lifeless for 50 mins or so. This was during a human pendulum where a female spirit named Elizabeth was connected with. Through questioning she worked in York and was looking for her lost sister. A guest felt a pain in her leg whilst others felt headaches during the vigil. On asking Elizabeth to try and set off the red light, the REMPOD started to trigger, continued by further triggers on command. The name Alfred and Edward were names sensed during the vigil.

During vigil 2 (in the same “caged” area mentioned above) Group 2 gained a connection with both a male and female spirit believed to both be of religious connections from the early 1500’s. During the vigil, a music box movement devise triggered in an area that for group 1, a shadow had been seen pacing a long the perimeter wall earlier in the investigation.

The planchette on the Ouija boards, close to the “Plague” Room, moved for both groups with varying strengths of activity and potential messages. (Location and personal connections), with the year 1579 being given over and the age 24 during 1 session.

Our night soon came to a close, symbolising the end to our 2019 event run! Thank you to all who travelled far and wide to investigate the York dungeons with the Haunted Evenings crew last night, we hope you enjoyed the last event of the year in likely one of the most unusual settings! We will be back to York later in 2020.



We maybe edging ever closer to Christmas but we couldn’t possibly ignore the fact that yesterday was Friday 13th and what better way to spend it than a spot of ghost hunting!. Our venue for this superstitious night was 39 De Grey Street, our 5th and final investigation here this year!

A fabulous bunch of guests, all willing to get fully involved, joined in the paranormal search at this quirky terraced house, which included access to the rear warehouse (first ever investigated by Haunted Evenings in October). The loudest of our EVP’s was captured in the makeshift Manor room (warehouse) which took everyone by surprise, especially as it was before we called out. This was swiftly followed by a “get out of this house” and indications they wished us to leave.

A child female spirit aged around 5 was detected during a human pendulum, the name Thomas was connected with during the vigil, with a guest feeling agitated everytime his name was mentioned. Later, on the ouija board, the same female seemed to come through on the board, which was placed in the front sitting room. At the start of the investigation, an EMF meter and a vibration device triggered during an equipment vigil, cold spots were sensed and at times the room appeared to darken. A voice can be heard on playback that says either “help him” or “help me”.

With patience and determination, activity was experienced throughout the investigation and it was a pleasure to investigate alongside all who attended. Thank you all for joining us!
The next Friday 13th falls in March and we will be returning to our exclusive location at The Coffin Works Museum. Check out the website for details!


Whilst we may have taken our first weekend off since August, last week was still a busy week chasing paranormal activity down at Drakelow Tunnels with a bunch of cracking University students as part of their degree!
As it was a private gig there was no report (homework) to write up but here’s the feedback from the University Professor…

“Just a quick note to say thank you for hosting the event. We had a fantastic time and the students really enjoyed it. Also the EVP of ‘help me’ on two separate recorders was one of the most compelling pieces of evidence gathered to date. Both creepy and fascinating”


Our last night out in November marked our 6th and final investigation at Gresley Old Hall for 2019! With Soup on the go and the heating on full whack, at least one of the 3 vigils was toasty warm down in the baseroom whilst the other 2 vigils tested peoples resilience to some icy cold spine tingling moments upstairs (not all weather related!)

This 1734 dilapidated old hall provides the perfect atmosphere to investigate in, with guests getting a chance to spend time in the attic which has often left people feeling on edge.

Attic: Last night was no exception, with our music box triggering near the attic stairs (during more than 1 vigil), our vibe pod detecting movement and at one point, just as a guest announced she felt a coldness around her, an EMF detecting bear lit up behind her! Voices were heard via our recorders, with a “6-7” given over by a spirit when asking for their age. A sentence was also captured shortly after and whilst we can’t quite make out the full message, it starts clear enough with get out! (Not the first time we’ve heard this – pretty regular occurrence!).

On the middle floor, guests split off and spent time in the 6 former bedrooms on offer, taking as much equipment as they could carry. Voices were captured over the spirit box with “who’s this?” And “I’m here” as well as the number 8, a possible “my name is” and a “Mike”.

During the ground floor ouija sessions, whilst for vigil 1, no will in the world appeared to be able to get the glass to move, vigil 2 had the “67” come through which had been heard via EVP up in the attic earlier (a male) and during vigil 3 a female came forward who appeared to be from the 1500’s who answered correctly to questions relating to that time period. She wasn’t so correct in guessing symbols drawn on a piece of paper but managed a couple of right moves! We had fun trying!

Without a shadow of a doubt last nights Haunted Evening was an absolute pleasure thanks to such a lovely open friendly bunch of guests who bounced off each other making investigating a freeze, we mean breeze! Thanks to everyone for your input, we hope you enjoyed Gresley Old Hall as much as we always do!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Fantastic evening, really well run and lots of activity! My friend and I had a brilliant time! Thank you to the team for an unforgettable evening! We hadn’t been with this team before but will certainly look into more events!” L.Parker 30.11.19 Source:facebook

“We had a great time last night, thank you so much 👻👻👻” S.Smith 30.11.19 Source:facebook


With history dating back on this site to the 12th Century and parts of Peterborough museum dating back to the 16th Century when it was first a private Mansion, its fair to say that last nights Haunted Evenings home has plenty of historical layers to get your teeth into but it doesn’t end there! This Grand Georgian building became Peterborough’s first city hospital from 1857 which eventually closed in 1928.

Having only just investigated this former Hospital last month, we continued our search last night with some fascinating similarities…

Operating theatre : A human pendulum started the night for group 3 up in the original hospitals operating theatre. The room remains as was, with tiled walls and is easy to imagine its former use. During a pre-event walkround a team member sensed a strong energy in the middle of the room and felt that there had been a body on the floor. The first energy sensed during vigil 1, was an 18 year old trainee nurse (with initials H M) who worked there from 1895 to 1907. It was discovered through the human pendulum that she had one child who she gave birth to out of wedlock when she was 23. The group discovered that the baby died shortly after birth because of a Doctors error and that this had been a cover up. The question was asked if the babies body was on the floor and as the guest moved forward for yes, so too did a K2 (EMF meter) spike strongly into life. When checking back through previous investigations, back in January 2019, it’s amazing to discover that a similar story of a medical mishap was covered up (unbeknownst to the team member who investigated the building for the first time last night!). As the night went on, groups 1 and 2 also picked up on the 18 year old female spirit who was present throughout the investigation. The team member did not divulge what had happened during any previous vigils!. 2 guests in seperate vigils experienced light headedness, one having to leave the room.

The Vaults : Down beneath the old Georgian building guests had the delight of spending time investigating a series of vaulted rooms that would have had various uses over time, from storage to a make shift hospital morgue. All 3 groups started their trigger vigil ( a controlled experiment using an array of equipment) in the “coffin vault”. Movement devices pointing out through the doorway triggered for all 3 groups, muffled EVP’s were heard and the names Robert, Norman and Edward were all possible names heard on playback albeit not clear enough to upload.
In the end vault, our music box played during 2 of the 3 vigils, exactly as it had done during last months investigation, with the energy building as it had done previously. Whilst we have yet to determine who is triggering our box, we are building up a picture of the energy down there and left with the impression that they like to play the music devise. A child maybe?

Ground Floor : Our ouija boards were used to investigate the ground floor which included the old kitchen area. Unfortunately the first 2 groups did not experience any movement on the glass however this was at least some kind of consistency! The final ouija session was more fruitful with connections to a female spirit who stated 6 other spirits were around.

All in all a fascinating Haunted Evening with regards to evidence being consistent throughout the evening and with similarities to previous investigations held in January and October!
Thank you to everyone who took part last night, you were all a pleasure to meet and we hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Thank you for the feedback!

“It was a fantastic night, thank you very much!” C.Ward 24.11.19 Source:facebook

“Great evening, first experience of ghost hunting was awesome ☺” D.Burns 24.11.19 Source:facebook

“Had a great night at Peterborough Museum, thanks to all the team who looked after us all, would recommend to anyone to exprience ghost hunting for themselves, thanks again, it’s a night I will never forget and look forward to the next” S.Evo 24.11.19 Source:Google



The Coffin Works in Central Birmingham opened it’s doors for the very first time last night to allow Haunted Evenings guests the absolute privilege of investigating this brand new untouched site!. Opened in 1894 as Newman Bros. this beautiful Victorian building is the only building of it’s kind left standing from the days gone by, on Fleet Street. Like entering a time capsule, this old factory has been preserved exactly how it was when it was fully operational up until its closure in 1999.

The teams were split down to investigate the Shroud Room, Warehouse, Stamp Room and the original Managers Office. What did the first ever investigation unearth?…..

The Stamp Room which sits away from the main building and accessible only via the courtyard, is a narrow workspace filled to the brim with old manual machinery designed to cut out the metal coffin furniture this factory was famous for producing. We set up various pieces of paranormal equipment along the abandoned work benches, floor and on some of the factory presses. Movement was detected via our Vibe Pods during all 3 vigils, a few taps were heard, one occurring at one end which also set off our EDI geophone (movement) devise at the same time a team member felt something standing behind her and a guest felt cold. Grainy voices were picked up throughout the night, often starting quietly and building as each vigil was conducted, nothing majorly decipherable other than a possible couple of EVP’s which we will review later. The highlight of the Stamp Room came during the final vigil when a music box, designed to trigger when movement is detected in front of it, started to play after sitting idle for 30 mins or so. It was pointing down an old roped off work trough and no person present could have accidently stood in its line of sight. The devise was close to where the team member in the previous vigil had felt a presence behind her!

In the old Managers Office which has been preserved exactly how it was found after the factory closed, groups took part in Ouija board sessions. Personal connections were made with some guests but in the main the board produced contact from spirits connected to the building/area. The name Billy Hurst came up, a 5 year old who spelt out the letters PP. Significant as, at the end of the investigation when discussing experiences with other team members, the name PP was also picked up elsewhere during a vigil! The name Pat and the initials TF were also brought forward on the board, both claiming to have worked at the factory, one giving the date 1985. The name Jerry came forward who was 23 , died at 55 and mentioned the year 1923. A spirit named Victor was also detected during another ouija session and again, when summarising at the end of the night, surprised a team member to discover Victor had also come forward during a different experiment (Human Pendulum).

Up in the Shroud Room (Sewing Machine room) equipment was placed around the room and EVP sessions took place. For Group 2, the name Elizabeth and/ or Edith was sensed, shadows, K2 meters spiked and consistent yes/no responses occured via the use of the vibe pod. An orb was also seen by a couple of the guests shooting through a locked doorway. In an earlier vigil, Group 3 captured a grainy voice suggesting we should move, we were stood near the fabric cutting table end of the room.

It is always an exciting, daunting but above all else, thrillingly rare opportunity to be the first to ever investigate a building and we all entered through the cobbled courtyard with no real clue as to whether we would experience any activity at all!. I think its fair to say the chance to investigate this loveable building paid off as all groups experienced a steady trickle of unexplainable moments throughout the evening.

We would just like to say thank you to all those who attended with a good positive attitude to this unique event, to the HE team for taking up the challenge and a huge thank you to the Museum staff who welcomed the event with open arms.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be back on Friday 13th (March) to continue our paranormal research into this exclusive Haunted Evenings location! Tickets will go on sale next week! 


Edinburgh night 2 led the crew and guests down the hidden steps into Mary Kings Close, a labyrinth of rooms buried beneath the Royal Mile, a place we can’t recommend highly enough to visit by day tour or to investigate into the small hours with H.E!
Guests spent the evening conducting equipment based experiments in all areas, which included the actual Mary Kings Close itself (hidden street), Chesney’s House, Annie’s Room, Cow shed and plague room.

So what did last nights Haunted Evening uncover about this covered Close?!

Mary Kings Close / Chesney’s House.
After taking a base recording, 3 attempts in, we captured the name “It’s Chesney” as an EVP. This was phenomenal as we had captured the same name on last years investigation in the exact same place (Chesneys House). Listen in here
Further experiences in around the Close include an EVP that suggests the name Robert and a shout when we asked if the spirit [Chesney] wished the women to leave.
Vigil 3 EVP suggests ” Get the f**k out of here”!
Annie’s Room.
Energy was detected via K2 (EMF) meters during vigil 1, a tap was heard as well as 3 faint taps recorded on one of the guests recorders.
During vigil 2 the music box started to trigger and continued to play music intermittently at times the name Annabel (our doll) was mentioned. A vibe pod (movement devise) and a Rempod also kicked into life in response to questions suggesting a female presence. A goodbye via EVP was also captured with a strong Scottish accent.
Plague Area / Cow Shed
An audible breath was heard breathing close into one of the male guests ears during vigil 1. A Rempod and a K2 spiked on command and a spirit (female) sensed via dowsing rods. Interestingly the names Rob & Robert were also picked up as EVP’s not long after the same name was captured 2 rooms away on the Close!
Vigil 2 a child spirit was sensed by 2 guests, with the name Bobby coming through via the recorder believed to be 8 years old and whom touched the hand of one of the male guests. 2 guests independently picked up the age from opposite ends of the cow shed!
Vigil 3 in the cow shed a male, aged between 25-30 was detected via dowsing rods with connections to the plague, believed to play a part in dealing with the many plague victims.

Thanks once again for all those who chose to investigate this phenomenal location. We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend in Edinburgh! For those interested, we shall be back next November and dates announced soon!.

Thank you for the feedback!

“What a great night and captured 2 evp’s the 1st in chesney house cant decide if its No or Go but does sound right at microphone and other was with Sarah in cow shed very feint hmm hmm in reply to a question” S.Maggot 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Great weekend, with a mix of activity. Really enjoyed it and will see you again for more paranormal activities.” C.Hillan 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Thanks for a fab weekend, will see you again in the future I’m sure :)” L.Bonner 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“My first time last night what a great night will be booking another !!” S.Campbell 16.11.19 Source:facebook

“Another great night well done” P.Grimshaw 16.11.19 Source:facebook


Last night the crew descended into central Edinburgh to host the first of 2 investigations off the Royal Mile.
Niddry Street has a hidden door which leads into some of the South Bridge’s infamous Edinburgh Vaults. Constructed in 1788, the bridge was first a vibrant trades area of the City soon becoming run down and getting a reputation for sinister and poor conditions. In 1985 parts of the South Bridge Vaults were excavated and now hold a firm place on many a paranormal investigators bucket-list!


The evening started with conducting traditional experiments which were the most fruitful for bringing forward activity. Ouija boards helped connect with a child, a female and a male spirit in the front room. 2 separate male guests, in 2 separate vigils could not bare being in the room, both experiencing lower body pains and unexplainable sensations. Neither knew of each others experiences, both needed to leave the room within minutes. Similarly in Vault 1, 2 female guests in 2 separate vigils reported feeling intense sickness, to the point of one having to remove herself from the vault. Again, neither knew of the others experience. Quite mind-blowing!
In the far vaulted stone circular room, the human pendulum experiment connected with a shady male character who only tuned in to the male guests present. In vigil 2 in the same area, the most surreal moment of knocking on command occurred. Not once, not twice, but 4 times when asked. Whilst this seemed almost too good to be true, as the night went on, no further knocks ever occurred and this isn’t something we’ve ever heard previously. Certainly interesting!
EVP’s were generally muffled throughout the evening with a possible “very happy” a “Josephine” and ” go to hell”.

