2018 Blog

Read all about what happened on our 2018 Ghost Hunt Events and what paranormal experiences occurred during the latest haunted evening!


Our very last event of 2018 was spent down in Brighton, what a wonderful road trip to end the year.
Some of last nights Brighton highlights….
Basement : we chose this area to investigate using traditional methods. 2 out of 3 ouija sessions produced results, from personal connections during vigil 1 and location related spirit interaction during vigil 2 (a male criminal who had committed theft). During this session a guest experienced mild chest pains whilst on the glass which subsequently went after standing back from the board. These returned when they rejoined the activity.
Court Room : Here we tried our hands at a combination of kit and traditional techniques. The vibe pod detected movements in areas where no guests were near and a shout came through on one of 3 voice recorders placed around the court room after directly asking spirit to shout into the nearest recorder to them. EVP’s were captured in the judges chamber room, one believed to be the voice of a female spirit who didn’t want us to leave.
Police Cells : Temperature changes were detected on our equipment and a Class A EVP stating “Prisoner” was captured on a voice recorder when we asked spirit to confirm if they were an officer or prisoner. The name Alan was also picked up on during another groups investigation down in the Cells area.
Guests were so lovely, friendly and up for the challenge – a truly awesome bunch! Thanks to everyone who attended, you really did make our last event of the year such a memorable one 💙.

Thanks for the feedback!….
“Fantastic evening, differently going to be coming to some more events. Still surprised that dad came thro. Would love to know how I could join the haunted evening team x” R.Holland 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for an amazing night, looking forward to the next investigation x”
S.Barnes 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a good night. really enjoyed it !”
S.Waller 16.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Most amazing night of my life, gramp has visited since coming through on the Ouija board 💜”
B.Chapman 16.12.18 Source:Facebook


As part of our last weekends events of the year (wow this year has flown!) Haunted Evenings headed south to Chatham where Fort Amherst awaited invasion from the team and guests! Fort Amherst, a disorientating labyrinth of limestone chiseled tunnels dates back to 1756 and has several areas to explore, including a large upper level room, a world war 2 area and several winding tunnels.
Guests spent time in all areas, taking part in an array of both traditional and equipment based vigils. During Ouija board sessions, one group gained contact with 2 child spirits (aged 3 (Bertie) and 5 (Jude) as well as 65 year old war time Officer. A personal connection was also experienced for one guest. In a further ouija session, a Dutch character called Bill came through who wanted us to leave.
In the upper levels of the old Fort, a class EVP was captured which stated “leave” when we asked if they wished us to stay or leave, as well as movement on the vibe pods and energy spots detected via dowsing rods.
A further human pendulum experiment left a few guests on edge as they felt touched by spirit down in the main tunnels as well as some grainy EVP’s telling us to “Get Out”
In the WWII area possible poltergeist activity was experienced as an object mysteriously fell to the floor when everyone was still as well as a loud door bang. Both were confirmed by location staff as phenomena they had experienced before.
Thank you to all the guests who braved the dipping temperatures to experience this fascinating location, you were all up for the challenge making it a night we won’t forget in a hurry!

Guest Testimonial

“A great venue, Nat and the team have loads of tech equipment to assist in the nights search for spirits. Looking forward to the next one!” S.Corbett 15.12.18 Source:Facebook


Guests and team came out in force to battle blustering winds and cold temperatures to explore the incredibly vast site that is known to many as “The Dana”, a huge decommissioned Prison that closed in 2013.
All guests were up for the challenge of investigating this location, with many brave enough to go it alone around the 4 floors of the A-wing, C Wing, as well as take part in traditional vigils in the execution (hanging) room and chapel area.
Some of the highlights :
Guests reported feeling uneasy on the 3rd floor of the A-wing, with some feeling dizzy, backed up with K2’s spiking (showing shifts in EMF). K2’s also lit up for some in cell 18 on the upper floor. Agitated sounding gravelly shouts were picked up on our voice recorders down on the ground floor when alone investigating, the A-wing did not disappoint!
Over in the C-Wing, 2 female spirits were sensed, “Daisy” and “Jane” by one group and a guest felt the sensation of feeling sick in an upper cell. For another group, a team member also saw a female presence on the upper floor. Dowsing rods were responsive here too, albeit the information wasn’t easy to decipher! 2 loud whistles were also heard by guests during one dowsing rod experiment in this block.
The Hanging room / execution room provided groups with quite an intense vigil, made more so by the presence of a mock noose that hangs in the middle of the room as a reminder of what actual events took place in this space. Some guests were touched, a handful of guests, independent of one another had hands/arms raised during a human pendulum and surges on EMF meters demonstrated a strong energy in more than 1 of the group vigils. During at least 2 vigils thus far, it was sensed that an authoritative energy, such as an executioner, was present and this was also picked up on our previous investigation here back in March.
During ouija sessions down in the Prison chapel, personal connections were experienced for some of our guests. A Male spirit also came through on the board who the group established was in the chapel for protection from the crimes he’d committed. The vibration devise set up during 2 ouija sessions also triggered, one in response to the board work.
In several areas, guests experienced unusual sensations such as headaches, sickness and breathlessness. It seems Shrewsbury Prison offers the full package in terms of paranormal experiences
Despite the continuous drops in temperature, guests were amazing til the “bitter end” and their energy and approach to last nights investigation I’m certain, helped lead to the experiences we all had, so thank you all!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..
“Amazing night again guys. So much fun x”
H.White 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night cant wait to book another!!
L.Randles 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had an amazing evening!! Best ghost hunt I’ve been on for a while, looking to already book the next one!! Thanks to all the Haunted Evenings team for a fab time! 👻☺️” C.Sharland 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a amazing night. One of the best. The crew are amazing and professional. Some really good hits. X”
E.Smith 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening thanks to all of you at haunted evenings. Will definitely book another event. Fab night.” 
S.McMillan 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a fantastic night and fantastic team. We will definitely be booking again. 👍👻👻😀👏👏”
D.Dicken 09.12.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great night..hanging room was very interesting to me and so were the womans wing..so many souls seem to want to be heard.such a shame that soon it will be turned into flats ect.great team and such nice people”
F.Mitchell 09.12.18 Source:Facebook


Our second visit to this unique location this week and our last for the year, Drakelow Tunnels certainly gave us all some amazing moments, from personal connections on the ouija board, to 2 groups independently experiencing things being thrown down in the decaying canteen area as well as one phenomenal moment where a team member and guest witnessed a devise move not once, but twice on its own!

Thank you to all the guests who took part in last nights investigation and a huge thank you to all the team who rallied together to make this a very memorable haunted evening.



A fascinating investigation took place over at Stratford Upon Avon last night as guests and team joined forces to investigate one of Stratfords oldest buildings, known to us most fondly as “Creaky”.
We had the added bonus of 2 sites to split off into, allowing just a handful at a time to be let loose in the main site, a now empty Tudor building situated just a few doors down from Shakespeare’s birthplace . Thuds, voices, shadows were just some of last nights highlights, with EVP’s telling us to “get back” and one that stated “I don’t like (you)”!!. Several guests also independently felt sensations from feeling sick, stomach pains etc in certain areas.
Thank you to everyone who attended last nights investigation, we couldn’t have asked for a more willing bunch! To team members Neil, Jo and Sarah for helping on the event and to owner Dave for bringing our whole investigation to life (so to speak!).


One of two investigations held last night was down at the infamous Ancient Ram Inn, a place we certainly recommend popping on the bucket list for its pure character and quirkiness alone!
Guests spent an equal measure upstairs as well as down with half the evening spent focusing on traditional methods and the other using equipment to attempt to contact spirit.
Highlights of the evening was a personal interaction on the ouija board for one group of guests up in the attic which took them naturally by surprise, an emotional but skeptic turning moment!
Dowsing rod experiments were conducted in the old Barn area where 2 children were picked up on by team member Andy.
In the witches room during a kit vigil, shouts were captured on our voice recorders which when played back, set the k2’s to red (our recorders cannot set K2’s to red or create any spikes for that matter) so that was a pretty cool moment, as was a muffled EVP that said “Ram” when we asked spirit to confirm where we were.
In the Bishops room, unexplainable EMF shifts were occurring all over the room with strong spikes on all our devises. The energy would come and go making it harder to explain. Could this be a residual energy or energy surging through known leylines that run beneath the property?
Last nights investigation was certainly that, a proper investigation applying logic and patience to understand the energy that resides here. Thank you to all guests for taking part and getting involved with all the vigils we lined up.


What a Friday night out for the team as we investigated Gresley Old Hall in Swadlincote and the Ancient Ram Inn down in Gloucester!.
At “Gresley” guests tried their hands at 3 set vigils using an array of equipment and techniques to try and contact spirit.

On the Ouija board for one group, a Male energy came forward and whilst able to move the glass, his message was indecipherable. For another group a personal connection came through as well as a happy 4 year old boy, connected to the building/land, who liked playing with the toys.
Up in the attic, an unusual light shadow was picked up on camera, a possible face forming during a call out asking for spirits to step towards a devise someone was holding. The device also kept switching off uncharacteristically despite fully charged. Some shouty EVP’s were captured too whilst encouraging a Male spirit to communicate with the group.
During the last vigil for one group, the energy certainly intensified! During their kit vigil, three ladies caught the voice of what sounded like a small child on a recording, so team member Jenna headed back with them and they placed an EDI (equipment which picks up, temperature, movement and EMF) on the rocking horse which was already in the room. They asked the child to go and play with the rocking horse and after some encouragement, the movement sensor started to trigger, slow at first but was soon fairly constant. Eventually the emf on the EDI also went off as well, demonstrating that with the right encouragement spirit will communicate! Voice recordings were also captured in this last vigil, one says “Jessica” which was one of the guests name who was part of that vigil. Wow! What a way to end the night!
Thanks to everyone who took part in last nights investigation at Gresley Old Hall, our last of many there for 2018. We shall be back in February to see what further haunted activity we can encounter.


The National Justice Museum, as it’s now called, is the perfect place to investigate out of hours. Several layers to split down into, rooms, corridors, cells, caves and court rooms, so many areas so much intense history! There’s been a court house here since 1375 and a prison since 1449, this old Shire Hall has seen many executions by hanging, the history is dark and brutal.
With more areas to investigate than time really allowed (7 hours soon flies by!), 4 distinct experiments were set up, from traditional experiments in the old execution yard and caves, to using paranormal equipment to investigate the court rooms and women’s cells (washrooms).
Some of the highlights….
Human Pendulum experiments were conducted outside next to the mocked up Gallows, once the prisons exercise yard and place of execution. Guests helped bring forward several spirits over the course of the evening, including a 10 year old girl and spirits who claimed to be connected to those present.

In the condemned man’s cell area, a shout was picked up over our voice recorder which put a few on edge, I’m not surprised, it feels intense in there on any given investigation! Movement was detected through our device near the old oubliette area as well as some Class A EVP’s (see comments below) which implied the spirit was “guilty” when asked “were you guilty?” And when asked “What did they do to you here?” Replied “Hang(ed) me”. We also captured “yes I’m dead” when we asked “Do you know you’re dead?”. EVP’s posted on facebook. These EVP’s were a truly mind blowing way to finish the investigation – take a listen!!

Yet again we were truly blessed to be joined by a cracking bunch of friendly and willing guest investigators, your energy and willingness to take part made it a pleasure for all the team so thank you all once again.

Last night, team and guests sweated it out at a unique West Midlands location, Smethwick Baths. Unique in the sense that whilst this may be a far cry from the oldest building ever to be investigated, the history packed into this place is some what surprising, with a temporary morgue and air raid shelter beneath the Art Deco pool area, this place lends itself nicely to an overnight investigation.

As standard, guests were split down into groups to take it in turns to investigate the several areas on offer and as the night went on groups returned from each experiment with some experiences to share….

Down in the tunnels, guests had the opportunity to conduct their own investigations with an abundance of equipment. Whilst little was picked up via spirit boxes, 2 groups, independent of each other, experienced a chain move at the same time as a Rempod was triggered. Some reported feeling sick in the morgue area and for one group, 3 k2’s flashed up to red outside the morgue in different places, an indication of a strong shift in energy. For another group, k2’s spiked to Amber (half way) in response to team member Rob playing a WW2 air raid siren sound. Music by Vera Lynn also appeared to prompt a reaction with our K2 meters with some guests also reporting cold spots, which, for an enclosed area that felt like the tropics, was unusual!!

Upstairs most (but sadly not all) groups had something occur during their ouija board session, for some, the information was little more than random letters, for another group, the name Billy (or William) came through, as well as a prostitute named May.
Our third main vigil was held in the Sauna and upstairs observation area, along with the female Haunted toilet where a few guests reported feeling uncomfortable, with one leaving due to feeling sick (which subsided after leaving the area). During a human pendulum in the Sauna area, a Male spirit came forward who indicated, through questioning, that he had passed away due to small-pox. For another group another Male was sensed called Gordon. Some guests picked up energy through dowsing rods and there’s certainly areas of the observation seating area that effect the dowsing rods more than others.

Thank you to every single guest investigator last night for taking part in all the experiments and please feel free to add any further happenings / photos in the comments below.
Thanks also to last nights crew for helping bring the energy forward, the venue staff for getting stuck in and a special big thank you to team member Andy who is also the locations Manager and clearly works hard to help bring this old building to “life”!

Our second nights investigation, as part of our Edinburgh Ghost Hunting weekend, was spent at the phenomenal (The Real) Mary Kings Close, a hidden street underneath Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. A museum certainly worth visiting at anytime of day but one that takes on an even darker suppressive feel when spent with just a handful of others overnight.

This location has several areas to investigate, including the former house of “Chesney” as well as another fairly intact dwelling now best known as Annie’s room, former cattle sheds and various vaulted rooms, all make up parts of this location, an amazing and unique area buried beneath council buildings.
During our investigations on Saturday night, we focused our experiments around more scientific methods and whilst we did experience cold spots and spikes on our EMF devices, our most compelling evidence came from our voice recorders, where several EVP’s were captured (too many to list).
Some of the highlights…

Chesney’s House – complete with its own door, hallway, sitting area, toilet and (inaccessible cellar stairs), this dark and dilapidated house gave us some incredible voice recordings, from indecipherable sentences, to shouts, to clear responses! On 3 separate recorders we captured a very loud shout in response to “what’s your name?” Followed by “Leave” on 2 of the devices when we asked if we were welcome .
On the next recording we heard a very faint female voice which sounds totally different to the usual grainy responses we usually capture, we think it may say “Chesney” when asking them again to say their name but either way a very rare voice type to be recorded.
We got the impression that the women in-particular were not welcome in Chesneys house and so we asked “Do you have a message for the women in the room?” We got a response of “Get out of here”! This was captured on all 3 devices (very rare) -Brilliant!
The second group to investigate Chesney’s house also pick up a grainy EVP saying “Ches-ney, Get Out” when asking for the spirits name, again backing up the first groups vigil. They also captured a clear “Yes I do” when asked if Mr Chesney likes females. 
Whilst investigating one of the vaulted rooms, a room which once would have been an entire families home, Group 1 captured an EVP saying “[I’ve] Got the plague” which certainly relates to the history of this location! 

Numerous audio snippets were captured throughout the nights investigation which to us, certainly suggested spirit presence even when we couldn’t quite make out what was being said. Considering this location is buried deep beneath the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh where no radio waves could likely be picked up (of which our recorders wouldn’t pick up anyway) just goes to show how awesome the evidence truly was. We, as a team, certainly came away from Saturday’s investigation wanting more!
Thank you to every single guest who travelled far and wide to join us on our Edinburgh Weekend whether for one night or for both, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, you certainly Rose to the challenge!!
A massive thank you to the team (Jo, Neil and Sarah) for making this weekend such a memorable one. We cannot wait to return in 2019 (watch this space!!!) – Nat

What a great start to our Edinburgh’s weekend of investigations!!.

The Vaults were quite a “vocal” place on Friday! – a groan was heard at the start of the night by team members during the pre-event walk around, Sensitive team member Neil reported visualising monks/ men in brown cloaks at the same time as the groan.. Later on during the investigation, a whisper was heard as well as a whistle, a female whimpering and a thud, none could be accounted for.

Ouija sessions – a Claud (20) Trader was connected with, in one of the middle vaults, who was working there to support his family. A 5 year old called Dereck also came through as well as a Camille.

During free time a handful of guests chose to conduct a final ouija session in the dark, during which time a couple of guests reported seeing unusual shadows / movements.
A white figure was seen by one guest which a team member also verified seeing walk through a wall.