Thank you to those who travelled the distance to investigate the Vaults with us last night. We’ll be back in June for those who still haven’t ticked this one off their list! Check out details for next Vaults Event here!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Being the human pendulum was a 1st for me, a very interesting experience. was very aware of a presence in front of me and how temperature changed from beginning and end” S.Maggot  15.11.19 Source:facebook

“Very good night well done” P.Grimshaw 15.11.19 Source:facebook



Pretty much bang on 6 months after our last Haunted Evening at Ordsall Hall, we were back last night to investigate this stunning location nestled in amongst modern suburbia. With 2 different ages to the building guests spent an equal measure in both parts, with paranormal experiences reported mainly during traditional methods.

The ouija sessions, held up in the attic and 18th Century rooms, picked up (during 2 separate vigils) the presence of a little girl unbeknownst to either group. Having read through March’s review, this is evidently not the first time a girl spirit has been sensed.
Speaking of senses, lots of guests reported strange feelings, from guests unexplainably bursting into laughter, others feeling sick and discomfort, to more subtle feelings of being touched and various reports of cold spots lower down, suggesting perhaps children present. The name Elizabeth was picked up on by 3 separate guests and a male presence sensed once again in one of the bedrooms (same as last time) with an almighty shout heard via our recorders moments before we ended our final vigil.

Thank you to all of last nights guests who got fully involved in the vigils and helped bring the evidence forward. Manchester has been a busy weekend with 2 back to back events and we’ve enjoyed investigating both venues… next week we head further north as we revisit Edinburgh!


Our first of two events in Manchester this weekend was at Ryecroft Hall, built in 1849. This was Haunted Evenings 1st investigation here and with many rooms to investigate, we set about conducting 4 vigils to cover as much ground as possible.

The servants quarters room provided all 3 groups with a connection to spirit via the ouija board. Some of the spirits brought forward were connected to the building ; a spirit named Charles, a female maid and the lady of the house (1862) were just some of the experiences reported. Personal connections from lost loved ones came forward for some of the guests too.
Equipment triggered down in the main reception room, with one amazing moment when 2 music boxes were triggered by an unknown force, as well as rempod action, cold spots and muffled EVP’s. Guests picked up voices on the stairs and this was further validated by an EVP session at the end of the night where a voice can be heard on playback.
Thank you to all the guests who joined us last night. We hope to return to Ryecroft Hall next year to build on the experiences we encountered last night. Watch this space!



Our 6th and final Halloween Event of 2019 ended on a high at Birmingham’s old central custody block “The Lock-Up” with a Corker of an EVP, but more about that later!
So what went down at this old cell block?

During a ouija session a male spirit was connected with who gave the name Willan M and the year 1937.

In the woman’s block, vibe pods (designed to light up when movement is detected) were going crazy in the cell in the back corner, a cell we’ve had numerous experiences over our investigations. During a Human pendulum a spirit come through who lived on the land before the building existed (the area was previously the slums). In another pendulum, guests became emotional as personal connections came forward.

During free time, one group had the K2 going crazy in a few different cells and also had uncontrollable laughter in cell 23. Another guest had earlier said he felt like he hit a wall of energy when he walked in the same cell.

In the very final moments of the investigation back in the womans cell area, k2’s kicked into life and voices heard via our recorders. Listen in to the last EVP capture saying “Go on then!” when we go and bid the spirits goodnight! Listen here : The Lock-Up EVP 

Thank you to everyone who attended and made our last Halloween event so enjoyable.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Last night was our first event and we loved it. The organisers were brilliant. Very professional with a great sense of humour. Will definitely book again. Thanks for a great night x” C.Phillips 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Absolutely fantastic night. Already looking forward to meeting you guys on the next one, anzio army camp here we come!.thankyou so much” P.Purchase 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” It’s was me and my sisters first event to what a interesting night really enjoyed it Thanks everyone 👍” T.Stevens 03.11.19 Source:facebook

” Great night in a fabulous location. Thanks guys see you soon.” J.McCarthy 03.11.19 Source:facebook

“Me and my sister went really enjoyed all of it” C.Pattison 03.11.19 Source:facebook



Halloween event number 5 led us back to the blast doors that keep Drakelow Tunnels secrets locked away from the outside world. Our willing guests descended upon this mysterious location to investigate the miles of tunnels that once formed part of the Rover Shadow Factory, back in 1941 onwards.

The main highlights from the investigation were the voices captured during the various vigils. Some of the EVP’s picked up last say “Richard”, “Henry”, “I don’t regret” “Help them”, “Digging” and number “78” when asked what year it was. Our showcase EVP was captured by 2 guests during their freetime near the rear blast doors which says “je m’appelle (Conner or Donna) – you decide( listen here)?!

Thank you to all the guests who joined us last night at one of favourite haunts.

Thank you for the feedback!

“What an amazing night we had x” T.Hooper 02.11.19 Source:facebook

“We had an amazing night, thank you so much.” S.Anie 02.11.19 Source:facebook



Investigating Gresley Old Hall is always a paranormal pleasure at anytime of year but for the 4th year running we’ve had the honour of spending our Halloween night there. Last night was filled to the drafty rafters with a great bunch of guests ready to take on the challenge so thank you all for choosing to spend your Halloween night with us all!.

Highlights :

The attic space, which rightfully creeps a lot of people out, produced an interesting “let me in” EVP, triggers on the vibe pod, music box and for one guest, emotions that reduced him to tears! A strong dominant and not so nice male spirit was sensed in the upper attic rooms, a character who has come forward on numerous occasions over the years.
Bedrooms : A strong personal connection was experienced for one guest during an impromptu ouija session. In a further former bedroom, the name “Robert” was heard via a voice recording, not once but twice during a call out session.
Ground floor : A personal experience occurred via the ouija board during vigil 1 and a further spirit connection made during another vigil, believed to be connected to the building. (Spirit names mentioned were Harry, Albert and Rose)
Thank you again to all those who joined us last night and to team members Sarah and Tara (and Jason!) for your support in making our 4th Gresley Halloween such a great one! – Nat 🎃



The team headed back to one of our favourite regular haunts in the Midlands to continue our Halloween season of events last night…

Guests were treated to a light supper and lots of treats at Smethwick Baths before embarking on a night of investigating this old former dance hall and swimming baths, with groups getting the chance to split off down in the air raid shelter, make shift morgue, former stage area as well as spend time in the haunted toilets!
During a ouija session, shadows were seen and footsteps heard moving in the corridor outside the stage area, certainly not the first time this has been experienced! Icy cold spots were sensed as well as 2 guests getting the sensation of pins and needles at separate times whilst taking part on the board.
Down beneath the baths in the “tunnels”, footsteps and shuffling were heard following a guest as they broke away from the group.
On the balcony, as has been experienced on numerous previous investigations, a male voice was detected shouting through our voice recorder, with another EVP we believe said “Robert is your name” (interesting as this was the team members name!).

All in all, Smethwick Baths once again produced varying degrees of paranormal food for thought “moments” and made for an interesting investigation

Thank you for the feedback!

“Great night, thank you. Definitely lots of energy in the male changing rooms. The ladies could all feel a presence behind them. We had our hair ‘touched’ and I was prodded on the bottom!
Best haunted event I’ve been to – thanks everyone 👻”
S.Turner 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“I had icy cold spot it started in the haunted toilet where we had the woman scream on the evp the was amazing. I think that is about me the footsteps and shuffling i was walking around with Rob the footsteps and shuffling was following us all the round one again thank you haunted evenings for amazing night see on my next ghost hunt on 14th Feb at oak house museum can’t wait 😊” W.Dawes 26.10.19 Source:facebook



As some of our team and guests explored the haunted delights down in the midlands, a second crew were up North at St George’s Hall to investigate the vast catacombs, cells and court room at this Liverpool landmark.

Our northern guests were split down into vulnerable numbers to cover all areas into the small hours of Sunday morning. Activity was experienced in all areas during ouija sessions, human pendulums and whilst exploring the catacombs, a photo of a potential orb within a mist was captured by one guests.
Activity in the old cells area was one of the main highlights and with kit placed along the corridor at hotspots (picked up from dowsing rods), it soon became apparent that we were not alone (as kit started to respond on command). As the energy built throughout the investigation, a music box, that pointed away from everyone into the empty corridor beyond, started to play on command (plays only when someone/something stands in front of it). This intensified and after switching the devise off, a crew member can be heard asking on a voice recording “Do you want to play the music again?” of which an EVP is captured saying (“Yes”) I confirm that”. A fascinating highlight to a busy Halloween evening and one we shan’t forget!
Listen here to the EVP

On behalf of the team, thanks to all those who joined us for our 5th investigation at this jaw dropping location, we hope its kick started your Halloween!?



Last night we entered a disused nightclub and slaughter house in Nottinghamshire known to many as “The Village”. It’s fair to say what this place lacks in looks it certainly makes up for tenfold in paranormal personality! This venue was and has always been up there for us activity wise and I’m sure all that attended last night would agree that last night hit the spot once again!
With so much to report and unfortunately a long travel north imminent, there isn’t enough time now to compile a worthy write up but a highlight for the team was certainly connecting with an “Elizabeth” in the club part, her name can be heard spoken through our recorder.

Thanks to all that attended last night you were all brilliant and made the night for the team such an awesome one!

Thank you for the feedback!

“First time I’ve ever been last night and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done just want to say a massive thank you to all the team you was wonderful” L. Morris 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Fantastic night, thank you to the team. Can’t wait to book the next one!” E.Towers 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Another great evening with this amazing team 👌xx” S.Bowbanks 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“From a second timer here’s looking forward to the next one. A really good night and a privilege to experience. Thanks.” W.McGlinchey 26.10.19 Source:facebook

“Me and the partner had a great night once again on one of your events.worth the 5hr trip up” J.Smith 26.10.19 Source:facebook



We made a return visit to The Lock-Up last night! Originally built in the 1890’s and with many Victorian features still present, it is now a decommissioned Custody Block associated with West Mids Police. With many cells to investigate, guests had the opportunity to have a go at a Ouija board in the holding cell and interview rooms, investigate the women’s cell area as part of a group experiment and “go it alone” in the male cell area. To check out what it’s like to take time out from the norm and sit in an old cell on a Saturday night (without committing a crime of course!) Check out the live feed over on our @hauntedevenings360 Facebook page.

So what went down at The Lock-Up on last nights Haunted Evening?!

All areas provided guests with activity of varying degrees. The female toilets of all places appeared active for one group during their kit/lone vigil time, with one female guest feeling her hair go static and an EVP that followed (albeit grainy) that backed up the feeling of not being alone.
Whilst the ouija board was tough as old police boots for some, personal connections were made during another session as were personal connections made during a couple of the group human pendulums. A very strong swaying was experienced by myself and others in the women’s block, almost like the feeling of being drunk. On review of previous investigations, it’s not the first time drunken spirits have been felt in that area (women’s block) so that was very interesting!.
EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) were captured throughout the location, some not easy to make out, some shouts, others still to be reviewed.

Thank you to all last nights guests for joining the team in a mission to experience the paranormal and thanks to team members Tara, Sarah, Rach And Louise. – Nat.
The Lock-Up is certainly a unique location to investigate, so much so our next 2 investigations at Halloween and in January have sold out. We have released an additional date in April if you fancy joining us before the Lock-Up locks up for a museum refurb! Grab a cell space here!



Just a quick review to thank all those new faces that attended our Armley Mills event last night up in Leeds.

Whilst paranormal activity was pretty quiet throughout the location last night, some great moments were still experienced during human pendulums, movement devices triggered during kit vigils, an EVP saying “Goodbye” was heard on playback on request and a very eerie sounding EVP captured by guests during their lone vigil time. 
Thanks also to the team for travelling up to investigate this historic Leeds location.



Last nights Haunted Evening has rocketed Peterborough Museum into my personal top 3 favourite places to investigate, possibly even making the top spot!

If you know very little about this place, in a nutshell, it’s a large imposing Georgian building that once served as Peterboroughs first hospital and comes complete with original operating theatre, large ward sized rooms spread over 3 floors, old kitchen and a rather impressive set of underground Vaults that, at one time, served as the hospitals mortuary. It is down in the Vaults that this review will particularly focus on but activity occured throughout the building, certainly living up to its claim of being Peterborough’s most haunted building!

So what were some of the highlights?

Movement devices triggering on command down in the vaults. “Get Out” evps and a class A EVP stating “they won’t let me” when we asked for their name. A motion sensored music box playing music on command, people feeling pushed and emotionally aggitated, a loud clear knock on a coffin on command. EMF meters triggering simultaneously. Personal connections made during a human pendulum, a strong male character followed one group, whilst a spirit who liked the ladies came forward during 2 other vigils. So many moments!

The Priestgate Vaults Investigation/vigils :

3 groups, each in turn, spent time down beneath the main building investigating the vaults. With several vaulted rooms to choose from, our starting point for each vigil was in one of the larger vaults containing 2 coffins. For each vigil, the same equipment (made up of movement devices and EMF meters) were placed down in exactly the same place for comparison.
For all 3 investigations, movement was detected from one of the coffins via our vibe pod, by vigil 2, on command, a large knock came from the active coffin and by vigil 3, the spirit was able to light up our vibe pods on one and then on the other, EXACTLY as requested. The energy was building and whilst we gratefully received “Get out” EVP’s from our voice recorders in both vigils 1 and 2, it was during the 3rd and final vigil that the Class A EVP was captured stating “he won’t let me” when we asked if they could tell us their name. Click here to listen!

This in all tense and purposes would have been cracking enough evidence but theres more! Each group moved to Vault number 1, taking with them k2 EMF meters, a vibe pod and a motion sensored music box. Whilst it’s significant to note that the music box stayed silent (therefore detecting nothing) for all groups in the coffin vault, it started to play during vigil 1 (in vault 1) as it pointed towards the doorway. With massive encouragement from the living, this occurred a few times, alongside all 5 K2’s triggering simultaneously. Time to head up for break, we promised the spirit we would bring the music box down later.

During vigil 3, we once again called out and encouraged the spirit to play with the music box in vault 1. 20 mins or so passed with no real signs of spirit energy other than a flicker (of hope) on one of the k2 meters. It was after painstaking calling out and a bucket load of much needed patience, stubbornness and determination that the music box once again started to play a note. The spirit kept trying, the music box kept turning a notch producing a note here and there but at almost 2am the energy from the living was understandably waning and our request for the spirit to play the music box continuously seemed increasingly unlikely. With one last attempt (questionably sheer stubbornness) I asked all guests to rub their hands together to produce additional energy, as we did so, filling the room with energy, the spirit filled the Vault with music, constantly. It may have taken hours to achieve the continuous play but my goodness, what an absolutely memorable experience when it finally happened!. Top spot location for sure!