Handheld Equipment – a fascinating vigil took place in one vault where our EDI devices were picking up changes in EMF and the spirit appeared to communicate by setting lights off on command.

We had a cracking first evenings investigation at this infamous Edinburgh haunted hotspot overall!, so a massive thank you to everyone who came and made this investigation such a thorough one. Thanks to team members Neil, Jo and Sarah – Nat
Our next stop was Mary Kings Close……

Last night the team got Locked Up for the very last time this year at Steelhouse Lane, a disused custody block that feels much more like a mini Victorian Prison.
Having investigated the “Lock-Up” every month recently, last night helped to continue to build on previous findings which isn’t something we often get to do when we’re hosting a one off so to speak! Although quieter all round than on previous investigations, new happenings were reported by guests during vigils as well as the team spotting some similarities to other evenings. Here’s some of the findings from last nights investigation :-

Main (Male) Block : A cracking EVP saying “Goodbye” was captured towards the end of the evening in cell 16 during a kit vigil (EVP to follow). K2’s and dowsing rods were also responding. During an earlier vigil in the same section of the Lock-Up but downstairs on the lower floor, the shower room at the end gave some unexplainable spikes on our K2’s on command. Although EVP’s were indecipherable, the EDI spiked during the EVP session suggesting a surge in energy as if the spirit was really trying to communicate. Our recorders were not interfering with the equipment so that was an interesting vigil!
Interview Rooms : Ouija Board sessions. Really quiet on the boards this evening! Although they’ve sometimes taken awhile to get going on previous investigations, tonight the spirits really didn’t want to talk via this method for most of the evening. Most groups struggled to get any sense out of the information even if they were lucky enough to have the glass move! The only information was from Interview Room 2 when it spelt out “N-O-8” for one group and “I am angry”.
Female Block : We tried a mixture of traditional and Kit methods in this section of the building. For one group during a Human pendulum a movement detector started to trigger. Via this human pendulum experiment, 2 spirits came through, 1st one a female prisoner (lady of the night) who chooses to stay at the lock-up and has her family around her..she left quickly when then another spirit came through, another female who said she knew one of the male guests in the group although she was unable to confirm his age.
During another vigil in the female block, guests started to feel they were rocking / swaying whilst stood in the far end cell. This has been reported before on previous investigations. We believe this to be a female spirit (called Mary) who died in custody whilst locked up for being drunk. Having placed a trigger measure of whisky on the floor, an EVP back suggests the female spirit sees it as “Gin” we also got an EVP which we think says “my name is (SallyAnn or Marianne)” – you decide!
A far cry from an inactive night, last nights investigation merely required a little bit more hard work than on previous investigations to get spirit to come forward so well done to those who stuck out the quieter times to go on to get some cracking moments! All in all, the results we did get were pretty cool and certainly help build on previous findings.


Our first event this month was at the Guildhall, a stunning Grade I listed building in the heart of Leicester’s Historic Quarter.
We split guests down into 3 groups this evening with a variety of activities to take part in around the building, from ouija board sessions down in the old Cell and chamber room to equipment vigils up in the library.
Although quieter than previous investigations, here’s some of the information picked up on during the nights investigation.

Chamber Room – Ouija Board. A “Sister Rose” and a “Peter” (aged 36) came through during one session in this grand room, both connected to the location. One guest also reported a cold blast of air on his left arm, creating pins and needles in his hand during the Ouija session.
Great Hall.  A Spirit lady was sensed as being on the balcony by more than one group. Dowsing rods were responsive during an experiment in the great hall as well as a female spirit picked up during human Pendulums. One guest had his arms raised by spirit on request during one of the vigils in the Hall. Photos taken during last nights investigation show an interesting anomaly in the Great Hall
Cells – Ouija Board. A spirit named Jonathan, from 1886 was picked up on the board whilst conducting Ouija sessions in the old police station area, he was allegedly hanged for murder, Curtis was the name of his victim (Surname?).
Grainy voices picked up on in the cells via voice recorders, one of our rempods also lit up in the cell for a couple of guests.
Library.Equipment triggered in a corner when guests were not standing there
SLS however did not detect anything and the library was unusually the quietest area of the night (usually one of the most active areas).
Thank you to all guests who took on the challenge of investigating this stunning building after dark and thanks to last nights team members for all your hard work.


For the 3rd year running, the Haunted Evenings team have stepped over Gresley Old Halls threshold on Halloween night, an almost second home it seems!
A fabulous mid-week investigation with great energy from guests occurred, which certainly helped us get some interesting moments (thank you!!).
Guests were split into 3 groups and conducted 3 vigils in the upstairs section of this old Hall. Here’s some of the goings on from last nights event…

Attic- The attic is made up of 2 rooms and during one vigil, whilst the guests were in one room, equipment appeared to trigger in the other. EMF spikes occurred on k2s placed near a toy dog and cat on opposite sides of the room. Our Vibepod also triggered on top of the fireplace. It was believed that a Male spirit was there and didn’t like women. Interestingly just by cross-referencing with last months investigation, a Male spirit was also detected up in the attic and preferred communicating with the Male guests, could this be the one and the same spirit?
Front Upper Rooms – A human pendulum for one group brought forward 2 spirits connected via a dispute over money which lead to the stronger one becoming a prominent figure of high importance about the house…this made our chosen guest feel sick also. During the same standing still vigil, potentially the metal stand in the room moved and during an earlier vigil, a couple of guests believed they’d heard a chair move whilst they were conducting a lone vigil in another front facing bedroom.
A personal connection came through for another group conducting a human pendulum in one of the rooms. An ancestor called Frank (1700’s) (who we believe we captured the name via our recorders) also responded strongly via a K2. – a pretty cool vigil!
Ouija Board- A spirit connected to the Hall came through who apparently used to live in the building and who likes playing with people. Towards the end of this session, people heard a knock on the door which then moved slightly. Believed to be a team member, team member Katie went to let them in, only to discover no one was there!
Quite an interesting evening with EVP’s. Whilst most are sadly indecipherable on initial playback, definite responses were being given with one relatively clear “f off” given in response to a question and an almighty shout captured in the baseroom an area that we shall be investigating next time we return later this month!


An intense but fun investigation was on the cards last night as the team took to the dark tunnels to kick-start Halloween.

The Investigation : Groups were spread out amongst this vast labyrinth of tunnels to attempt spirit communication via several methods. Both traditional and equipment based vigils work well down here and it soon became apparent that the tunnels were going to be kind to us once again, activity wise…..

End Tunnels : Within 10 minutes or so of setting up equipment down in the end tunnel our rempod triggered, followed by an incredible direct response during a call out. We asked “can you make a noise to let us know where you are?” and instantly heard a loud noise coming from outside the tunnel, sounded almost like slate sliding down a mound of debris. No-one was there and the timing was impeccable. (No further noises were heard like this during the 30 min or so mini session). This soon followed by our vibe pod triggering, the rempod going into overdrive (like morse code) and some grainy voices coming through our voice recorders. Interestingly a further group experienced morse code style responses later on into the investigation. A shadow was also seen by a handful of people down at the old shower block. More info to follow.

Burial Ground : We call one area we investigate the burial ground due to the land above us being just that. Here we tried Human Pendulums with mixed results. Fairly quiet down here this evening however we did gain weak connections to energy, with some guests being affected. More info to follow.

Old Medical Room : Ouija boards were slow in this area so were moved to the opposite rooms/dormitory area with fascinating results. Always intriguing when the glass takes what seems like forever to move but then eventually comes to life. We picked up both personal connections here as well as venue related, with a 9 year old child and a 16 year old called Ben. Footsteps were also heard here.

Trick or treat! – Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a few added extras and this year we dusted down our “beautiful” hanging zombies for guests to find during their free time vigil. To be up for winning £50 worth of gift vouchers please post your pictures on here! A few smaller “ghosts” were dotted about which were redeemed for Haunted Evenings merchandise (enjoy your brews in those if you were lucky enough to win one!)
Thanks to everyone for making this fascinating location continue to be one of our favourites. Whilst we know large places can often prove difficult to pinpoint the activity, for us we seemed once again lucky to walk away with some head scratching moments. Fab night!

A firm location favourite of Haunted Evenings, last nights investigation at Lancaster Castle was the fourth and (sadly) final visit of the year. What a cracking grand finale though we must say! Here’s a summary of just some of last nights results!…

A-Wing : The largest of the former HMP Prison blocks here at Lancaster Castle, guests loaded themselves up with an array of equipment to head off on their own to investigate the many cells left eerily empty. Although somewhat a “needle in a haystack” scenario, some guests physically sensed shifts in energy in some of the cells, with K2’s spiking for others. A very unusual (indecipherable) and damn right creepy EVP was captured in one of the larger rooms and later on a “get out” was captured on our voice recorders.

C-Wing : The former female prison block is proving consistently to be one of the more active areas of the Castle, in particular, an end cell on the ground floor which we have on numerous previous investigations, experienced very intense activity. Whilst no two nights are usually the same, this can’t be said for the C-Wing and strong unexplainable surges in energy were once again detected during all 3 vigils conducted last night as has been the case on previous events. What was truly mind blowing was witnessing the strongest surge on our K2’s happen in immediate response to mentioning a certain incident, strengthening previous evidence gathered here. Amazing!

B-Wing : With restricted access to just the ground floor of this former block, some guests headed over to investigate the old laundry area. A human pendulum picked up on the presence of a child spirit who preferred the company of our Male guests!
Castle Keep : Dowsing rods responded uniquely for one group of guests who headed to the old medieval cells. Whilst the women of the group were getting clear responses in one cell, the men weren’t so lucky in theirs! Interestingly after swapping cells, the men in the group were then able to pick up responses whilst the women could not, proving no such gender divide existed, more so the energy was contained within one cell.

Execution Yard : Human Pendulum experiments were conducted outside in the yard and whilst little happened for one group, 2 further groups experienced communications from former inmates, a Scottish Male spirit for one group and a former Debtor for another who only effected the Male guests.
Governors Rooms : Traditional vigils were conducted up in the old state rooms with a personal connection made for one group.

Lancaster Castle is a phenomenal location historically and continues to provide us with activity in all techniques we apply here (traditional and equipment based). Although renovations are due to start in early 2019 we hope to be back later on next year.


Our return visit last night to this old Leeds Workhouse had some amazing moments of spirit validation as guests worked their way around the building taking part in a variety of vigils.

Downstairs most activity occurred during controlled trigger experiments. Initially for one group the spirit box appeared to be tapping out morse code and as the group moved area, similar taps came through via a REMPOD, believed to be a spirit called Michael who had military connections.

During an energy circle, 2 guests both experienced a strong sudden sense of feeling sick and had to step back from the vigil. Neither guest had met each other before and both felt fine once they’d stepped out of the experiment. A further human pendulum downstairs brought forward a spirit who was believed to be a 30 year old supervisor. Significant cold spots were also felt during this vigil.

For one group the Ouija board took some time to get going but eventually turned into a personal and emotional experience. For another group the ouija experiment connected with a 5 year old boy named Jonathan, date given was 1925. Crew member Neil saw a vision of Jon and his description was later confirmed by Thackray staff as being a spirit seen often by visitors. Amazing!

So many accounts of activity to report them all but one highlight was a Class A EVP which when asked “Can you tell us what this building was used for?” Replied “HOS-PI-TAL”

All in all a fascinating investigation overall so thank you to all the guests who got stuck in to the various vigils planned around this historic building.
We’ll be back again next April for a further investigation before the museum closes for a refurbishment so if you fancy joining us please check out the next Thackray Museum Ghost Hunt here!


Just back from our latest investigation at Steelhouse Lane aka “The Lock-Up” and what a fabulous investigation it was!
With great energy from guests all round, this no doubt resulted in the great energy experienced from the spirits at this Victorian Custody Block – so well done everyone who took part!
Main Custody Block (Male) : In the main block Cell 4 on the ground floor and T18, on the upper level, showed signs of activity through various methods such as dowsing rods, EMF devices and a spirit box session during guests free-time. Activity in cell G2 strengthened the validly of results from Septembers investigation when some guests picked up on EMF spikes in response to questions, similar to previous investigations.
Medical / Interview Rooms : We continued our investigations with Ouija boards in these areas along with Cell G2. A very strong personal message came through for one group in the holding area and for another, a spirit called Ben (connected to the building) came through on the board as well as via a voice recorder.
Women’s Block : This has always been a very active part of the location going by previous investigations we’ve conducted here and last night this section proved once again to be on top form! Similar activity started to occur with equipment triggering (REMPOD & Vibepods) and a strong sense that whomever was with us from spirit (we suspect a female prisoner) did not like men! Fascinating that there were many similarities to previous nights here!


It’s almost 2 years to the day since the team were on-site at this West Midlands landmark and it felt so nice to be back after-dark to see what paranormal activity we could encounter.
We started the evening warming up with traditional glass divination experiments and dowsing rods in 3 areas. Interestingly parts of the information that came through for one group also came through for another. The name Adam (1935?) and Ad was picked up in 3 separate vigils during the Evenings investigation. Personal connections from spirit for some of the guests also occurred during the ouija board sessions.
Down in the undercroft, we experienced action on both the k2’s (EMF meters) and Vibe pod (movement device) with a K2 spiking to Amber on cue and vibe pod lighting up when placed inside one of the stone coffins. One of the guests bravely proceeded to lay in the coffin and described hearing tapping noises on the wall near to him. 2 separate groups reported cold spots on their backs in the undercroft with no obvious causes by drafts etc. For one group a spirit we believe named Tim, came forward too.
Far too many interesting little moments to report so we shall summarise by simply saying that Dudley Castle yet again did not disappoint as the night went on! Our investigation last night was a pleasure to be apart of thanks to every single guest who put 100% in to everything we tried. We couldn’t have asked for a more willing bunch, so thank you!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..
“Great night thank you haunted evenings i will be going ghost hunting with you lot again when i was the in coffin and I hear the tipping that was amazing than It got better at the end me and one of the haunted evenings team member heard two woman talk we went to look and no one was Dudley castle is one of the best places to go”
W.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a wonderful night and experience that voice we caught in the undercroft was amazing!!!!”
A.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Really good alternative night out not had as much fun in years.. Great to meet Tim Hay from the other side x”
R.Oakes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Fab night! Thank you – we loved it! Will be looking to see where to investigate next”
P.Bills 14.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great Night a great evp ( get out) and everything that when on”
K.Dawes 14.10.18 Source:Facebook


This old nightclub in Mansfield was Haunted Evenings home last night, joined by a cracking bunch of guests who came along to investigate every area this dark location has to offer.
As guests descended down the disused nightclub stairs, they were split off into smaller more vulnerable groups to try their hands at a combination of equipment and traditional vigils, whilst, each in turn, a 3rd group stayed upstairs to conduct an investigation using ouija boards.
Highlights from the evening included a fascinating ouija vigil with the actual board moving in response to yes/no questions, a personal session for another group, voices picked up downstairs via our voice recorders in both areas 1 & 2 and feelings of being unwell for some down near the old nightclub stairs( that disappeared once they moved away from that spot). The name Trevor was picked up during one vigil and a “get out” was shouted out over our recording in the same spot for another, possibly telling us to get out as the time approached 2am – kicking out time!.
A variety of experiments were conducted last night and whilst not all proved fruitful (as to be expected) it was an enjoyable return visit to a location we feel has heaps to offer any paranormal investigator and one we can highly recommend!
Thanks to every guest who attended last night who took on the challenge with enthusiasm and great energy. You were all a fab friendly bunch!


We were last here in February so it was nice to return for another sell-out at this magnificent Gothic masterpiece this month! Margam Castle is a unique location and offers guests several areas to investigate, with even its stunning staircase worthy of a stop off!
We mixed things up last night and started with a ouija board session for all guests, to see if we could gather any consistent results in 3 key areas. With personal connections coming through in most sessions, it was an emotional start for some. For the spirits we picked up on that were connected to the building, it proved interesting as the vigils went on, with new groups picking up on the same spirit energies from the group before (unbeknownst to them). For one group downstairs, a child spirit came through twice giving the same answers. Rempods and k2’s also triggered down here and it was certainly a spot identified as revisiting during free time.
Human Pendulum experiments were interesting down in the main entrance area, with both groups picking up on energies from around the mid 1800’s, a nanny for one and a female spirit Margaret, in another. We took away one of the guests senses in one vigil to further investigate what we were picking up during the human pendulum with intriguing results.
All guests had the opportunity to have the chance to completely have free rein over the upper and ground floor, with most choosing to combine ouija board sessions with equipment.
Margam Castle is a fantastic location to investigate and whilst we may have had to work a little harder for the spirits of Margam Castle to come and communicate with us last night, it certainly paid off for those guests who really got involved with the experiments and helped bring the energy forward – well done and thank you!