Exciting times last night as we were the very first team to investigate a new building to the rear area of 39 De Grey Street – An old workshop once believed to have been used as a make shift morgue during WWII and possible site of a previous church. Andy the owner has now created the “Sutton Manor Room” within this old outbuilding (made up of original furniture from local Sutton Manor) so there’s certainly a lot be unearthed, energy wise!

Besides entering unchartered waters, highlights from the night include;

Coffin room – a Class A EVP saying “I don’t want any” when we ask if they want help (listen in here)  and people being touched / effected during a human pendulum.
Outbuilding (Sutton Manor Room) – Vibe pod being triggered on command and cold spots felt. 2 “help” evps captured simultaneously via voice recorders.
Thank you to all guests who welcomed the challenge of investigating the new and old areas and to venue owner Andy for being our guest investigator all evening.

We’ll be back to 39 De Grey Street on Friday 13th December to continue our investigations into the unknown and to see what else we can experience in the old warehouse. For last minute places, please check out the hostel events page here.



Last night Haunted Evenings unlocked the doors to the infamous Oxford Castle which predominantly served as Oxfords local prison from 1785 until it’s closure in 1996. Guests had the challenge of investigating the Grade I listed Norman keep known as St Georges Tower, Crypt and remaining prison block with its many cells and debtors rooms.

So what happened during our return trip to this former prison?

Main cells / Crypt : Footsteps were heard clearly on 2 separate occasions down underneath the main prison block in the old Crypt. A possible shadow was sighted as well as guests hearing breaths and being touched by an unknown hand.
Upstairs in the main block a clear EVP was captured in the debtors area saying “Help Me” listen in here. A further EVP captured during a guests call out in one of the cells we believe says (with a female voice) “just want to say hello”

Upstairs : 4 guests all felt pressure or pain in their shoulders simultaniously during an energy circle as well as a cabinet close by being knocked. A trigger bear lit up detecting a shift in energy as well as a guest sensing her arms being raised by spirit. In a further vigil, guests felt strange back pains/labour pains as well as sighting a shadow in the doorway.

St Georges Tower : A personal connection was made during one ouija board session whilst a human pendulum detected a female who had been hanged. A further more muffled “help me” was picked up via an EVP session.
A final ouija session showed surges on the k2 action that coincided with glass movement.
Names sensed on the night include Tom, Derrick, Anne/Amy

On behalf of the team, thank you to all those who took an active part in bringing the energy forward at this fascinating location.



October events started (as they will end) by investigating Gresley Old Hall in Derbyshire, a dilapidated old Manor house that offers any discerning visitor the chance to spend time within it’s darkened back to bare rooms. A challenge that many new and somewhat nervous faces accepted, this was a serious investigation but filled with fun and (nervous) laughter!

So what did Gresley have to offer our guests last night?

ATTIC: It’s undeniably a drafty old place but unusual cold spots were felt by many at times when activity felt heightened.
Up in the attic during vigil 1, the name “Henry” was heard during an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session, followed by “eleven” heard on playback when asking for their age. Many guests reported feeling increased cold spots as the little boy was connected with. Movement devices triggered during this and during a later vigil where a child or children were picked up once again in the attic (unbeknownst to the group that Henry (11) had come forward earlier).

GROUND FLOOR: Down on the ground floor (likely once the old parlour/dining area), cold spots were felt as a spirit on the board (aged 73) answered questions about how he passed. The room is in good structural order and therefore the cold spots harder to explain. K2 meters also spiked into life as the glass movement became stronger. During another ouija session at the bottom of the stairs, a 7 year old spirit named Layton came forward who confirmed he played with other children in the building.

BEDROOMS: On the middle floor, guests had the opportunity to split down to investigate the 6 rooms with as much equipment as they could carry but for one group, they joined forces to conduct a human pendulum and connected with a 45 year old female spirit who passed from an illness.

Other “scary” moments came when a team member reacted to the presence of a descending spider by karate chopping it into the path of a guest (priceless!) and to one guest who proved you really can be scared of your own shadow!

Time, as always, flew by at this old 1700’s manor house. Each vigil filled with fabulous guests who, whilst all took the investigation seriously, entered into the spirit of the evening with good humour great energy! Thanks all for coming, we hope to see you all again some time!.



After being snowed off (like a scene from Narnia) back in February, our rescheduled event at Woodchester Mansion last night was met with a constant downpour of “wet” rain, pretty much on cue as we met at the meeting point! Undeterred, guests descended on this unique and mysterious 1850’s mansion that sits eerily abandoned at the end of a bumpy and wood lined track. It’s hard to describe how imposing this building is as it comes into view, let alone when the heavens have opened! This part completed Mansion is like no other and last night it was a privilege to call it “home”.

So what did we all experience once we stepped inside this incredible location? Knocks, cold spots, voices and the feeling of unwell were just some of the moments reported on the night.

The cellar was a strange place to be, with an intense feel in one particular vaulted area. The name John was picked up here during a trigger vigil at the start of the investigation where spirit voices appeared louder and the vibe pod was being triggered. One of the guests (John) felt someone was stood behind him, with a real sense of unease. A voice captured suggested we were to “leave” and guests reported feeling sick with team member Louise needing to take time out after due to feeling high levels of unusual sickness. During a later vigil, an unexplainable knock was heard in the end cellar room that could not be replicated nor debunked.
The spirit name John was also sensed in an upper room during a Human Pendulum, believed to possibly be a 27 Canadian Soldier who left one of the guests feeling emotional. Cold spots were felt during this vigil.
A personal connection occurred during another human pendulum and during a ouija session, the name Lucy and Rob were both picked up on. Further possible names detected during the investigation were Thomas and Edward.

With so many areas to investigate, even with allocated lone vigil time, its fair to say that a 3.30am finish did not afford us the time really needed to cover every single room, the Mansion is simply huge!. With 3 investigations now completed at Woodchester Mansion, it will be interesting to conduct experiments elsewhere when we next visit (its a given that we will), Woodchester Mansion is certainly a fascinating location and one we can highly recommend!

Many thanks to all guests who ventured out in the blustery wet conditions and got stuck in to the investigation! We hope you all got home safely.

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Absolutely brilliant night. Thanks to the wonderful humans who helped with showing John the soldier the light and moving on from being trapped for over 70 years at the mansion I would like to think that the handful of individuals were able to show John the path he needed to find. A truly fantastic place to visit. Thank you Haunted Evenings for a brilliant night ☺️” 29.09.19 S.Gohil Source:facebook

“What a night, didn’t think for one minute that we would experience everything we did, totally amazing, thanks everyone 👏🏻👍🏻” 29.09.19 L.Rendell Source:facebook

Just a quick thank you to HE for an enjoyable evening at Woodchester Mansion.
Firstly, I found the customer service excellent following an enquiry for assistance, and, more importantly, the evening itself was enjoyable and fun.
All the crew were professional and welcoming and it was refreshing to not have crew pushing glasses round tables and finding other ways to cheat.
Would recommend”. 29.09.19 Tony Source:Google


Built alongside the Regent’ Canal in the heart of London is a former warehouse which, in 1877, became Dr Barnardo’s 2nd school for severely underprivileged children in the East End up until it’s closure in 1908. Avoiding the typical conversion into flats that now completely surround the area, the Ragged School Museum remains as was, a step back in time with 4 floors of pretty much untouched building to explore. Last night, the crew entered this Victorian school museum once more and opened the doors to many a first time ghost hunter, all willing to investigate the unknown!

So in essence, what did we experience?

Shadows, orbs, cold spots, sickness and audible whispers were just some of the reported experiences felt by guests last night……..

Equipment : Last nights communication pretty much all came from through via traditional methods, with just a couple of small kit moments. On the middle floor, rempods triggered twice and just one k2 hit occurred from on top of a desk where earlier, team member Neil had picked up on a little boy – interesting!. 2 separate orbs were seen via the SLS camera in the old classroom, one shooting towards the blackboard, a second appeared to move from the board to a team members hand which prompted a quick fb live! (watch here). A guest also filmed an orb move around a couple of effected people during the human pendulum.

Traditional : Certainly spirits preferred mode of communication last night was via traditional methods with all groups experiencing some level of contact via ouija boards, human pendulums and dowsing rods. Some guests felt sickness during one pendulum and impressive unexplainable cold spots were felt by guests during heightened activity.
A strong character named William followed group 3 around the building and whilst child spirits were detected, a more dominant male was also sensed in one of the upper rooms, exactly as had been reported on previous investigations. A shadow was seen in the basement during group 1’s ouija board session moments before connecting with a personal family member.

EVP’s : Although not many were decipherable, voices were still picked up on in response to questions, suggesting spirit were present. One implying they wanted us to “leave” during one call out and a possible “get back” and “goodbye” in other sessions

We thoroughly enjoyed the nature of last nights haunted evening, with everyone entering into this old historic building with a positive approach . Patience and persistence shown, results came forward and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of people to investigate alongside.

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“It was great guys! Thank you! I cannot believe we actually spoke with my grandad, you helped us do that! Thank you xx” 28.09.19 M.Haley Source:facebook



A hop skip and a jump into Wales and the team found themselves checking in to Wales’ reportedly most haunted Pub last night – The Skirrid Inn. Built in the 17th Century, this olde Inn is rumoured to have once served as a courthouse and place of execution and has become quite the known place for its hauntings!
A fantastic bunch of guests joined us last night and after a wonderful hearty 2 course meal we got down to business conducting an intense paranormal investigation. Teams were split into 2 and the evening was spent using both traditional and equipment vigils within the 3 bedrooms, hallway and ground floor bar area.

Some of the experiences noted during the investigation :

James Phillips, lawyer (judicial head), travelling professional who was murdered. Vibe pod responsive during the call out when James was connected with.
Robert, Judge/Magistrate, 1750’s.
Several male energies (commoners/accused) sensed around the room.
Gwen(doline), maid, EVP captured “ironing” when asked what she was doing.
Very strong male energy (Taff), effected one of the guests during a human pendulum.
Spirit named Ann, daughter of landlord (Richard) happy for us to be there.
Ouija board detected a distraught male spirit, no name given, gave one of the guests a huge chill.

Sorry for a quickly written review but our journey home is imminent. Thank you to all the guests for getting fully involved with the paranormal investigation, it was wonderful to meet you all.

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Thanks for a amazing night guys, we really enjoyed ourselves and as our first time attendees with you guys, we shall see you in the future 🙌!! Didn’t want it to end! Take care guys hope your week runs smooth.” 22.09.19 L.Warren Source:facebook

” It was a fantastic evening at the Skirrid Inn in Wales, we were there on Saturday and it was an amazing night, lovely people, and a few unexplained events happened it was exciting, the equipment that they used was great, and the crew was really lovely, they made you feel so welcome. would definitely go on another one. thanks guys love Sue” 22.09.19 S.Devlin Source:Google

“The Skirred Inn is such an excellent venue, and we really enjoyed starting the hunt with dinner at the pub and then, when the pub had closed to the public, having free access to all the rooms. Nat and her team at Haunted Evenings were extremely professional, knowledgeable and great communicators – we have been on many paranormal evenings with a number of organisations and can speak from experience that some of them are surprisingly unprofessional. We are keen to return to do another hunt at another venue with Haunted Evenings, and can both highly recoomend the Skirred Inn and Haunted Evenings. Thanks guys. Lorna, Janette and Sue, Surrey.” 28.09.19Lorna T Source:Google



Whatever the weather, a visit to Drakelow Tunnels will always leave you huddled together, either through fear of the unknown or due to its own chilling climate (or both!). Last nights event saw guests enter the cold dark densely atmospheric tunnels that once formed part of the WWII Rover Factory. Their mission; to conduct an overnight investigation in as many of the 3.5 miles worth of tunnels as they could explore!. A busy night ensued, so what were some of the highlights?


Strange lights were reported once again, from bright flashes of light to neon blue, to mysterious torchlight that couldn’t be explained. Shadows were also sensed in certain places too, from the main tunnel and down in the old canteen area. All have been witnessed/experienced by guests on previous investigations too, adding to evidence that Drakelow Tunnels can certainly be a very visual paranormal place overall.

Voices from our voice recorders were muffled in all areas tonight and equipment in general was fairly non-active. However, in the old Canteen, equipment appeared to trigger once guests moved away from the area in which the kit was set up, with vibration devices activating and temp changes being detected on the rempod, this happened during 2 seperate vigils!. An experiment in the old entertainment tunnel led to both a Rempod and vibe pod spiking almost simultaneously as our human pendulum disbanded, almost as if the energy was leaving the circle and stepping back. 2 independent guests also felt “angry” emotions from spirit during the call out.

As the investigation continued it became apparent for all 3 groups that spirit communication was strongest through traditional methods this evening, with experiences best gained through human pendulums, dowsing rods and via the ouija board. A soldier from spirit came forward for one group and created an impressive unexplainable bang on command and a male spirit from the 1900’s came forward for another. Most spirit energy appeared to be connected to the land/area as opposed to the tunnels themselves.

All in all, having gathered together the accounts from all team members at the end of the night, last nights investigation reveals an intriguing similarity across all the 3 teams with all groups experiencing results of a more traditional and visual nature.

A huge thank you to all those who braved the darkness of these disorientating tunnels and kept their energy levels going despite the plummeting temperatures, you were all such a fab bunch to investigate alongside, thank you once again!



Last night the team returned to a cracking venue we first investigated in January of this year. With so much activity last time, it was surely going to be a tall order to expect another equally good measure of paranormal paradise? But what can we say, Sheffield’s Emergency Services Museum raised the bar and left us all in a spin! …This Victorian Fire & Police Station was “on fire” evidence wise, with some real moments of “wooahh”!


OLD POLICE CELLS/STABLE BLOCK – With a dark corridor of police cells to investigate, as well as the old stable block, guests investigated this area using a combination of equipment and traditional techniques. During Vigil 1, a male energy came forward through the pendulum experiment, established to having murdered a family member. During the pendulum, a guest reported stabbing pains whilst another felt a shiver down his back at the same time a rempod triggered. In the cells, 2 guests braved it alone and out of ear shot, spirit was asked to try and effect them. Without knowing this request had been made, the 2 guests shouted out that they felt sudden cold temperatures and that someone was pushing down on their legs!

Vigil 2 in the same area was certainly a highlight. A voice was captured saying “Robert Henry” when we asked for their name (listen in to the EVP here). Through yes/no pendulum questions, we established he had stabbed someone to the chest and that he did not want us to go into the cells. Naturally we did anyway and as a couple of guests looked around, they spotted a mugshot on the cell wall of Robert Henry!!! AMAZING! The cell floor was lined with k2 meters and after 15-20 mins of calling out, the meter closest to the door started to trigger on command when we asked if the spirit wanted to drag us out of the cell. A very exciting vigil which intensified as the session went on. One we will never forget!

Vigil 3 a female guest had to be taken out of the experiment twice due to feeling nauseous which was also felt by other guests in the group. On speaking to the museum volunteers, this is a fairly common occurrence and appears to be increasing in sensation!

OLD FIRE STATION  – We allocated this area to conduct Ouija board sessions. For all 3 groups, energy on the board was slow to build, with 2 out of the 3 groups eventually experiencing contact from the other side, one from a spirit named Geoff and another from a spirit child called Pipi. Dowsing rods were also used to communicate with spirit and energy spots detected.