A full night of investigations took place til the early hours of this morning at the magnificent Warwick Castle.
Guests were allowed access to an area that has never before been investigated by the public, the “Blue Boudoir”, a room off the Great Hall once used as a dressing room, now a stunning time capsule of portraits and silk wallpaper. It was in this room (along with 2 other areas) that all 3 groups in turn, tried their hands at a ouija board with all 3 vigils providing some evidence of a little girl named Abigail. She said she was grumpy with someone called “R” just moments before a device in the room wrote “Rebecca”. The little girl also played a game with us but not for long! All very Interesting!
Up in the Tower and down in the old Gaol, Ouija boards were less active for the guests but an EVP saying “Warwick Castle” was captured up in the Tower and shifts in energy were detected down in the old Gaol whereby different groups became independently drawn to the same corner of the Gaol, the same corner team member Katie witnessed a ball of light whilst setting up her vigil. (Unbeknownst to guests!). Guests reported feeling a sense of sickness whilst 2 different people from different groups also felt a sense of peace and calm-pretty much word for word saying the exact same thing!
Guests moved on to taking part in vigils in the impressive Kingsmaker area and the grand and opulent state rooms above which included the library, music room and several bedrooms. With the use of equipment, we all separated off and explored the many areas of Warwick Castle but it was all during more traditional group experiments in these areas that attracted the activity –
Down in the Kingsmaker during human pendulum exercises, a spirit, connected to the building, came through for our Male guests. For the female guests in the adjacent room, the most phenomenal ball of white light was witnessed by all. It appeared as bright as a camera flash light, the light was spherical and almost the size of a football. It literally appeared in a flash on the wall and moved towards the floor and lasted just a second. It was not a torch light as everyone in the Kingsmaker was stood still and holding hands in their prospective groups at the time, it was also much brighter than torch light – we could find nothing that could have caused it and despite some head scratching, it couldn’t be debunked. What made it all the more fascinating was it happened at the exact same time as we asked spirit if they watched over the guest they were connected to. That and the fact a similar light had been seen in a completely separate area hours earlier. Mind blowing! Won’t forget that moment in a hurry!
4am soon came around and as most headed home, the last few standing took a moment to investigate the Bear Tower, a couple of indecipherable EVP’s were picked up on in there but as our energy drained it was time to depart.
Warwick Castle is such a fascinating place to visit and to find yourself with just a handful of others in some of these phenomenal rooms is just such a thrill all on its own! It’s quite apparent that traditional methods wins the day here so thank you to everyone who got involved with the group work to make the spirits come forward. A very interesting investigation indeed!
Thanks to team members Katie, Jenna, Andy and Treena – Nat

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..
Thankyou for an amazing night/morning. One I won’t forget for a while. Definitely coming to more
H.White 07.10.18 Source:Facebook

Thank you for making our first time an amazing one! Everyone was lovely and friendly – we will def be back to explore with you again
M.Love 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

What a great night! Takes alot to leave me speechless and Abbie in the Boudouir certainly did! Thanks to all involved
C.Lewington 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Amazing night spent with some amazing people 👻🖤 never had my arm lifted by entity ever and its an experience i will never forget. Thank you again Haunted Evenings, the team are great.”
S.Bowen 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening guys. Brilliant to see and wonder round Warwick Castle at night. Even though it was tiring the whole haunted team and the people who attended made it a fantastic night.👍”
P.O’Doherty 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great experience, I’ve seen and heard things I can not explain for years , right back to being a small boy , last night convinced me that it’s not in my mind and I’m not going crackers , there were two separate things which happened last night , I will be back for more , massive thanks to a fantastic team , and also a great bunch of people 👍👍👌”
P.Giles 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, Warwick Castle is a fab place. Really enjoyed our spooky evening there. Thanks to the team for a great time.”
N.Short 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Another wicked night, got some unexplainable photos, was part of the female group the witness the ball of white light, and one of last standing for the bear pit emf. Already looking for our next event. Thanks again team xx”
A.Shepherdson 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“Brilliant evening ! Certainly didn’t expect any messages 😘 will definitely go again The Team really looked after you”
Z.Lowe 06.10.18 Source:Facebook

“we had a great night – a fabulous setting and the white ball of light was amazing, cold moments in certain settings and feeling someone in my area too plus my phone with camera being upset many many times.”
B.Gaffney 06.10.18 Source:Facebook


Last night the team entered new territory by investigating this amazing landmark in Leeds City Centre, unusually untouched by investigators all considering its history and original nature of the building. (Apparently it was last investigated around a year ago!).
Used mainly today for grand performances in the magnificent Victoria Hall, it’s underneath the great Hall that we spent most of our evening and for good reason! It’s here that the Leeds Town Hall has a forgotten world of police cells (new and old areas) and a decommissioned court room to spend time in, as well as the crypt area which has an eerie feel to it.
We split the location into 4 areas with a different approach to investigating each area, from traditional methods, equipment vigils and for one night only up in Leeds, added a surprise mediumship vigil with guest medium Grant Colyer
Court Room : Accessed via stone and wooden steps, guests were led up from the cells into the dock of the decommissioned court room. Here we tried our hands at a tech vigil with SLS camera and laser grid. During one session the SLS camera mapped out something above the judges chair and in another, a groan and whistle was heard. One of 2 Class A EVP’s from last night was captured here too, when at 3am and home time, spirit gave us a clear “Goodbye” on our voice recorder.
New Cells : This area we allocated for an explore vigil. Plenty of cells and corridors to spread out into. Some guests reported back an unusual session in one of the cells they locked themselves into, whilst other guests investigated the corridor and a Police Officer was picked up through questioning via our Rempods
Old Cells : the Ouija board had mixed success down here so some teams tried other traditional methods instead with all groups reporting back some activity. A prisoner was picked up here on the board who was a petty criminal named “Tomus”. For another group, medium Grant picked up on a Jailer named Chris before a personal connection came through during a pendulum.
Crypt/Victoria Hall : An unusual mist was seen by a few people down in the crypt area and during a human pendulum a judge came through. Above the crypt in the Victoria Hall, other groups took to the stage and picked up on spirit energy during traditional methods. Muffled EVP’s were picked up below the stage and another Class A EVP captured around the stage area saying “what’s that”
More time could easily have been spent in each area to get more in-depth results but with so much ground to cover, our first night at Leeds Town Hall was equally about ensuring we covered as much ground as possible to discover where the hotspots are. All areas provided some activity by the end of the night with the old cells being the most active on the night.
We will be returning in May 2019 to continue on from what was a fascinating first investigation, the first no doubt of many more to come.
If you would like to join us, we have just released next years date. This really is a place that needs further investigation!
Thanks to all the guests who entered the unknown with us at Leeds Town Hall, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!


Wow what another jam packed night of investigating at this magnificent building tucked away near Grantham. There’s layers of history to this location and an abundance of areas to investigate which certainly makes our Haunted Evenings here busy ones!
The Chapel Passage : A long corridor with stone-flagged floor with several rooms /cellars off to investigate, one with a fireplace and another with old Gaol style door. Guests had the opportunity to use any equipment they fancied down in this old storage area and go it alone! Whilst on the surface this area may seem quite quiet, our EVP’s weren’t so and we picked up voices in 2 particular areas of this part of the building. One voice answered “welcome” when we asked if they’d like us to stay or leave and another shouted on command having caught our attention on the recording before. Significant drops in temperature were also noted and a knock was heard when we asked spirit to tap on something. More investigations are certainly needed here!
Old Staff Area : A disused area at the rear of the building that has an intricate stone build crypt style ceiling. Human Pendulums were carried out here and what’s fascinating is that the same spirit came through for 2 groups. Guests taking part had no prior knowledge of the first groups vigil so this made for interesting results.
Catacomb area. A great area of the building that atmospherically feels much more oppressive. There’s also the opportunity to walk the dark forgotten servants tunnel from here! A combination experiment took place in here (new and traditional), with guests using dowsing rods whilst being watched through the SLS camera (SLS camera is designed to map out any human forms it detects). A few head scratching moments led to a good debunking session with one group which is what a proper investigation is all about!
Heading down to the Orangery basement, once used as the Hall’s bakery, our ouija boards lay ready and waiting for our guests. Whilst some “revving up” was needed to build the energy, all groups got to experience communication from spirit, some emotional personal connections, for others the same spirit (unbeknownst to them), came through giving the same information.
This building is genuinely fascinating and it will be some time before we can safely say that we’ve covered all areas!
A huge thank you to everyone who attended last nights event, it was lovely to see so many guests work with each other so well with some laughs along the way!
Team members Treena, Andy, Sarah, Helen, Gaynor and Joe –
thank you once again for making this busy night such a thorough investigation – Nat