FIRE STATION STAFF QUARTERS – Guest had the opportunity to split off and investigate the several rooms on offer. Whilst equipment remained fairly dormant throughout the evening, voices were captured on voice recorders on the upper level, with shouts given on command in an area that at the end of the night, museum staff confirmed was active with a spirit that doesn’t like you being there! A guest also sensed an accident had occurred and this was verified by staff that the bike she was stood next to, had been involved in a fatal accident.

Thank you to all last nights guests who fully got stuck in to investigating this incredible building. To Mick and Dale (museum volunteers) who made us all feel incredibly welcome and to last nights team. We shall be back to this location in 2020, we’d be silly not to, it was mind-blowing!

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Had an amazing night, thank you so much Haunted Evenings team. So much activity. Xx” 15.09.19 L.Jenkinson Source:facebook

“It was an amazing night thank u xx” 15.09.19 H.Roberts Source:facebook

“Will definitely be booking with you again really enjoyed this event xx” 15.09.19 S.Bowbanks Source:facebook

“It was my first time on one of these ghost hunt events and what an awesome night it was loads of activity. Will definitely be booking for another one soon won’t we Diane Teolis ☺️” 15.09.19 T.Garrigan Source:facebook



What better date to kick start the Autumn/Winter run by heading out on Friday 13th!
Our overnight stay during this superstitious night was Knottingley Town Hall, a second investigation for the team – but a first sleepover!

So what did we discover?

Fascinatingly, on reading back through Aprils blog, we realised this morning that experiences from last night appeared to mirror those reported on our first investigation, such as a door closing again, of its own accord, a possible EVP stating “Brad” (last time we captured Bradley) and our dowsing rod / human pendulum experiment was not only consistent for all 3 of last nights groups, it matched the energy spots detected back in April.

Further experiences from last night were ; increased energy on the ouija boards with a child detected during at least 2 of the separate sessions (simultaneously), a dark shadow was sighted by guests in group 2 down in the basement (believed to be the silhouette of a Monk), several muffled EVP’s suggesting we should leave and one fabulous EVP which when asked to give us the name of the place we were in, stated “Knottingley”. Listen in here.

Thank you to all the guests who put their energy into last nights vigils and that by doing so, unknowingly helped to validate some of the evidence we captured earlier on in the year.

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“I’d like to say a big thank you to all the team at Haunted evenings for a fantastic/interesting night. Knottingley town hall is definitely a good place for ghost hunting. Seeing the shadow figure of a monk in the basement and then being able to interacting with him by way of a human pendulum made for a very interesting evening and then to top it all off we were able to capture a EVP stating exactly where we were, Brilliant. I will definitely be going back. 👻👻👻” 14.09.19 P.Grantham Source:facebook

“Another brilliant night investigating with Nat & the team at Haunted Evenings. We held vigils in the basement, main hall & council meeting room – the basement was very interesting with voices being picked up & doors closing on their own accord! We opted to sleep over on the premises & would definitely recommend. We will definitely be re-booking – we are building up our courage to go to The Ram Inn 😱” 14.09.19 L.Hipkiss Source:facebook

“Great night guys thank you xx” 14.09.19 C.Brown Foster Source:facebook



Last nights investigation led us to the infamous blue door on De Grey Street, Hull. Despite the glorious sunshine on arrival, “The Hostel” still looks as uninviting as ever with its boarded up windows and clear abandonment, luckily though, the welcome from Owner Andy is always a far contrast from what you see and we were soon back inside this dark and quirky house with a sense of excited anticipation for what was to come! (check out the pre-event walkabout live feed here!)

The Investigation highlights :

Equipment certainly stole the show last night over traditional methods and some amazing moments were experienced throughout the night, some caught on camera, some frustratingly not!

SLS CAMERA: Upstairs in the master bedroom, an SLS camera was set up to try and recapture the mapping of a spirit that had occurred on a previous investigation in 2017. Whilst nothing happened on the SLS camera back in May on our last investigation, a repeat of the experiment last night caught the (stick) figure of a spirit standing next to the fireplace. Whilst this wasn’t caught on camera, luckily it was witnessed by guests in group 1 who then went on to investigate the room during a live feed, where k2 meters triggered responses as well as a rempod. (Watch the live feed here)

EQUIPMENT: Down on the ground floor, Group 2 connected with a child spirit who was able to trigger 2 k2 bears in direct response to questions which was a pretty exciting moment. Also downstairs, in the kitchen, Group 3’s vigil became impressivley lively mid way through as a motion detector pointing away from everyone in the next room, sparked into musical life. The presence of a suited male spirit was sensed who was able to manipulate the music box to answer questions (well done to guest Neil for braving the kitchen during a live feed!). What was fascinating was the same piece of kit lay dormant for the rest of the evening for the final vigil. Whoever or whatever had set it off did not hangabout!
Watch the kitchen live feed (that wouldn’t look out of place as part of a scaremaze!!)…

EVP’s: EVP’s were mainly muffled last night with a possible “not relevant” in response to asking for the male spirits name.

OUIJA BOARD: The board provided a personal connection for one group and a 10 year old spirit called Harry for another.

A.O.B!: Cold spots (happily received during last nights heat), people sensing they’d been touched and surges of energy were felt sporadically throughout the house during the course of the entire evening. “The Hostel” certainly kept us on our toes providing all 3 groups with some pretty intense moments.

Thank you to all last nights guests who put in 100% into the investigation, by far our favourite event at the Hostel to date!

Whilst our October event has sold out, if you fancy joining us at 39 De Grey Street, a handful of places are still available for Friday 13th December.

Check out all the hostel dates here!



869 miles added to the clock and finally home after a whirlwind trip to our most northerly venue, it’s time to review the evidence from last nights incredible Haunted Evening up at Inveraray Jail in Scotland!  Where to start!??

EVP’s were plentiful last night, so much so, more time (and sleep) is likely needed to make sure none are missed, with several muffled “help me’s”, “get outs” and a possible name “Peter” I’m spoiled for choice as to which to showcase! However! One phenomenal voice capture to share for now occurred during vigil 1 (group 1) where a guest can be heard asking if the spirit would prefer to speak to a male rather than a female. The response is mind-blowing “I don’t like women”!!!! Take a listen….

Our investigation covered every inch of the jail, with 2 prison blocks and the court house to separate off into. Unaccountable footsteps were heard in the courtroom where ouija board vigils took place and a possible Peter (child spirit) was connected with. In the old cell block, head / neck pains were experienced by at least 3 people (during different group vigils), K2’s, vibe pods and rempods were triggered throughout the night (during different group vigils), including one epic moment when 3 emf meters, that were lined up along the prison floor, lit up together at the same time as a motion detector activated.
Admittedly, like our stint in Scotland, the review is somewhat short but sweet but after 7 hours on the road its definitely time for last nights team to put our feet up! Thank you to every single guest who attended last night, we hope you enjoyed the investigation even just half as much as we did, it was lovely to meet you all, your input was spot on! We love Inveraray Jail and are already planning our next trip… the journey and the ghostly experiences are so worth it! 

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Amazing night at Inverary Jail 🕵️‍♀️👻 your team are superb, loved it 💗 Already considering which location we should book next! Thank you” 18.08.19 L.Anderson Source:facebook

“Absolutely fantastic night! Will definitely be booking another night with you 👻” 18.08.19 H.K MacInnes Source:facebook

“Laura and I had an absolutely fantastic night 🙂 we can’t wait to book another night with you 🙂” 18.08.19 H.Melbourne Source:facebook

“Thank you so much for organising it all Nat, Ross & I always have a fab night with yourself & the team, Jo, Sarah & Neil xx” 18.08.19 V.Young Source:facebook


Ghostly image caught on camera at Carew Castle!

Investigation 1 : A week after our last public event in June, 4 of us headed 300 miles West into Wales to conduct the first of our private investigations this summer at Carew Castle. Nestled within the stunning Pembrokeshire countryside and close to the coastal towns of Tenby and Saundersfoot, Carew Castle is a location that Haunted Evenings first investigated publically back in 2014, 2015 and again in 2016. So what did we experience when we returned just as a foursome? Well I can honestly say there were 2 moments of spirit validation that will certainly stay with me forever, the mindblowing kind that left us speechless!

Moment number 1!

At the very start of the evening, team members Stu (psychometrist) and Lee (sensitive) went off to conduct a pre-invest walkaround. On returning to base, both reported on sensing an unsavoury character that presented himself as “Le Boucher” (the butcher). An unpleasant male that Stu best described as looking like the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang (shudder!). “Long pointy nose and chin, short/bent over, dishevelled and rather grim in appearance and nature, looks like the childcatcher” – a sickening character who came across to both Stu and Lee as having carried out, with almost a sense of pleasure, all sorts of gruesome acts of punishments on those incarcerated at the Castle and an energy that seemed to follow us around during the evening . If 2 independent team members describing the same energy wasn’t fascinating enough, the mindblowing image of “Le Boucher” captured on camera at the very end of the night was “that” compelling moment!! Check out the photo below!

Photo above : During one of our last experiments at around 2am in the hall (which involved encouraging spirits to present themselves within the smoke we created), we asked “Le Boucher” to show himself and he obliged!. The photo shows (right of the image) his facial profile; mouth, eye socket and distinguished pointy chin and nose (exactly as Stu described some 7 hours earlier at the very start of the evening)…creepy as!!

Moment number 2!

Back in 2016 during a public event at Carew Castle We distinctively recall conducting a human pendulum experiment with a group of guests. (Human Pendulums involve asking a spirit closed questions by asking them to move a person in a direction for their “yes” response and another movement for “no”).The reason I remember this particular vigil at Carew Castle so vividly is that it was so surreal!. Through questioning it became apparent we hadn’t gained a connection with a human but an animal (yes you read right!) and an ape at that! As you can imagine this isn’t something We would consider normal even in my line of work and as a logical sane person, even I walked away thinking “what the hell just happened”!. …I mean an ape for crying out loud!. So why am I re-living this somewhat quirky experience? Because 3 years on it seems that vigil wasn’t so mad afterall. As Lee returned from his walkround he looked rather puzzled as he reported seeing a regal looking male and female spirit standing rather proudly either side of an Ape?! Not only was he totally unaware of my experience back in 2016, unbeknownst to him, he saw the ape in the EXACT same spot as the human pendulum had taken place 3 years previously, at the top of the East Tower. Whilst I can completely relate to anyone reading this thinking this is all a bit mad, I simply cannot deny the correlation in evidence. Amazing!

Other memorable moments during the investigation were footsteps heard on playback in the hall. What’s fascinating was no-one was on site during the recording. (We had left recorders running before vacating the castle for an hour). We also captured a door shutting (there are only 2 in the building) and again, we cannot account for anyone moving the doors whatsoever at any point during the 7+ hrs investigation.

We also allocated time during the investigation to test out Haunted Evenings latest piece of kit, the PMB (paranormal music box). Upon setting up the device in the Castles chapel, the box triggered at the same time Lee sensed a spirit standing in front of it. The box played at full pelt suggesting the energy was close by. We then tested the kit by pointing it at the doorway. It did not trigger again during the investigation! Nb : it also triggered whilst back at the apartment, a place known to HE as haunted thanks to previous stopovers there! A bonus 2 in 1 investigation on what was truly an incredible weekend away.

Speaking of 2 in 1’s, Our next report is on Lyveden and “The ruins of St John, Boughton “, a short investigation we carried out over 2 sites in early July..review to follow!



As the so called Summer season edges ever closer (we can but hope), what better way to end our first insanely busy first half of 2019 by having a return visit to our old favourite and regular haunt “Gresley Old Hall”. Lacking any signs of sunshine and having been greeted with thunderstorms on arrival, Gresley certainly donned a darker and more foreboding look on approach which seemed to be reflected once inside, with many guests reporting sensations of a more sinister kind! Jabbing head trauma pains, the feelings of being pushed, breathlessness were just some of the spiritual sensations felt by people during their investigations! Gresley certainly gave many sceptics food for thought too!


Ground floor : All groups experienced communication during ouija board sessions held in the former parlour. Team member Andy wrote down the name Arnold away from a group before the planchette started moving. With no awareness of what had been written, the planchette started to move and went to letters A-R-N! Wow! In another vigil, a couple of sceptics were turned during a very intense personal connection with a loved one that left them all on a high.

Middle floor : With 6 rooms to break off into, group members dispersed to discover what they could experience with or without equipment. Many guests independently reported similar feelings of unwell, from sensing a stiff neck and thinking out loud the word “rickets”, to jabbing eye head trauma like pains, to feeling a sense of dread from being pushed down the stairs. Guests also felt the presence of children which have been felt on numerous occasions around the building, as well as the presence of a nanny type figure protective of the children (again picked up on previous investigations). It was incredible to discuss so many accounts from guests who could sense such strong spirit energy, unbeknownst to them, many similar stories have been reported from previous investigations! Names that cropped up during the night were ; Josephine, Jane, Franny, Jim, Arnold, Joseph & Grace (Child spirit called Grace recorded in our summary last June 2018!). Absolutely fascinating accounts all helping to unravel the stories held within the crumbling walls of Gresley Old Hall.

Attic : Guests combined traditional methods such as dowsing rods and human pendulums with the use of equipment. A personal connection was made during one session and a presence of a female (connected to the building) in another.

Whistles and voices were heard throughout the building and whilst EVP’s in most instances were quite muffled, on further review appear to possibly say the following “get out”, “help them”, “It happened” “Get out of this…house” and “He will catch ya, keep back!”

As we hang up our event jackets in July, we would just like to end this half of 2019 by thanking everyone who attended not just last nights investigation (you guys were fab btw!) but to everyone who has attended an event this year and followed our haunted evenings antics thus far!
P.s! We’re not going anywhere, we’re still out investigating!….we’ll be back next weekend on a private investigation at Carew Castle in Wales, BRB!

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“I was one of the sceptics but it blew me away. You guys did an amazing job last night. A thoroughly enjoyable spine tingling evening. Thank you!” 16.06.19 B.Lees Source:facebook

“Fantastic night, thoroughly enjoyed it, very well organised. 👍” 16.06.19 L.MorleySource:facebook

“…Really well done. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was great” 16.06.19 N.Yeomans Source:facebook



Nestled close by to the River Soar, just 3 miles from the City Centre, stands a hidden reminder of 18th Century Leicester that is sadly so easily missed due to the suburbia that now encases it. Belgrave Hall, built in 1709, was our hometown location for last nights Haunted Evening, a venue we fondly visit year after year to continue our investigations into the paranormal.

So what did the former wealthy merchants house offer up last night?

Ouija Board : We investigated 2 sections we’ve never fully utilised before to mix things up a bit and got some interesting results! The old stable block may not be the most obvious place (with all that Belgrave Hall has to offer) but gave some fascinating interactions with spirit via the Ouija Board. A female spirit who had her 6 children around her found it difficult to spell so we asked her and her children to copy shapes and numbers written down that the guests couldn’t see. She successfully drew the correct shape and selected the correct number scribbled on the paper!
Other board work in the old parlour produced results during the evening, a personal interaction as well as less decipherable messages from spirits connected to the building.