We were back last night at our regular haunted hangout “Old Gresley” – a place we’ve investigated more times than we can possibly count and a place we’ve always looked forward to revisiting because of the countless experiences we seem to have! Last night was no exception and soon provided our groups with some strange and intriguing experiences!
One group picked up a rather strong and somewhat unsavoury character during a human pendulum that proceeded to interact with them during their next vigil up in the attic by giving out a terrifying growl on their voice recorder. I believe a few skeptics aren’t so skeptical in that group now!
Some amazing results for all vigils held up in the attic came to light by the end of the evening, when all team members reported back similar experiences – movement devices triggering on command and some unusual temperature readings and cold spots that changed on request.
The Ouija board session gave a good few people a unique experience with one group picking up the strong presence of a Male and female spirit connected to the land, from around the 1600’s. Other Ouija sessions brought through personal connections for a couple of guests which was very moving.
Traditional vigils such as our dowsing rod experiment also gave newbies the chance to detect energy and sense, first hand, what it’s like to be communicating with spirit.
Thank you to a lovely bunch of guests who, from start to finish, immersed themselves in all activities making for another fascinating Gresley paranormal lockdown!

If you’d like to join us at Gresley Old Hall, our next 2 events in October and November are sold out, however, we are pleased to announce new Gresley Hall dates for February and April 2019


What a fantastic investigation last night at “The Lock-Up”, an old abandoned Victorian custody block built over the once slum area of Birmingham.
Guests and crew last night all worked perfectly as a team to investigate all things unusual about the place, from some incredible cold spots to knocks and bangs to strong EMF spikes, lots we could debunk but lots we all simply couldn’t! (The joys of a real investigation!).

All areas of the location provided activity and kept us on our toes!….
Women’s Block : Male and female spirits came forward during human pendulum experiments, slowly revealing their crimes through yes / no questioning. During one session, a guest reported being influenced at the same time a movement device was being triggered. She had her back to it so couldn’t see the device lighting up! This happened several times during the vigil. Cold spots were also being felt and on investigating, no external door or window could be attributed to the sudden temperature drops.
Main Block : Guests had the opportunity to go it alone with as much equipment as they could carry! Most spent some time in cell G2 – some very unusual EMF spikes occurred in there. Whilst an external run of cables debunked some of the activity, not all the spikes could be explained despite a lot of time spent trying to debunk. K2’s going off on command as well as our EDI led to an interesting session in there!
Interview Rooms : Glass divination experiments took place at this end of the building and were slow to start for some of the groups. However some relocating of the board and patience led to all groups eventually experiencing some movement. An unsavoury character was picked up on in vigil one and was able to copy information on to the ouija board that only a few not on the board could see. A name was also spelt out that appeared near a cell door. Amazing!
All in all a really thorough investigation last night which led to it becoming one that many of the team won’t forget in a hurry! Thanks to all the wonderful guests who worked so well with one another to get the most out of our experience at the Lock-Up! For many it was their first time investigating but we hope it won’t be your last!

Thanks for the feedback!…..

“Had a fantastic night at the lockin steelhouse lane last night, .Angelr and myself experienced some amazing things through out the night particularly the surgical room. What a amazing place to see, the team were so kind and friendly and you made our 1st experience exciting, your helpfulness and knowledge was intriguing and what a great laugh we had.you all deserve a pat on the back.The lock in was a phenomenal place and cannot wait for another visit, meet some wonderful people along the way too especialy Lisa will never forget you.
Thanks for a super night, see you all again soon.
Love to you all. X Jeni x”

J.Eakins 223.09.18 Source:Facebook


The team were out in force last night to investigate the quirky Matlock Bath landmark with a lovely group of guests and venue staff! Access to the great entertainment hall – with stage and under-stage green rooms, attic area, dome, Nutsall and Gray Room, as well as corridors and stairwells were all investigated throughout the night by using a variety of styles.
For some the ouija board provided personal connections, for others a string of possible local spirit connections with strong energy came through.
The team tried equipment experiments in the main Pavilion, lights lit up in response to questions asked whilst on the stage area, a Male energy was picked up there. Vibration devises triggered in the main hall making for a subtle but an interesting encounter and a voice was captured on a voice recorder saying “welcome” when we asked if we were welcome in the room.
Human pendulums upstairs gave guests an experience with spirit and in one particular vigil, a male energy gave strong answers to our questions. Despite our efforts, this male spirit would only effect the women in the group.
As expected some vigils were quite quiet but overall, activity was detected in all areas at some point by the end of the evening. Thank you to those guests who participated with the various activities and to team members Rob, Jennifer, Treena, Martyn, Katie and Sarah. Also thanks for a warm welcome from venue volunteers Tanya and Phil. – Nat


A great location to end the summer stint! Another fascinating night down at this former secret nuclear bunker with it’s warren of dark, damp and disorientating tunnels to explore and investigate. ….So whilst we all nip off to enjoy what’s left of the Summer, a quick but huge thank you to all the guests who attended last nights event including the team who helped make our last event of August ’18 fly by!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..
Our Hosts (The living ones) were all brilliant. Helpful, interesting and very good. I can thoroughly recommend going with this team.. Outstanding night. ” R Cooke 01.09.18 Source:Facebook


Thanks to everyone who made our 2nd of 5 events this year at “The Lock-Up” such an enjoyable one. Some fantastic guest energy made for a really interesting investigation. Traditional methods stole the show again this weekend, some K2 hits and the odd EVP but the ouija board experiments and pendulum experiments were the most intriguing overall.
Thanks to team members Andy, Jayne, Treena, Jonathan, Kev, Joe & G for making this rather hot investigation a good un! – Nat.


Our first public event in August led us down the familiar road to Wotton-under-Edge, a quaint small town made famous by the reputable haunted location that is the Ancient Ram Inn. Undoubtedly a bucket list location and one we’ve investigated more times than we can count, last night yet again produced some thought provoking moments with every experiment conducted.
Traditional experiments likely won the contest last night for best moments, personal names and validation came through for one group during a human pendulum, arms raised on command for another. Glass work aka the ouija board was harder to get going last night but all good things come to those who wait as a group finally gained contact from a female spirit up in the Witches room.
In the barn area an EVP session was conducted accompanied by the fascinating visuals of the laser grid which appeared to highlight movement in areas that our team members were picking up on spirit energy wise. Guests also experienced first hand the strong pull of an energy hot spot close to the recently exposed fireplace near the old Inn entrance.
So to summarise quite simply, the Ram gave us a cracking night of activity!.
Thanks to all the fabulous guests that made last night yet another enjoyable stay at the Ram Inn – great group energy and we hope to see you all again in the future.


July’s investigating was short and sweet (or should that say sweat!) as we headed out last night to our only gig this month to the Creaky Cauldron. An extra special evening awaited our guests and team as we all had access for the very first time to a second site in Stratford.
Although a modern build, the new site was where we conducted our ouija board vigils and both groups experienced communications from the board, most of which was captured as part of a live Facebook stream (please feel free to take a look)….

The majority of our evening was rightfully spent over at the original Creaky Cauldron premises with parts of the building dating back to the 1500’s. The difference with any of the other nights we’ve ever spent here over the years (of which I’ve lost count) was the fact that this building is now empty, exposing fireplaces, nooks and crannies and old wooden beams. Absolutely thrilling to see the building in such an original state.
Guests had the opportunity to carry out equipment vigils upstairs and traditional experiments downstairs throughout the night. Some old spirits we’ve encountered before came through which just further validated previous findings, it was a fascinating evening and such an enjoyable one – albeit a hot one!
Thanks to everyone who participated in last nights investigation and to Creaky Dave (the owner) for allowing us an exclusive insight into his new premises. If you’re ever in Stratford please head over to Bell Court and see for yourself the delights he’s created over at the new shop but make sure you peer into the window of 21 Henley Street along the way!
We’ll be back at the original Creaky Cauldron later this year so if you fancy joining us, our next date has just been announced here!