Equipment : We used equipment throughout the house and whilst the cellar proved fairly quite last night (unlike on previous investigations), energy was strongest in the main entrance hall. Rempods, designed to pick up strong shifts in magnetic energy, were set off during more than 1 of the 4 vigils conducted here with great force. Guests reported they felt energy racing around their human pendulum circle and this appeared certainly to be evident due to Rempods going off so strongly. In another pendulum, 3 guests were effected by swaying, one of which encountered a personal connection which understandably left her a little shaken.
Further experiments in this ground floor area provided other groups with activity, concluding that this appeared to be Belgrave Halls paranormal hotspot last night!
2 of the main bedrooms produced interesting results during 2 vigils with K2 meters spiking and vibration devices triggering.

The old kitchen area, whilst quiet for most, indicated a spirit energy near the fireplace, our vibe pod triggering on command and a muffled EVP suggesting they were near the “fire”. For another group, a chair in the kitchen made a clicking noise that was made louder on command with cold spots felt around it!.

We’re pleased to report that by the end of the evening we all experienced a degree of strange occurrences during both traditional and tech style vigils, from the subtle to the surreal!. An intriguing night where activity seemed to shift from one area to the next, often building towards the end of allotted time, keeping us all on our toes! Thanks to all those who attended last nights haunted evening at Belgrave Hall, your approach to the evening was absolutely spot on and it was a pleasure to be apart of your investigation. We’ll call in again soon to Belgrave Hall, watch this space!

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Me and my son loved it! We will definitely be booking with you again! Thank you to all the fantastic staff at Haunted Evenings x” R.Bishop 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Another excellent night, thanks Haunted Evenings…..see you soon …. from group number 1 x” J.McCormack 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Enjoyed it muchly!😊😁Even getting touched!👻Bring on the next one!👍🏻👌🏻🙌🏻” G.Concepcion 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“Thanks all for a fantastic night. So glad we got to experience things aswell. It was our first investigation and will definitely be booking again x” E.Towers 09.06.19 Source:Facebook

“A wonderful experience! Thank you x” J.Ellis 08.06.19 Source:Facebook


Although not so grand as it once was, the Grand Pavilion at Matlock Baths still stands proudly along the main front of this old Spa Town and is hard to miss!. We were lucky enough to return last night with a fabulous bunch of guests to see what we would all encounter from the otherside.

Muffled voices, cold spots, shadows and figures sensed, devices triggering… all added up to it being another busy night at this old landmark!


HUMAN PENDULUM : During group 2’s human pendulum experiment in one of the upper rooms, a 37 yr old female spirit came forward who informed us (through yes/no responses) that she was murdered by a male suspect who allegedly worked at the Pavilion. This same male is potentially a sinister spirit encountered by other groups during last nights investigation around the stage area, established to be called William. (William confirmed by previous experiences/ staff). During the same pendulum experiment, the wheel of a bike moved as well as cold spots felt. 2 people were effected during the pendulum which resulted in almost all answers correlating without either guest being aware of the others responses. Awesome!
During a further Pendulum vigil (group 3), a further female spirit was sensed, aged 43, who passed from a horse & carriage “accident”.

OUIJA BOARD : A strong Personal connection occurred during Group 1’s Ouija board session with further validation via 2 k2’s (EMF meter) that spiked to red on command, certainly an emotional and impressive moment of spirit connection! During another Ouija board session, guests picked up a female spirit believed to be called Kelly, who came forward earlier during a human pendulum for the same group (2).

EQUIPMENT : The presence of a male spirit named William was sensed around the stage area and underneath the stage by groups 1 and 3. The stage area certainly felt quite uneasy during the evening!. During one vigil, a guest who braved entering one of the under stage rooms alone after voices were detected on our recorders, yelped when the sofa he was sat on moved. An audible “yeah” was heard by the guest when a team member had asked if the spirit preferred women, although indecipherable, a response was also captured simultaneously on our voice recorder.
For Group 2, a couple of guests called out and asked for any spirits to whistle and reported back they had received a direct whistle back in response. Voices were muffled on all recorders in this area so sadly no clear EVP’s captured this evening, however, voices were stronger around the stage stairs area and under the stage.

Time flew by last night and the investigation ended with the feeling that we had only just scratched the surface! If you ever visit Matlock Baths, be sure to pop in to the Grand Pavilion, it really is a place we recommend a visit to!

On behalf of last nights team, thank you to all guests who attended last night, your willingness to work together and get stuck to all the experiments made for a fabulous investigation!



Wandering around the disorientating grid system of abandoned, eerie and densely atmospheric tunnels that make up “Drakelow Tunnels” certainly tests most peoples nerves and that’s before even calling out to the “otherside”! This vast and unique location is a cracking place for those who love the paranormal and love to explore and we can’t recommend you visit this former Secret Nuclear bunker enough for all that it has to offer!

So what did Drakelow have to offer up last night?! …..

For starters, one group experienced something being thrown down in the old canteen, this is certainly not an isolated case, nor were the strange blue lights (that guests have witnessed on numerous investigations over the years), that a few people saw yet again last night. Amazing!

Alongside the old canteen being a hotspot last night, so too was the burial ground corner, a tunnel we allocate to conducting a traditional vigil / human pendulum experiment. All 4 groups experienced activity, with some gravelly EVP’s captured too!
Speaking of EVP’s, plenty of unexplainable voices were captured throughout the site during the 6 hour investigation. Whilst most were quite muffled and not the easiest to hear, on review it seems the following can be faintly made out to be : “step away”, “I am behind”, “civil servant”, “It’s my birthday” with 2 further clearer voices captured, 1 stating “Help them” (captured during a ouija session, Group 4) and “Whats happening?” down at the old canteen during Group 2’s final vigil.

EMF spikes occurred in the main tunnel as well as connections experienced during the Ouija board experiments. All in all, Drakelow Tunnels dished up a lot of paranormal delights last night and made the dampness and the plummeting temperatures all worth it!

Thank you to all of the guests who entered Drakelow Tunnels with us last night for our latest Haunted Evening! We shall be back later on in the year for more Drakelow Tunnels Events



We headed north last night to return to 39 De Grey street, a terraced house within the suburbs of Hull that comes with quite a reputation!
The location produced once again, some interesting moments from people being touched, guests reporting feeling unwell and having to take time out, to equipment triggering on command! ……

H I G H L I G H T S….

Up in the attic, group 2 attempted a Ouija session to start their evening. Whilst no activity occurred on the board, one of the female guests nerves were tested when she felt she’d been touched at the same time a K2 (EMF meter) spiked. 2 further females went on to experience being touched and an amazing moment came at the end of the vigil when a Rempod spiked not once but twice on command!

Downstairs throughout the evenings vigils, several spirit energies were detected through board work, a male, female and child energy were all sensed around us. Personal experiences occurred for both groups during the evening also, whereby more emotional connections came forward of lost loved ones.

Thank you to each and every guest who attended last nights investigation, including those from the deaf haunted group, it was a real pleasure to meet you all!



A mind-blowing forgotten criminal underworld lies beneath the steps of this gigantic Leeds landmark! A whole evening still wouldn’t be enough time to investigate the many disused police cells, holding cells, passage ways, Victorian prison cells and crypt that have been more or less abandoned below ground. This area alone equates to almost the size of a football pitch! . With the Grand Victoria Hall above ground and decommissioned court room too, it’s a challenge in itself to visit all areas let alone investigate! But investigate we did, with guests taking part in an array of vigils, from traditional to gadget driven experiments, group work to lone vigils, this was one very busy Haunted Evening!


COURT ROOM : Movement on the glass during the court room Ouija board vigil picked up on an unsavoury character who communicated through yes/no responses. He stood trial for murder and was held beneath the hall in one of the cells.

VICTORIA HALL : Dowsing rods and human pendulums held in the Victoria Hall produced results for all 3 groups and on 2 occasions, spirits predating the building, came through, both from the 1700’s.

OLD CELLS : In the old Victorian cells, Rempods were detecting significant changes in temperature alongside a strange moment when a coin was dropped in amongst the group which stopped everyone in their tracks! Whilst no-one claimed the 10p prize, a vent to the street above was one explanation for where the coin may have come from. It was one of those head scratching moments where we can’t quite rule out the explainable. We further asked for a response from the empty end cell and received a noise caused from falling plaster. Coincidence again maybe but sure grabbed our attention once again! We’ll edge on the side of caution with both incidences but they were memorable moments nonetheless!

EVPs : We’re still to review all the voice recordings we conducted last night but although most sounded undecipherable on the night, they did at least indicate we were not alone! We’ll update the blog with any we feel are worthy of a listen later!

HOLDING CELLS : Our locked off camera experiment showed very little signs of activity last night, k2’s triggering throughout feed number 2 that likely were caused from hidden cables, albeit not triggered initially….and it is now that we give a big shout out to guest Stuart who braved a lone vigil on camera, in what has to be the most isolated spot we could possibly find beneath the building….in amongst old holding cells, even the rest of the team didn’t know where this was!….a long walk back to base too! Thanks Stuart for giving that a go, hats off to you!



It’s official! This location is the craziest location we’ve ever investigated in more ways than one!

York Dungeons, housed within a grand Victorian city centre building in historic York, is an incredibly dark disorientating maze of weird and wonderful themed rooms and passage ways that leaves your mind feeling tricked and working overtime! What you see is far from reality! The confusing visuals and somewhat claustrophobic layout required a real leap of faith into the unknown but boy was this challenge worth it! Some intense vigils followed and the team all left with their heads spinning!


Trigger Vigil lower ground Zone 1 : Equipment was used to attempt spirit communications in this area of the dungeons with muffled voices being captured throughout the 3 planned vigils. It wasn’t until the final vigil that 2 simultaneous recorders captured 2 EVP’s that say “my names Dave”. No guests in the vigil were called Dave! These do need further analysis so we will keep the blog updated with any further findings.

Ouija Board upper level : On our walkround a team member picked up the name Emily, a little girl who came through on the ouija board during vigil 2. She was able to play hide and seek, successfully seeking out items we had hidden from the participants on the board!

Pendulum vigil lower ground Zone 2 : A combo of traditional and kit was used in this area. One traditional experiment picked up on a female spirit who was an 18 year old prostitute, beaten to death by a client. When asked if she needed help, a dormant REMPOD triggered on response! If that wasn’t fascinating enough, during vigil 3, in the same area and when asked if the spirit wanted help, the dormant REMPOD once more kicked off in response. This was followed shortly by an EVP that stated “help them, all of them”. Armed with hearing this EVP, we encouraged all the spirits wanting help to step forward which caused a surge in K2 responses and our movement device triggering. It was a just an incredible intense series of events in this area of the dungeons! Click here to listen to the EVP

A huge thank you to all the guests and the team who rose to last nights challenge of investigating this far from standard location, it’s certainly a haunted evenings we won’t forget in a hurry and a location we will certainly be visiting again soon! Watch this space!



A new set of guests fancied taking a pleasant dip at Smethwick Baths last night but got more than they bargained for! From one guest being scratched to equipment triggering in a locked off area, this old swimming baths sure put us through our paces yet again. These were just some of the many paranormal encounters on last nights Haunted Evening!


OUIJA VIGIL : During Ouija session 1, Group 3 made contact with a 44 year old spirit named Yvette who had had an affair with a chap called Harry. Yvette’s husband Jonathan had been murdered by Harry during a confrontation on the dancefloor (back in the day when Smethwick Baths was also a dance hall), the group, through questioning, were also able to discover that Jonathan had been stabbed to death. It was during this vigil, that one guest, who was taking part in the Ouija board session at the time, experienced back pains. On inspecting his back, he had red marks appear on his lower back with a scratch! Whilst rare, this phenomena has been witnessed on previous investigations (at other venues) and whilst the guest was noticeably surprised at what happened, we’re putting this vigil near the top of our favourites list for awesomeness!

LOCKED OFF EXPERIMENT : A camera was set up in an out of bounds area beneath the baths in one of the tunnel rooms. All appeared calm until approx. 31 minutes in when one of our devices, that detects a spirit by using an ultrasound pulse, started to lightly trigger until it built in momentum leaving eerily sounding music playing from inside the room for 9 minutes. The device triggers slowly at first initially detecting a slight movement within the room. After awhile the energy builds and it’s almost like the spirit has worked out how to play the music at full pelt! This can only be replicated by someone or something standing directly in front of the device! 2 further hours of recording reveals no further action within the locked off area, only strengthening the validity of the earlier experience. Mind-blowing! Watch the edited down footage below that occurs 31 minutes in to the recording. (watch with the sound on!)

Many thanks to each and every guest who put their heart and soul into every vigil making last nights investigation a pleasure to be a part of! ….you guys were awesome!

If you fancy joining the team on an investigation at Smethwick Baths, we’re pleased to announce we will be returning this coming Halloween!


We ended April’s run of events by investigating Knottingley Town Hall, a fairly modest looking building from the outside but one that certainly carries quite a paranormal punch! Built in 1865, the town hall was built on land which was once the site of a medieval monastery which may well explain why this location has heightened reports of activity.

This was the first investigation for us here last night and everyone soon got stuck into the variety of experiments we had planned in the main function room, old chamber room and basement areas. Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS…..

TRADITIONAL VIGILS : Guests felt cold spots, the sense of being touched and for one group, a door closed of its own accord.
Likely one of the most intriguing results from our traditional experiments was the detection of the same energy spots found (with the use of dowsing rods) by all 3 groups in the main function room which led to each group going on to experience an active human pendulum experiment.

EQUIPMENT VIGILS : The most compelling evidence captured was down in the basement. An EVP was heard on playback saying “Bradley” in response to us asking for their name and on further review, he replies to the next question with “I believe so” when asked if he is affecting the lights. (Research suggests the name Bradley may have connections to Knottingley so quite fascinating results!).

Also down in the basement another EVP was heard earlier on in the evening during Group 2’s vigil that says “Get out of this building“- a Class A EVP that everyone could hear on playback – awesome! (Listen to the EVP’s below)


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KNOTTINGLEY TOWN HALL EVP’S | 27.04.19 “Get out of this building” “Bradley” “I believe so”

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On behalf of last nights team, thank you to each and every guest who attended last nights event, you truly made the investigation a pleasure to be a part of by getting so involved from start to finish (thanks again!)

If you fancy investigating Knottingley Town Hall with us, we will be back on Friday 13th September for a sleepover special!



Last night the spirits at the Steelhouse Lane Lock-Up were made aware that anything they did maybe given as evidence! EVP’s, equipment triggering on command, a strange anomaly on a photo, responses on the ouija board, were just a few of the moments of potential evidence given by the spirits at this old Victorian Custody Block in Central Birmingham. With so many things happening, it certainly was a busy Saturday nights investigation down at the Lock-up!