Sitting directly on the shores of Loch Fyn writing this review, with the Sunday morning sun beating down, the whole panoramic view in front of me is beyond words – it’s breathtaking, peaceful and certainly not the obvious place to be writing about for Haunted Evenings! To my immediate left is an 1800’s former prison with the same Loch views to die for (albeit those same views are seen through iron bars). Inveraray Jail may well be isolated but seems misplaced in such a beauty spot – what an incredible setting!
Inside are 2 main prison blocks, the earliest, laid out over 2 floors with several cells to investigate, provided last nights guests with activity on the ouija boards. All groups were able to experience some contact from the other side, from intense personal moments with lost loved ones to spirit energies connected to the building. A child called Jo for one group and a “Peggy” for another were just 2 names that came to light. An EVP was also captured which says “get f**king out of here” with a Scottish accent!
Over in the larger, slightly newer prison block (built in the 1840’s), voices were the main feature during the explore with kit vigils. Down in a bottom cell, a clear “help me” was captured on our recorder. Some 4 hours or so later, a separate team picked up a “help” in the very same cell (unbeknownst to them at the time as to what was captured earlier). A Henry was also picked up by 2 separate groups in the same prison block and psychometrist Stu picked up on a shadowy character called James Bane who Stu detected was imprisoned for sheep stealing. On returning to the jail this morning to check records, his name and crime have both been verified by Jail staff/electronic jail records. (EVP’s to be posted in the comments below). A growl was also picked up in the attic. Was that James Bane?
Dowsing rod experiments alongside trigger objects were designated for the court room. Placed amongst the many unpleasant and damn right eerie mannequins, energy was detected through equipment triggering and through the rods. You could almost hear a pin drop inside the court room, so a shout saying “get out” was a little unnerving on playback from our voice recorder!
Inveraray Jail provided all our guests with activity of various degrees throughout the night and the time at this unique jail flew by!
What a wonderful location to end this first half of 2018 and what wonderful guests to work alongside last night, thanks everyone!. This investigation will not be one we’ll forget in a hurry and it won’t be long until we return. Inveraray Jail and it’s stunning surroundings are a must to revisit! See you soon Inveraray!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“First time with haunted evenings and loved the amount of equipment we were given to experiment with. Found the app used with the ouija board fascinating! Look forward to booking again ”
V.Struthers 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again Nat, Jo & Stu for another fantastic evening, totally loved our experiences at Inveraray & look forward to doing it again with you all xx”
V.Young 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a brilliant evening! Was so lucky to meet a lot of lovely people and experience what we did! X”
J.Duncan 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a great evening thanks for the experience”
L.Laurie 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a great night yet again with the team.Cant wait for the next one.Everyone was amazing.x”
 T.Taylor 24.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks NAT Jo and stu for another good night can’t wait till next”
R.Kay 24.06.18 Source:Facebook


We’re on the road again! To finish off this half of what’s been an epic year so far, we started our last weekends investigation in June by stopping off at Lancaster Castle as part of a road trip (yes this really is a favourite of ours!).
Guests investigating the A-Wing, a Victorian Jail used up until 2011 with its numerous cells to break off into, soon discovered that there sure are some haunted hotspots, with the shower block being the place once again to put people that little more on edge! Muffled voices were detected and a character called William was picked up on by Psychometrist Stu.
Over in the C-Wing, equipment was used to detect activity, with the end cell providing guests with an experience through EMF devices and voice recorders.
Over in the Governors rooms, an older part of the castle, dowsing rods picked up a strong energy spot and a spirit named Christopher came through who was able to push 3 guests on command.
A very interesting investigation made easy with such wonderful guests who put some great energy into the vigils, proving once again that Lancaster Castle is indeed haunted!


Our sunny Saturday evening was spent over at Gresley Old Hall, a place we’re so familiar with it feels like home, albeit a rather dilapidated one! (Understatement!)…
As you head upstairs from the comforts of the baseroom, it feels like a totally different building, rooms are back to bare plaster and in serious need of repair, windows are missing, some boarded up, there’s holes in the roof and resident pigeons up in the rafters. It’s a unique location and often takes guests by surprise as they explore the upper floors and discover just how raw this place has become over time but one things for sure, it makes for the perfect ghost hunting setting!
Joined last night by a new bunch of guests and after a walk round of the location, we split guests down into small groups to try out a variety of vigils in all areas.
Some child spirits were picked up around the building. During a ouija board session in the front upper rooms one child gave her name as Grace, aged 6, who proceeded to come through later during a dowsing rod experiment on the same floor.
Movement devices and a breathy voice were picked up on in the attic which indicated a presence was amongst the group. On asking if they wanted help, the response was no and to leave.
During the kit vigil, guests got the chance to go it alone, spitting off with as much kit as they could carry. Whilst some guests felt uneasy in one room, for others it seemed quite calm and quiet. Other than a few spikes on the EMF meters, most activity was detected using traditional methods during the investigation.
Thank you to a wonderful friendly bunch of guests who cracked on investigating this old Hall and who helped reduce the excessive stock pile of hotdogs throughout the evening! (Mission complete by midnight!) You were all fab!
We’re back at Gresley Old Hall in September and places are still available if you fancy joining us in Derbyshire.

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt Review

Drakelow Tunnels was our location last night, a place the team head to often throughout the year. For those that have been before, you’ll appreciate the vastness this location has to offer, with so much ground to cover, its often an urban explore as well as an investigation.

A great bunch of guests joined us last night and soon found themselves split off into all 4 corners of the location, with 2 traditional experiments to take part in and 2 gadget orientated vigils. Both styles of investigating provided us with some great results and all teams experienced something unknown along the way.
Down in the old canteen area (a fascinating section of the tunnels with old decaying kitchen appliances in situ), some guests experienced equipment triggering on command, EMF bears showed a shift in energy and vibration devices detected movement which wasn’t caused from any of the people present. Sudden drops in temperature were picked up on our devices too, not just in the canteen area but down in tunnel one, where guests experienced chill spots moments before a temperature device displayed a 5 degree drop. It was in the same section of tunnels a noise was heard, similar to a brick being moved, which happened on command when we asked any spirits around us to let their presence beknown by throwing something. Everyone was stood still at the time so that was a pretty cool moment!. An EVP was picked up over 2 devices which, linked together, suggested we turn around and leave. Both recorded during the same call out.
The ouija board was active down in the old medical room for most groups with the majority of energy coming through from connections to the tunnels. Following on with traditional methods, the use of dowsing rods and human pendulum experiments were carried out down underneath the burial ground area of the tunnels, varying degrees of spirit contact came through throughout the evening, with one female spirit being quite strong for one group in particular.
There’s literally so much ground to cover, we often compare paranormal investigating at Drakelow Tunnels a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, it turns out we found several little needles in numerous places!!
A great night made so by the input and enthusiasm from the guys and gals who braved the pitch black tunnels to investigate the labyrinth of tunnels.
We’ll be back at Drakelow in August to see what else we can encounter, until then, thanks again for a memorable Haunted Evening.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Really enjoyed our Ghost hunt at Drakelow tunnels!
Certainly wouldn’t want to get lost down there on my own 😂
A massive thank you to all of the ” Haunted evening ” crew for a great evening, they all made our visit a very enjoyable one!!”