Summary of events :

Front Desk Area : Guests spent time in the interview rooms, holding cell and documentation room using ouija boards to communicate with spirit. For some, sadly the glass didn’t budge whilst for most, communication was eventually achieved. In one of the interview rooms, a male spirit (law) came forward by the name of Horace who, for most of the vigil, made little to no sense other than going to the letter “B”. After a long line of questioning, Cell B7 / B4 was concluded to be where a prisoner he had connections with was being held for murder. Over in the holding cell, after much patience and calling out, another group picked up on a 6 year old orphan who spelt out 8E6 and for another group in the same area, a personal connection was made.

Main Block : Guests were armed with an abundance of paranormal kit to head off in all directions to investigate 3 floors of cells once used to hold male prisoners. Cell G2 caused unknown fluctuations in EMF (Electromagnetic fields) as has been discovered on previous investigations which could not be explained.

Womens Block : Most activity once again came from the far end of the building in what would have once held female prisoners. Equipment triggered instantly on command and activity appeared to be heightened around cells B10 to B12. Movement devises, K2’s and Rempod’s all went off throughout the evening during various group vigils. A very strange anomaly was captured by a guest (Anthony) in this area at the start of the evening that we have never seen before. Whilst we can never rule out it being a camera glitch, the anomaly appears transparent in the 3rd of 5 photos taken immediately in succession. It’s quite different to anything we’ve seen before! (photo’s below are not in order and show 4 of the 5 photo’s taken)

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation, we hope you enjoyed your time behind bars! For those that missed out, we shall be back later on in the year. Check out all our “Lock Up” Ghost Hunts here!



“Hey honey we’re home!!” Ok ok not quite! but as we’re at Gresley Old Hall pretty much every other month, this dilapidated Manor sure feels like a second home sometimes (albeit one that needs a full restoration and certainly doesn’t always feel comfortable!).

This 16th Century building is sited next to, and makes up part of, a local community centre and other than the downstairs reception room, isn’t in anyway habitable these days. Crumbling plaster and bodged boarded floors on it’s upper levels makes this an incredible location to investigate just on appearances alone, that’s without it’s known paranormal activity.
We’ve always felt privileged to spend time in this old place over the years and have yet to walk away with nothing to report on. Last night, albeit quieter in parts, provided guests overall with some really interesting experiences, from one guest feeling he was touched, to equipment triggering and connections made during traditional vigils. Shadows were sensed and a door was banged shut of its own accord. Yup! Good Old Gresley did not let us down!


Downstairs : Ouija boards were used in the former parlour to try and attempt communication with spirit and in all 3 vigils the glass did eventually move for most guests after some encouragement. Although the energy built and the movements became stronger, most of the information made little sense to the groups which in itself makes interesting results comparatively speaking! Some voice recordings were captured during one ouija vigil and although no Class A EVP’s tonight, one that says “(won’t) tell anyone” when we asked for their name.

Upper bedrooms : Guests had the chance to split off and go it alone in one of 6 former bedrooms to carry out their own equipment vigils. 3 guests set up some EMF meters close to a random rocking horse and after calling out in the room with no real results, moved to the room next door and monitored the kit from a large hole in the wall. After some time, the Rempod triggered suggesting the spirit preferred it when the room was vacant as it then stopped when they returned to the room! It was the exact same hole in the wall where one male guest felt he had been touched on the leg earlier on during the walk round and the same hole that possible orbs were seen coming out!

For another group, dowsing rods highlighted a potential hotspot on the upper landing at the same time as their equipment triggered. Unbeknownst to them, we’ve detected energy on the upper landing on many previous investigations. It was fantastic to discover they had also picked that up last night!.

EVP’s, albeit muffled, were picked up on in one of the front bedrooms, one sounds like they have a local accent but again, the recording is not clear enough to upload.

Attic : Equipment gently triggered on and off during human pendulum experiments up in the attic. For one group a rempod also triggered that was debunked as being a guests footstep caused we think from a loose battery as it didn’t trigger again whilst everyone stood still. A further rempod triggered in the fireplace during a later vigil.
The human pendulums up in the attic created some interesting results with children once again being sensed. It wasn’t until the last vigil that the atmosphere shifted up in the attic and a dominant males presence was felt. During this final vigil the attic door at the bottom of the stairs shut of its own accord which rightfully put those attic guests nerves on edge, especially as it was confirmed by guests in an adjacent room downstairs that no-one was on the landing that could have caused it!

All in all, another interesting little investigation with some pretty cool moments experienced along the way. Thank you to everyone who joined us last night and got involved with the vigils, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Had an amazing time last night. Thank you to all the team for making it an amazing first time ghost hunt. Can’t wait to do another!!! X” 12.04.19 M.Nock Source:facebook

“Had a spooky time last night,thankyou! Would definitely come along again! x” 12.04.19 J.Middleton Source:facebook

“It was a fab night, I’ll definitely be back!! Thanks guys!!! Xx” 12.04.19 E.Vickers  Source:facebook



If you’re into imposing Victorian buildings then you would have felt right at home with Haunted Evenings last night as we returned to the Leeds former Workhouse (opened in 1861) now known as the award winning Thackray Museum. As your jaw can’t help but drop at the sight of this grade II listed building, the grand entrance and staircase gives those that enter an instant sense of the history that is encased within its walls ….this building is quite simply a magnet for paranormal investigators!

Last night guests were certainly all up for the challenge of discovering what paranormal activity this magnificent building had to offer and were soon split down into small groups to investigate all corners of this former workhouse and hospital.

Results from the evening certainly indicate that activity was experienced in all areas with some fascinating similarities amongst the groups (unbeknownst to anyone at the time). The name Peter it seems was picked up independently by 2 groups (one via an EVP, the other sensed by a guest), cold spots (and I mean cold spots!) were felt by 3 groups during human pendulum experiments that could not be debunked and during 2 ouija board sessions, one group were contstantly being given the confusing message “6A-6A” and another group later in the evening were given “6F-6F”!! K2’s were going off in response to questions asked to spirit in the “street” area with a voice over the spirit box believed to be saying “help me” which, on analysing voice recordings, was also captured by the same group! (listen below)

On listening back to all EVP’s today it appears we are spoiled for choice! With some amazing captures, there are just too many to upload so here is a list of them all “help me”, “All of them”, “Help Nobody”, ” Peter”, “Nobody Can”, “listen (to) the heartbeat”, “help me get out of here”, “The women let me go”….listen in to “HELP NOBODY”

Thank you to all who attended last nights investigation, you gave it your all from start to finish and were a delight to investigate with.

The Thackray Museum will soon be closing for a refurb so if you missed out but fancy joining us on our next Leeds mission, please check our upcoming Yorkshire Ghost hunts here!



An old 18th Century slaughterhouse in Mansfield was our base for Haunted Evenings on Friday night, known today as “The Village”. This Grade II listed building, which went on to be a nightclub, still has traces of the old nightclub stairs accompanied with an old bar area. Add into the mix the mind tripping maze of tyres, stud walls, artificial grass and an escape room that now makes up its current use as a laser tag center, this has to be one of the most unexpected places to investigate for any who enter! Nevertheless, looks sure can be deceiving and having now investigated the Village 3 times, this incredibly dark and undeniably dense atmospheric place, once again paranormally delivered!

Friday nights investigation involved small groups splitting off into 4 different areas, taking part in a variety of traditional and equipment based vigils. Both methods attracted the unexplainable, with groups reporting back various activity after each session. Shadows were seen and felt in one area, personal connections were experienced during human pendulums, dowsing rods and the ouija board in another. Movement was detected on an unattended piano down in the main nightclub area, as well as REMPOD action in 2 seperate areas. Class A EVP’s were also captured, one being the name Christopher that was independently picked up on by two seperate groups. Amazing!

Highlights :

1) On analysing all the experiences from each team, likely the most interesting discovery was that 2 groups, independently of one another, picked up on the name Christopher. At the start of the night, the name Christopher was softly but clearly picked up on a voice recording taken during a human pendulum experiment (listen in below) and a grainy EVP later on in the main nightclub area left another team concluding the same name, (neither team knew of the other EVP until analysing the vigils!).

2) During 2 separate vigils led by different crew members, voices were captured implying “get out of here” with another captured during group 2’s session in the cell area that we believe says “help me, get out of here” (listen in below).

3) Movement was being detected via kit placed on a piano when no-one was anywhere near it and later on, on command, a REMPOD (that detects shifts in electromagnetic fields) also lit up whilst placed on top of the piano, after we asked the spirit to play it!. A very rare occurrence to action on command and it certainly captured our full attention and the hairs on the back of our necks!

Thank you to everyone that joined us at The Village. We will be back later on this year for HALLOWEEN – Can’t wait!!



Just a quick status for now to say thank you to all those who attended last nights event at an old favourite haunt of ours in Liverpool, St George’s Hall.
From exploring the dark catacombs (pictured) to conducting experiments in the courtroom and cells area, evidence came forward in all areas as the night went on, shadows, EVP’s and spikes on our equipment to name just a few.


Dating back over 750 years, the site of Ordsall Hall, a magnificent Manor house that is now strangely shrouded in modern suburbia, was last nights Haunted Evenings home and a 3rd visit for H.E. Guests had the opportunity to investigate the stunning Great hall, attic space, kitchen and former bedrooms, which predate the 15th Century.

Highlights :

Cold spots (in this very warm location) were detected in random parts of the upper master bedroom with K2’s also triggering on command. EVP’s backed up that feeling of not being alone with one partly clear voice recording capturing the sentence “in the bedroom” (recording below) and 2 consecutive recordings suggesting we “get back”.

In the lower ground (now) bedroom area, dowsing rods for one group detected a male presence who reacted more so with the females in the group (believed to be (Sir) John) and who took a particular shine to one of the ladies!
In the kitchen area a strange figure was mapped out on our laptops SLS camera which again suggested the group were not alone, EMF meters also triggered in this area.
The great hall was where we conducted human pendulums, with all groups experiencing some level of activity. A male spirit called Edward, believed to be a Scottish soldier, was particularly strong for one group and for another, a man in robes (religious) was sensed. On enquiring afterwards with Ordsall Hall staff, the hall was once used as a religious training centre.

Up in the attic, for most of the evening at least, the level of activity was fairly low other than an initial “welcome” heard clearly on playback from one of our recorders (listen in to the recording below). However, group 3 had a phenomenal ouija session with a little spirit girl being detected. A feeling of sadness came over for some of the guests as the child communicated through yes/no and K2 meter responses. Through questioning, it was established that she wished to be reunited with her mother. As the spirit was encouraged to cross over, a K2 and Rempod surged with energy before the atmosphere changed back to normal once she had crossed. An emotional way for some to end their night at Ordsall Hall.

With cracking guests in all groups willing to take part in each experiment, last nights Haunted Evening was an absolute pleasure to be apart of, so thank you all for your enthusiasm and patience which truly helped get the results from last nights paranormal investigation.

Thank you for the feedback!

“A fantastic night run by great friendly people. Carrie and I really enjoyed the evening. Will definitely do more adventures with Haunted Evenings. 👍🏼👍🏼” 30.03.19 R.Pickard Source:facebook

“Had such a great first haunted evening night. Thanks to all, we will be booking another soon 👍🏻” 30.03.19 D.Karl Source:facebook

“What a good night this was !! Great team of people thank you !!” 30.03.19 R.Egan Source:facebook

“Had such a fab night, thanks to all the team and staff at Ordsall Hall!” 30.03.19 A.Beesley Source:facebook


Our first Scottish weekend of 2019 ended with a truly memorable return visit to Jedburgh Castle Jail, an imposing town jail that once served as a prison for adults and children up until 1868.

Once inside, guests had access to the main museum building (old Governors House) and all 3 prison blocks (one of which is out of bounds during the day and has been left in a real state of abandonment!).

Activity occurred from start to finish during both equipment and traditional experiments however the strongest evidence came in the form of EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) that kept all of us captivated throughout the investigation. So many to mention but a few we have reviewed so far are a “help me escape”, “prisoner” and a fascinating “can you help him” that was captured twice on 2 consecutive recordings during a call out on the ground floor cell block 2.

Sorry for the quick review but our long journey home is imminent! From all of the team, thank you to every single guest who truly made last nights investigation one we will remember for a long time, you were all fantastic!

Thank you for the feedback!

“It was amazing” 17.03.19 F.Neary Source:facebook

“Thanks to all the Team for a fantastic Evening. Still have a sceptic, but need to attend a few more to convert” 16.03.19 D.Selby Source:facebook

“great time with great people. Hope to c us all again. Stephen” 17.03.19 S.Peaston Source:facebook



Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation at The Vaults. We have just uploaded a couple of cracking EVP’s captured in one of the middle vaults, during one of the ouija board sessions. Both suggest the spirit wants us to get out of his house!
Have a listen!.. www.instagram.com/hauntedevenings

Thank you for the feedback!

“Was a Fantastic Night. Thanks guys you were all amazing x” 16.03.19 R.Hanson Source:facebook

“Was a brilliant night thanks guys x” 16.03.19 T.Mcardle Source:facebook

“Brilliant night, thanks guys xx” 16.03.19 J.Daymond Source:facebook

“Brilliant night, thanks guys x” 16.03.19 Y.Goldie Source:facebook



Concluding our weekend in Hull, the team headed to Fort Paull which was built in 1861 and during it’s time, served as a central ammunitions store during WWI. Now home to the last remaining Blackburn Beverley (transport plane), guests had the chance to investigate several pockets of this large outdoor site, including spending time inside the plane and an old Berliner train carriage!


EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Throughout each vigil, several recordings captured spirit voices which at least indicated that energy was around us in all areas, however, most recordings were indecipherable on the night, almost like we were tapping into their distant conversations. On reviewing all recordings, 3 EVP’s stand out as being particularly interesting, all captured during the equipment vigil for group 1. The first, which was captured in the plane, sounds like a possible faint “I’d like to fly the plane”. Unbeknownst to the team member who captured the EVP, on our initial walk-round, another team member had picked up on just one spirit energy in the plane which he sensed was an engineer. Was this the voice captured by the engineer wishing he could fly this giant transport carrier?!.
One of 2 further EVP’s was captured during the same vigil for group 1 over in the old train carriage.  As a team member asks if any spirits can see us and therefore count how many of us were on the train, there is a spirit voice captured afterwards that we think says “you’re not meant to be near them” (listen in below). Whilst another appears to say “stay off the track”. Neither were heard on initial playback.
Several other not so clear EVP’s were captured, one which starts unclear but continues with “they’ll help you”, captured during group 3’s Ouija board session after the group were struggling to get enough energy forward to move the glass and a “Yes I am” (which a few guests confirmed they could hear on playback) whilst sat on the train carriage during group 3’s last vigil (we’d asked if the spirit was a passenger).

Equipment : 2 out of 3 of our planned experiments focused on the use of equipment. Vigil 1, held down in the medical area of the Fort Paull Museum, reported back REMpod action (which detects a strong shift in magnetic field, often a sign of a spirit presence) at the same time as one of the guests reported seeing a shadow – amazing!
It wasn’t then until the last 10 minutes of the event that a further REMpod kicked into life on a table close to the train carriage entrance during group 3’s vigil. Having sat dormant for all of the experiment, the REMpod sparked into life almost like someone had entered the carriage and sat down!
K2’s lined up on the upper level of the aircraft carrier lit up during vigil 1 for group 2 and a mel meter held by one of the guests in group 1 during time on the plane, detected another shift in energy on the internal ladder steps which could also not be explained.

Traditional – some groups tried their hands at dowsing rods but our main traditional experiment was focused around glass divination (the ouija board). Very little was reported back about location spirits but for 2 of the 3 vigils, strong personal connections were experienced.

Whilst the plummeting temperatures challenged everyone’s energy levels, Fort Paull offered up activity to the “bitter” end!

Thank you to all that attended last nights investigation and got stuck in to the various experiments.



Our second visit to “The Hostel” this year took place on Friday night and kick started our weekend of investigating in Hull!

Guests were split down into 2 groups to start the evening conducting ouija board experiments up in the attic and downstairs in the living room. For one group in the attic, a male spirit called Rod came forward and for the other group, a more unsavoury female spirit (who has come forward on a previous investigation) joined the board during their time in the attic. Interestingly, both groups independently sensed the presence of a child down in the sitting room with one guest seeing her silhouette peeping out from behind a chair.

During freetime, 2 bedroom doors were knocked upon simultaneously, causing both sets of occupants to expect someone to walk through when it became apparent no one was there.

Grainy EVP’s were picked up via voice recorders throughout the evening but most were sadly unclear other than one which says “Happy Birthday” and another that stated “say something”.

Thanks to everyone who attended the investigation. We really really enjoyed it!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Really enjoyed it thankyou for the experience x” 09.03.19 C.Stork Source:facebook

“Really enjoyed it was a fab night x” 09.03.19 M.Burns Source:facebook

Was a great night 🙂 x”” 09.03.19 V.Costelow Source:facebook



It’s likely no real secret that Drakelow Tunnels, a former secret nuclear bunker in the West Midlands, is a regular location for Haunted Evenings! We love what this site has to offer budding investigators and explorers alike, with such a vast site, it’s a unique place to literally get lost in!

As with all our investigations here, guests have the opportunity to investigate closely with the team in an array of controlled and traditional vigils, as well as a chance to explore the pitch black disorientating tunnels with paranormal equipment in hand without the team.

Over time we’ve experienced lots of visual paranormal phenomenon at Drakelow Tunnels as well as voices captured in specific areas. Friday night was no exception with one of the highlights being strange lights witnessed during more than one of the vigils, as well as several EVP’s captured throughout the location.


Old surgery area : During Ouija board sessions personal connections occurred for more than one group as well as receiving information regarding spirit energies possibly connected to the tunnels. Information on the board included a 27 year old male spirit with initials “TW” who died from TB, a 56 year old male who was an alcholic and spelt message ‘own your fate’ and a 62 year old male who gave possible military coding VF9680

Main Tunnels : Due to the size of this site and wanting to cover as much ground as possible, guests had the opportunity to go it alone armed with equipment of their choice. Admittedly more of an exploring vigil, evidence is always going to be harder to capture by simply walking around, so for some guests we regrouped towards the end of the vigils to work together in a more controlled manner. During the first 2 vigils down in tunnel 1, muffled voices (captured on our voice recorders) indicated that we were not alone. Whilst most were indecipherable, one response was heard faintly replying “yes I can” when we asked if they could touch one of us. In both vigils, some people felt they were being pushed. On reviewing the EVP’s, although not clear enough to upload, 3 out of 7 suggest that we “get out”. On previous investigations, in this exact remote spot, we have picked up on activity before and it’s certainly an area that needs further investigation.

Old Canteen : One of only a few areas within the tunnels that still has remains of its former use, this tunnel contains the now corroded kitchen complete with old food mixers, ovens and a serving hatch. It is here that in the first half of the night, a bright light was seen that could not have been caused by anything explainable. (It wasn’t torch light or equipment, no power sources etc). The light came from the rear of the kitchen where no-one was. Amazing!
Drakelow is certainly known to the team as being a visual place and whilst still a rare occurrence, we have witnessed strange lights over the years. Further lights were witnessed later on in the evening by the same group and it may well be that someone was following them around, again not a completely unusual occurrence here!

Burial ground area : For the group that had previously experienced a torch like flash earlier in the evening at the old canteen, they again had the amazing experience of 2, possibly, 3 further flashes of light. One we are marking only as being “possibly paranormal” due to being so far away that we couldn’t check (and therefore could not rule out) it being someone from another group (albeit no-one should have been anywhere close). The other 2 lights came from the closer tunnel end to where the group were conducting a human pendulum and on inspection, no-one was there and the lights could not be debunked. The light occurred after asking the spirit to give us a sign they were with us so that was a very fascinating moment for those that saw it. During the pendulum, it was established that the spirit was male and connected to the tunnels from around the time of World War 2 (the Rover Factory era). Shortly after this vigil ended an EVP was captured that shouted the word “Rover!”.

Back in the old canteen towards the end of the investigation, the best of the nights EVP’s was captured with the response picked up as “I ain’t scared of fighting” after a team member directly asks “What are you scared of?” Listen in to the EVP below…

Thank you to all who joined us at Drakelow Tunnels last night. You all helped make it another memorable night with some amazing moments experienced!



Oh we do love to get about! …This weekend was concluded by heading south to get a fright-on in Brighton and what better place to head to than the Town Hall. Down beneath ground level are the old male and female police cells, the old police washroom and a back to bare basement and storage area, whilst above ground, a court room to investigate and public foyer areas. We love this place and were only there in December but wow were we glad to be back! The evening was scattered with some pretty mind blowing experiences from beginning to end with shadows being seen, k2’s lighting up on command and someone even got scratched!.

The highlights!…

OUIJA BOARD. The first vigil of the night for one group soon became a thrilling experience that most won’t likely forget in a hurry! An undesirable named Greg(ory) came through on the board and after a long line of enquiries, the group established he was a Smuggler. After answering lots of questions with increasingly strong glass movements, it was time to up the anti and challenge this characterful crims energy by encouraging him to set off an EMF (K2) meter. With a mixture of patience and determination, the magical moment came when spirit Greg was able to light up the K2 all the way to red from a previously dormant meter. No mean feat!! Wanting more, we asked if he was willing to copy shapes from a piece of paper, Greg was able to correctly copy them! Amazing! After making “friends” with this loveable rogue, a further spirit came forward believed to be a police officer that we soon established wasn’t best pleased we’d befriended such an unsavoury character. So we struck a deal! – We would apologise for our time bonding with Greg, on one condition, that the officer would also trigger the K2. After trying in vain to get him to light it up, we decided to end the vigil by all apologising anyway and as soon as we did that, the K2 finally lit up. It seems our “sorry” was accepted! A cracking start to the investigation for that group with more fascinating moments to come!….

EQUIPMENT VIGIL : Down below street level, guests were given the opportunity to test their nerves by breaking off into small vulnerable numbers. Time was spent behind bars in the male and female cells, the old police shower block and storage rooms. In an end cell in the male block, 2 guests identified they werent alone when their k2 spiked up a level. An EVP session followed and on asking if they were a prisoner or an officer, a muffled “I am a prisoner” was heard on playback. The K2 meter showed fluctuations in energy and appeared to be fading but hit the red with a surge of energy when we played back an EVP that said “not bothered” (we’d asked him to shout at us if he wanted us to stay). It seems the spirit didn’t care whether we stayed or left the cell and reacted with strong energy when we laughed with him at his laid back response. Listen in to the Prisoner who is “not bothered” below!

BASEMENT : Down in the washroom area, 2 women were joined by a further 2 ladies from their group and it wasn’t long before we again, detected a shift in energy when k2’s started to trigger. We felt we were likely in the presence of an Officer and were trying to establish whether he was happy us ladies were down there. All went quiet on the meters when a further 2 guests joined the vigil (a male and female) and we wondered whether the addition of the only male guest was the cause for the down turn in responses. As an experiment, we asked the spirit Officer to light the k2’s all the way to red if he wished the male guest to leave but had no response until the male stepped out of the room. On immediately stepping out, all 3 k2’s hit the red! Boom! Fantastic!

Other groups down in the same washroom/ basement area sighted shadows (seen independently by more than one party). The name Nancy also came up a few times over the spirit box and was confirmed using k2s. One guest felt he got touched on the leg and on closer inspection was found to have a small scratch!

COURTROOM : In the courtroom, movement was detected via a vibe pod which was intermittently being set off without explanation, as has done on previous investigations. Some guests suddenly became emotional with one male guest physically crying. Guests also heard a moan and knocking. Many people picked up on one corner of the court room that they seemed to take a dislike to and interestingly, despite being an incredibly warm building, cold spots were felt in that area. Shadows were also seen lurking at the corner of the Courtroom and someone was touched on their head.

As you may have cottoned on, last night’s investigation at this Brighton gem appeared to be packed full of paranormal activity and certainly kept us busy throughout the night!
It was our absolute pleasure to spend our Haunted Evening with all those who attended last night and on behalf of all the team, thank you all sincerely for making this investigation such a memorable one.



Our first visit of many to Gresley Old Hall this year took place last night and some really fascinating moments occurred as the night unfolded. For one summary only (!), We follow one Groups journey as their investigation unravelled a very intriguing story about some of the spirit energy that resides there….

Middle floor : Group 2 warmed up the start of their Haunted Evening by conducting a Human Pendulum in one of the main bedrooms. A female spirit was initially picked up during the experiment who once worked at the Hall, perhaps as a servant. Her presence soon weakened and the atmosphere shifted, caused we believe, by a stronger male energy that some sensed had stepped forward into the room. Picked up initially by a female guest and a crew member, this male energy (described as tall and of slim build), soon emotionally effected the female guest by making her feel quite visibly upset, it wouldn’t be until later in the evening that we would come to realise why. His energy also communicated through another female guest by moving her forwards and backwards for Yes/No responses. It became apparent, through questioning, that he once owned the Hall and whilst he didn’t want us there, he preferred the females within the group. Time to move on to the attic area…

Attic : Up in the eaves of this old Manor house, Group 2 were now joined by a new team member who, unbeknownst to him, started to pick up on the male and female spirits that were present during the first vigil. During this equipment vigil, one female guest (not effected previously) told the group the spirit name Alice (Alison) came to mind and with this, the sense of a little boy connected to this Alison was also sensed in the attic space. An EVP session captured the name “Alison” heard by all on playback and a further EVP also suggested the name “Edward” .With encouragement, the spirit child Edward was able to set off both a vibration device and a Rempod in the adjoining room. Amazing! Whilst communicating with Alison, team member Stu sensed the little boy had fallen to his death and an incredible EVP was then captured which we believed says “fallen down the lift shaft” (listen in to the EVP below!). Stu also sensed a male presence watching us. This male energy was dominant and not keen on us being there. Was this the male we had encountered down in the bedroom?

Ground Floor : Group 2’s third and final experiment was a ouija board down on the ground floor. A female spirit came forward after some patience from the group, moving the glass towards the letters A/B. Unable to spell, we asked if this was Alison, which received a strong movement to the yes on the board. The glass further moved to “E-D” for Edward and through yes/no questions, it became apparent we were back in contact with the mother and child spirit encountered earlier in the attic. Spirit Alison was able to conclude that Edward had accidentally fallen to his death somewhere on the middle floor believed to be hiding from the dominant male. We asked spirit to use the glass to show us whereabouts Edward was in the room. The glass indicated he was stood in the doorway to the reception room. One of the guests swept the doorway area with an EMF K2 meter and the device immediately spiked to red detecting a surge in energy and further validating what we were getting through on the board. Through further questioning we were able to establish that the dominant male spirit (sensed on the upper floors) had a hold over Alison and the child spirit Edward and that he was trying to prevent them from moving on. This, we concluded, must have been why in vigil one, one of the female guests was feeling so upset. Had she picked up the emotions of how this dominant male made spirit Alison feel? We believe this may well be the case.

On reflection and on reviewing accounts from previous investigations, it appears we have actually unearthed the name Edward before here but most prominently, throughout several investigation, (over several years) the detection of an unsavoury dominant male has been sensed, especially in the attic space. Child spirits have often been sensed in the attic and a female has previously come forward believed to be connected to / or a protector of the children. Evidence can certainly take years to collect and it seemed last night, for one group in particular, the pieces of Gresley Old Halls story were slowly being slotted together. It was a truly fascinating night to report back on and one I won’t ever forget!

On behalf of last nights team, Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation. All groups experienced some pretty cool moments of activity, from a phenomenal video capture of energy surges in the attic space (where all K2’s were lighting up), to strong Ouija board communications for all groups throughout the night .Thank you to all who helped bring that spirit energy forward during the investigation.



On Saturday night Haunted Evenings headed north for a nights investigation at this interesting location now surreally surrounded within a residential area of Bradford. Bolling Hall, of which parts dates back to the 14th century, also has a Victorian extension, lending any who enter, the experience of investigating 2 visibly different time periods.
With oppulent bedrooms and reception rooms to investigate one end (Victorian) and an old parlour/kitchen and panelled bedrooms to camp out in at the other (Tudor), groups were seperated down to try their hands at a variety of experiments, including a ouija board session in the dark and enclosed “Ghost Room”, an old tudor bedroom where a ghost was witnessed by it’s former resident. 

Highlights of the investigation :
Parlour Area : A female spirit in need of help was communicated with during a Human Pendulum down in the old kitchen and a further female cook came forward who later came through on a ouija board session.

Dining room/staircase : 1 female guest felt upset and began crying, she moved and felt fine. Another female guest had the side of her face go numb. Shifting cold spots, vibe-pod and rempod hits occurred with the feeling that a female “lady” spirit and an important male spirit were possibly the cause . An EVP saying “No” was captured after we asked if they were happy that we were there.

Tudor Bedrooms : Muffled ghostly voices were captured on our voice recorders throughout the evening but nothing all too decipherable, other than a possible “sleep” in answer to our recorded question “are you awake or trying to sleep?” A rempod detected a possible shift in energy, otherwise fairly quiet in this part of the building.

Ouija Boards : The name Pat Sowa was spelt out during one session in the family room and a faint voice at the end of that ouija session was picked up on our recorder. The team member can be heard asking “come and tell us to leave spirit” with the response (EVP) “Leave right now”. For another group a connection to witchcraft, possibly a Court official came through on the board in the same room.
In the Ghost Room, initials LT came through, which on researching after the investigation, may be the initials of a former owner (Tempest Family). The name/word “Livington” was also captured as an EVP in this room, although research doesn’t show any immediate connections to the building.

Dining Room : During an EVP session with 4 guests in group 1, an EVP was captured saying “Get out of here” followed by “all of them are here” when we asked “can you give us the number of how many of us are in your room right now?”! (EVP BELOW) One male guest called out and received a shout followed by we think, a very muffled “Get out of my house” albeit not a Class A EVP it was a great little session!

Red Boudoir : We tried one more EVP session up in the Red bedroom, part of the Victorian end of the building and thought we heard a faint “I’m here” or “over here” (not clear enough). We continued by asking spirit if they were trying to play hide and seek. On review, 2 recordings after, it appears we captured a faint “behind you”! (Caught on 2 recorders).

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday nights investigation at Bolling Hall. A first visit for the team and a venue we will most likely look to return to in the future to carry on our investigations.


Haunted Evenings headed to their hometowns historic quarter last night to investigate the Leicester Guildhall, the oldest building in town! Every accessible inch of this Grade 1 listed Tudor building was covered and every vigil style was conducted to coax out the spirits that reside there. The results were simply quite phenomenal!

3 groups took on the challenge of conducting 4 vigils over the course of the evening, 2 traditional and 2 equipment based. Here are just some of the highlights :

Cells : Downstairs at street level, vigil one soon gathered pace when K2 meters detected shifts in energy (EMF) which seemed to respond on command when we asked spirit to bring their energy forward. A cracking class A EVP was captured that, on review, we believe says “The Name”. A further EVP from directly inside the old cell states, faintly but clearly “let me out” when a team member asked “would you like us to let you out?”

EVP “The Name”

EVP “Let me out now”

Great Hall : Human Pendulums and dowsing rod experiments were fruitful for all groups, with many guests detecting energy spots in the same part of this magnificent old tudor hall. Personal connections were made for some of the guests in more than one of the groups.

Library : The 3rd oldest library in the country was home to our equipment last night as well the cells beneath. K2s spiked for one group believed to be the spirit of a man. During an EVP session we captured a spirit counting to 7. Was this the same male that, for the immediate group that followed spoke into our recorder and said “(Simon) Get out of here” followed by a “get back…..properly”

EVP “(Simon) Get out of here!”

All additional EVP’s mentioned are over on Instagram

Thank you to all the guests who attended last nights Haunted Evening. Your willingness to participate and persevere certainly paid off! Thanks also to the team who made another night at the Leicester Guildhall such a cracking one!



Friday night the team headed across country to seek the warm hospitality over at the oldest pub in Wales. With history dating back to the 1100’s, this olde Inn oozies character and charm but above all else, has layers of dark history that attracts paranormal investigators from far and wide! 
The Skirrid Inn once acted as a local court and it is believed that some unfortunates who were found guilty of their crimes were hanged here. An eerie reminder of its darker past can be seen as you head up the old wooden stairs passed the replica hanging noose!
After enjoying the delights of our 2 course meal, guests were broken down into 2 groups to investigate all areas of the Skirrid. It soon became apparent that traditional investigation methods provided the better methods of communication, from a female spirit detected through a human pendulum held in the main bar area that communicated through 3 seperate guests to glass divination gaining contact with a male spirit on the board. Bedroom 3 got the hearts racing for some guests and crew, child spirits were felt in bedroon 1 and energy was picked up at the bottom of the stairs. One particular highlight were the EVP’s captured in the bar areas and was a great way for those present, to end the night.
We cannot thank the guests enough for their approach to the investigation, with everyone willing to get involved and try out the variety of experiments we had on offer.

We will be back to the Skirrid Inn in September to see what else we can experience – places are available to book now.


39 De Grey Street, or “The Hostel” as it was once nicknamed is certainly an intriguing yet controversial building to investigate. Haunted Evenings first investigated the property in 2017 and experienced some of the most memorable evidence to date on those invests, some which seemed to undeniably back up  at least some of the owner Andy’s accounts of what he experienced whilst he lived there some several years before. The building is clearly rundown which in many ways adds to its charm and whatever the buildings background, we can only report back on what we have experienced and we simply cannot deny that, “strange stuff happens here!” and that this location is very much worthy of checking out!

So what did we capture last night at “The Hostel”?

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) fluctuations – Not necessarily the highlight but certainly the most prominent “feature” of last nights investigation was the amount of EMF fluctuations. K2 meters and (the not so sensitive) Mel Meters were spiking strongly throughout the building, with K2 meters spiking to red on numerous occasions at random times in random places, some appearing to spike on command, some not so. This activity could certainly be described as confusing. Usually strong EMF fluctuations on that scale can usually be debunked eventually but despite a lot of investigating, no logical explanation could be formed. We regularly asked people to check phones were in flight mode and even if they weren’t, the EMF meters didn’t react in the same way they usually do when someone accidently leaves their phone on. It was one of those nights where we just had to eventually sit back and accept that somethings are just unexplainable and enjoy the moments!

OUIJA BOARD – On the ouija board pretty much zero happened. Disappointing as that maybe, the (lack of) activity was at least consistent for both groups, which in many respects can be taken as a result! After an hours attempt with group 2, the glass did at one moment move, no more than what could have been perceived as a nudge but what was interesting was in that very moment, the k2 meter also spiked. It did feel like they (spirit) wanted it to move but couldn’t. The energy not quite right perhaps.

EVP’s – During the investigation, several EVP’s were captured during the various experiments around the building, including what we believe to be this Class A EVP which says “I liked it” when a team member asked “Did you want to live here spirit?“. Listen in at 5 seconds to hear the “I LIKED IT” response…

KIT VIGIL – For one group during a kit vigil on the middle floor, the vigil soon led all to gather around a coffin that has been placed in one of the rear bedrooms. As an experiment, voice recorders were placed inside the coffin with undecipherable (muffled) voices being captured in response. On placing one recorder on top of the coffin, an amazing EVP was captured that we believe says “Look at the dead body” – A spine tingling moment for sure! Listen in (at 1 second in)….

TRIGGER VIGIL – Downstairs, during vigil 1, for many the highlight was a bright light that took everyone sat in the main room by surprise!. What can only be described as a white light flashed in the darkened room immediately after we asked them (spirit) to light up something in the room. Although no one had turned their torch on accidentally, we attempted to flash torches near to the original source to try and  replicate what we had all seen, as that seemed to be the only logical explanation. We couldn’t replicate it and we couldn’t debunk it. An amazing moment!

Smaller locations such as The Hostel are often more intense investigations that can produce a higher yield of activity because more time can be spent in each room, allowing spirits the time and energy  often required to come forward.
Last night certainly provided some pretty intense moments for those who took part and the team thoroughly enjoyed the investigation as well as meeting everyone who attended last night. Thank you to all for making our return visit (after almost 18 months) such a memorable one.



This magnificent Georgian Mansion and former (1850’s) hospital became Haunted Evenings home last night and I think it is safe to say that we would still be there now investigating if we could! Knocks, footsteps, voices and poltergeist activity! This venue was phenomenal!
Spread out amongst the many rooms and floors on offer, guests took on the challenge of seeking out the paranormal within the cities most haunted building. From the dark vaulted 16th century cellars (known today as the “Priestgate Vaults”), the original dining room, the servants kitchen, the servants stairwells (out of bounds to the general public), through to the original hospital’s operating room and once hospital wards (main museum areas), we certainly had a lot of ground to cover!

Thank you to all that attended last nights Haunted Evening at this fantastic location! Here are just a few of the highlights!

Upper Floors – To cover as much ground as possible, guests were let loose with equipment to see what they could capture alone in almost half the building. Some headed to the upper floor, with its nurses/servants corridor and stairwell whilst others investigated the middle floor.

Middle Floor – During one middle floor vigil, different types of EMF meters were all spiking, indicating a possible strong shift in energy. For one guest in another group, she became tearful in one particular room on the middle floor, which subsided when she left, only for it to happen again several hours later. This seemed to be related to mentioning children.
In a side area, during the same vigil, voices were captured on voice recorders, fairly undecipherable overall but with one possible “cellar” response when we asked where their energy was strongest…..all became apparent later!!

Dining Room – The former dining room, which has never been investigated before, felt a more edgy room to enter. Again, some gravely voices were detected during more than one of the vigils, a possible “Richard” was heard on one EVP and vibe pods lit up for more than one group, detecting movement in the room when we all were seated around the table. 

Operating Theatre – In the old surgery room, a few felt uneasy even entering this area. With the original Victorian tiled floors and walls, its the biggest reminder that this building was once a hospital. For one group, a male spirit came forward who had an attachment to a child who had died in his care due to a medical mishap. As the vigil came to an end, a bang was heard in the room that we couldn’t debunk.

Cellar / Vaults – For two out of three groups last night, the cellars (Vaults) was the most active area with some guests entering as skeptics and emerging as fully converted believers!. Firstly, coins were left locked off in one vault that, when checked, had moved during the first vigil of the evening. At the same time, in the “coffin” vault, where all the group were sitting during a call out / trigger vigil, the flag that lay over the coffin moved of its own accord. It has been reported by venue staff that other people have experienced poltergeist activity down in the cellar area so given 2 accounts were experienced of that nature only goes on to strengthen these claims. Although quieter down in the cellars for the last group of the night, all the group were accounted for when muffled but heavy footsteps were heard almost above the vault. It sounded like a singular person walking from the middle of the vault ceiling towards the edge of the room, all guests were sat down at the time!……

Despite all of the experiences throughout the building, the cellar certainly left most with the WOW factor and during freetime most guests made a beeline back to the vaults for one last chance of a further paranormal hit! On behalf of last night’s team, Nat, Sarah & Andy, thank you so much to such a cracking bunch of guests who were clearly up for last nights haunted evening, you guys and gals made the investigation what it was – awesome!

Thank you for the feedback!

“What a fantastic night, so well organised and professionally executed, you couldn’t have wished for a better night, with activity everywhere it only took my 2 sceptical friends less that an hour to be convinced and after that they and me wanted more. A great fun filled night in an awesome venue. Thanks guys, we’ll be seeing you again soon.” K.Vallis 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“That was 1 of the most amazing nights I have ever witnessed and the cherry on the top was the union Jack flag moving in front of my eyes. A great night and will definitely be attending other nights with yourselves.” S.Firek 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Had a fantastic night thanks to Haunted Evening for letting us share the experience of this building cracking night we will look forward to booking with you again 👀👻x” T.Newman 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Absolutely loved it!!!!” L.Hutchinson 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Got some great photos. Thanks for a great night all. 🙂 see you on the next one.” S.Bowen 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Rich is now a true believer, loved the night and cant wait to go on another!! Best birthday present ever” E.Martin 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“My favourite night so far. You always attract a good bunch of people👌👻” C.Hodson 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Really enjoyable night, plenty happening and very well organised, probably one of the best groups out there!” S.Benton 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“Haunted Evenings are a fantastic paranormal group will definitely be attending another one of there events in the future” C.Bryan 20.01.19 Source:facebook

“What a excellent first ghost hunt cant wait to do it again we went back today in the daylight to have a good look round 👻👻” D.Bray 20.01.19 Source:facebook


Where to start, where to start?!
What an absolute pleasure last nights investigation was! To be able to spend the evening in what felt like a tardis of Victorian history all laid out over several areas, police cells, corridors, the old bedrooms and former fire station canteen….the list goes on! – it was the building that kept on giving! Perfect for splitting off into isolated zones, each vigil taking on a different feel and providing a variety of evidence – our time here flew and the team left all agreeing we need to return!!

Highlights of the evening:
Spending time in the old 1900’s police cells was naturally going to form part of our investigation and in this area, including the former stable block beyond, guests took part in an equipment vigil.
During one vigil, a couple of our devices started to indicate shifts in temperature and movement which prompted an EVP session. A faint “help” was heard on playback so in a later question, we asked again if they wanted help. The EVP we got in response was indeed a further “help” but much louder and clearer than the first. Down in the end cell, a further EVP said “help him”. When we asked for the number of the cell, we received the response “seven” (the only numbered response throughout the session) and on saying goodbye, we heard a “thank you very much”! All this from a cell that apparently reports a negative energy….all food for thought!

Ouija board sessions for 2 out of the 3 groups were similar in as much as the glass moved quite strongly but the information given didn’t make much sense. A child spirit was picked up in the Police Station office area and on the ground floor fire station, a male spirit who spelt the word “crew” came through.

Upstairs above the fire station, guests were free to roam the old fire brigades former communal areas (old function/ dining room) as well as the upper level which had several rooms off, all once bedrooms for the Fire Brigade before they moved out in 1924. Whilst some guests didnt experience much goings on, for others, growls were heard as well as K2 meters going off on command. Whilst the level of activity varied throughout this zone and much was about being in the right place at the right time, it was nevertheless a challenge to spend time alone up there!

On behalf of all of the team, thank you to all the guests who came out last night to spend a haunted evening with us in this cracking Sheffield location. We hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as we did and all got home safely.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Really enjoyed it thankyou” K.Siddons 19.01.19 Source:facebook

“Was a good night thank you” L.Clark 19.01.19 Source:facebook

“Enjoyed it thanks x” H.Peck 19.01.19 Source:facebook



Last night Haunted Evenings revisited St Mary’s Guildhall, one of Coventry’s finest buildings tucked away opposite the ruins of St Michael’s Cathedral in the City’s historic quarter.
This location has countless rooms to break off into, with many of the areas varying in age, dating back over hundreds of years, from the 15th Century “Great Hall” to much later additions built in the 19th Century for the city council courts.

Some of last nights highlights :

We separated down into 3 groups and spent the evening investigating all 4 corners of the location. 2 of the 4 planned experiments this evening were based around glass divination, with most activity experienced in and around the Drapers Room. For two groups, personal connections were experienced in this area whilst no personal connections were made at all on board number 2 near the upstairs main hall “Armoury” room. Whilst communication was slow on the board in this area, after much patience from the guests, the glass did knock and nudge a handful of times either at the same time as a k2 meter spiked or just after. Amazing! Goes to show that sometimes some of the best moments are the most subtle!.

EVP’s were captured in several of the rooms investigated, in fact it never took long to establish we were not alone, however, most of the responses picked up on our voice recorders were indecipherable. A few classic but muffled “get outs” were heard, along with a possible “Arthur” and the word “Bastard” faintly picked up on another!.
Some of our equipment became lively in certain areas, one such hotspot was the Armoury Room where a Rempod went off after being left on a table for some 20 mins or more. People experienced cold spots at similar intervals to kit triggering in the side chamber too!
K2 meters were going off strongly in one of the rooms off of the Great Hall, however, the way they were triggering suggested this wasn’t spirit energy and subsequently debunked.

Thank you for the feedback!

“Thank you for a great evening . Will definitely be back to do another one !” K. Lynn 13.01.19 Source:facebook


Haunted New Year everyone!

It may already seem a little late to acknowledge the New Year some 11 days in, however, for us, last night was Haunted Evenings first event of 2019 and the team were out in force at this stunning looking location – Stoke Rochford Hall nr Grantham.
On behalf of all the team, We just want to say a quick thank you to all the guests who attended last night and helped kick start 2019 in style. ….have you been caught on camera?!

Thank you for the feedback!

“Thank you to the whole team. It was fantastically organised and where the 6 hours went, I don’t know?! It was our first time and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The ouija board far outshone my expectations and the message I got was the weirdest sensation ever (in a good way). I could’ve stayed and chatted to my Grandad all night. It was very comforting. So thanks again and my husband stuck to the main roads on the journey home – pretending he wasn’t scared lol x Thank you” L. Clarke 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Fabulously night thank you to all the team.. x” L. Thandy 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“Had a great time ty .. Will definitely be doing another evening with you 😀” J. Evans 12.01.19 Source:facebook

“lovely picture ladies and a great night. Thanks everyone. X” S.Darker 12.01.19 Source:facebook