N.Matty 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to all the team. It was a brilliant evening last night. I had fun walking around the bunker. I would like to explore it more 1 day. Amazing experience. Keep up the good work!!”
J.Watkins 09.06.18 Source:Facebook

“A fantastic experience shared with a lovely group. Really professional and well organised event by the Haunted Evening team.”
K.Redfern 09.06.18 Source:Facebook


Last night the team headed south for another encounter at the Old Police Cells Museum hidden beneath the Town Hall in Brighton. Guests had the opportunity to try out experiments in the court room, female cells, male cells and basement area.
A dark head and shoulders shadow was seen by a guest sat in one of the chairs in the court room, moments later a team member saw a similar figure dart across the court room.
Down in the old original police cells, much of the vigils were spent debunking some very strong EMF fluctuations caused by cables. However, once areas unaffected were identified, and after some calling out in one of the cells, a K2 meter spiked in immediate response to us asking spirit to move towards the uniform we’d placed the K2 inside. We believed this to be a police officer and this backed up an earlier moment when our EDI device started to trigger in response to questions relating to the police force. In both instances it took awhile for these moments to occur but as we know, things don’t always happen straight away and patience certainly pays off in the end! Shouts were also picked up in the female block, similar to Events that had occurred during our first visit here last year.
The ouija board sessions provided all groups with an experience of contact from the other side, with vigil 2 identifying a strong female presence called Nancy and a personal connection during vigil 3.
As the energy seemed to fade in all of our last 3 grouped vigils, we all joined forces back in the foyer of the town hall for one last attempt to build the energy up before home time. Alas, it seemed the energy had indeed dipped but if nothing else showed consistency that the energy in the building had slowly faded for us all in all areas!
A cracking real investigation with some great team work from guests and crew all working towards deciphering the energy within the building. Thanks to all those guests who really got stuck in to the experiments and who played a part in calling out and getting involved.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Great evening especially the ouija board was unsure about this about being fake but now i have done it fantastic will deffo becomming back next time you are in brighton”
M.Higgins 03.06.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you for a great eve”
S.Stiles 03.06.18 Source:Facebook


Friday night saw the team kick start June with an extended event at this former nuclear bunker hidden away in the depths of Essex.
Guests had the opportunity throughout the evening to break away and investigate a level on their own although most chose to stick closer together!
Some interesting results came about on the ouija board. Initially slow to start, with only some slow movement with the glass, we moved the board into the old medical area and after some calling out, a Male German spirit came forward, connected to the area, who was able to give some clear information about his life story.
A further vigil in the same area was not so active on the board so guests moved on to trying a human pendulum. What started off as a fairly non-active vigil, soon gave us activity with 2 guests being able to provide answers through the experiment and the name Alison was picked up during an EVP session.
Downstairs guests enjoyed being able to go off and use the equipment in the many dark rooms of the lower levels and further activity was picked up in the communication rooms on the middle floor, similar to vigils we’ve experienced there on previous events.
Thank you to all the guests who attended the Haunted Evening at this fascinating hidden location. We hope to see you all again soon!


Such an enjoyable relaxed night spent back down in Gloucester at the Ancient Ram Inn with some truly wonderful guests who were all a genuine pleasure to investigate alongside!

With its dark eccentric surroundings the Ram certainly offers visitors plenty of rooms to investigate and one by one the groups entered each room to carry out a variety of experiments, from the Ouija board up in attic to equipment in the lounge area and human pendulums down in the barn.
Muffled EVP’s were recorded up in the Bishops Room, K2 spikes on command in the lounge and a personal connection on the ouija board were just some of the moments that added up to being another fascinating evening at this infamous location. I even heard distinct quickened footsteps coming towards the kitchen when no-one at all, was there!
The team agree, that despite all the ghostly experiences captured, the highlight was spending the evening with a magnificent group of people who came together as a team and worked with each other respectfully but with humour and fun. Great energy last night and a pleasure to be a part of! Hopefully see you again soon!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“had a fantastic evening, with emf spikes around johns sofa and book case, then the emf spikes on demand in the bar area (tim) got to give the spririts a mention, as well as the weird emf spikes up in the attic and ouija boards connection, all very impressive,thanks to haunted evenings team for such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, had a great night, thanks to all,”
D.Robb 21.05.18Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night, I loved the team and how relaxed, friendly, open and organised. Will definitely be joining up for more adventures with you! Was lovely meeting all the like-minded people in the groups last night too! ”
A.Brogan 20.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Great evening, great place with lots of lovey warm kind energies which balanced out anything sad & negtive…”  L.Thandy 20.05.18 Source: Facebook


Our return visit last night to The Ragged School Museum was long awaited and it was great to be back investigating this unique London site!.
Spread over 4 floors, guests were split down into smaller groups to carry out a variety of traditional and gadget style experiments, with both styles of investigating providing us with results throughout the night.
Up on the top floor, in one of the large warehouse style rooms, our rempod was indicating a shift in magnetic field, dowsing rods were responding to questions and cold spots were felt, along with reports of people feeling dizzy and EVP’s were captured.
On the middle floor we set up our trigger objects which led to one of our K2 bears being activated in the “school room”. During one of the vigils in the same room, we used our laser grid which resulted in a guest seeing a break in the grid, like a shadow had walked across.
Down in the basement we tried our ouija board experiment which for all 3 vigils provided us with activity, from a personal connection, to children coming through connected to the Ragged School building. One child spirit called Jonathan (Jonny) was able to copy shapes we’d drawn (away from guests on the board) and followed one group upstairs during another of their vigils (Human Pendulum), where a guest felt touched.
The Ragged School is a fascinating building steeped in history with much to offer. The spirits who reside there appeared to be able to communicate with us in various ways which made for an interesting overnight investigation. The night flew-by!
We met some truly lovely guests last night and it was a pleasure to investigate with you all! From the team Nat, Stu, Sarah and Rob, thank you all and hope you all got home safely x

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“On behalf of myself, Jack, Alice and Kelvin we all had an amazing investigation! Really interesting experiments and results with you and I think you make a great team to ghost hunt with. Definitely will book with you again in the future.”
 S.Anthony 13.05.18 Source:Facebook


Last night Haunted Evenings entered “The Lock-Up”, the now disused Victorian central custody block in Birmingham for the first of our 4 events running here in 2018.
So many familiar faces joined us guest side last night for our 1st journey into the unknown here and we can’t think of a better bunch to have been locked up with! You were all brilliant!

Groups were split off to investigate the main block, female block and interview rooms throughout the evening with some interesting results unfolding as the investigation continued throughout the night. Whilst the main block seemed to be the quietest of the areas (accept for the alarm!) the women’s block kick started the night with some phenomenal experiences which continued for all 3 vigils. Guests picked up energy in 2 cells in particular, with female spirits strongly communicating through our EMF and movement devices on command. One spirit (who we believe was called Alice) even responded heavily to 1960’s music (a surreal moment playing a Sandy Shaw YouTube vid on top of a cell toilet!). Other names picked up in the same cell later was a female spirit called Margaret who proceeded to give us very strong Yes/No responses on command with our equipment. During another vigil in the female block, knocks were heard from cell 15 which were picked up, on command, via our vibepod.
During all 3 ouija sessions, the glass moved and gave our guests some fascinating moments. For some, loved ones came through producing some memorable and emotional personal moments. Other spirit names picked up throughout the event were Harry, Harold, Callum, ELB to name but a few and will certainly be interesting to see if these crop up in future investigations here.
Once again, thank you to all who attended, it was a brilliant first investigation here!

If you’d like to join us at “The Lock-Up”, although our next event in August has sold out, we do still have a handful of places left on our October and November events! Check out all Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt event dates.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thank you for a great first time experience, thoroughly enjoyed it, great evening with a great team, I will deffo be coming to other events x” 
 L.Rollins 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

” Was an amazing night, can’t believe the message we had on the ouija board from my sister x”
J.Rowley 12.05.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks again Nat to you and the team for another great night, another one ticked off the list!! ”  M.Reeves 12.05.18 Source: Facebook


A glorious weekend trip down to Devon/ Cornwall to investigate Bodmin Jail has drawn to a close (and wow were we so lucky with the b/hol weather!)
As the sun went down and last nights event was due to commence, an atmospheric mist descended upon Bodmin Jail, a once brutal 18th Century Prison which saw over 50 executions in its time in operation.
Guests were given a history tour of the location by Jail guide Kristen before being split into small groups to investigate the various sections of this dark and oppressive Jail.
By the end of vigil one, it was apparent that Bodmin Jail was going to offer us a very active night, with all 3 groups reporting back some pretty epic experiences from the word go which lasted right through to beyond 4 in the morning! Shadows were witnessed upstairs by guests as well as EVP’s throughout the location. Equipment triggered on command during vigils held in the depths of the Jail. Whistles were heard, people sensing sickness, cold spots and others feeling touched were just some of the many highlights. For one group, they picked up responses from an Edward and Mary. Edward, being the most prominent down in the Jail basement, followed the group to the next room where a clear EVP stating “Edward” came through on our recorder (to be posted over on instagram). It appears Edward had a connection to Mary, a 16 year old who he had murdered. Having spoken to Jail guide Kristen, recent activity has suggested that a female presence of someone matching Mary’s age has been prominent of late in the areas we reported her activity.
We’re still working on reviewing all the recordings collected from last night (there were many fascinating EVP’s captured so bare with us!).
Guests were all so up for getting involved so thank you again to everyone (including the team) who made this such a memorable Haunted Evening / Weekend!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Had a fantastic evening thank you for accommodating us ☺️ can’t wait for the EVP of Edward as that was our group been waiting very patiently 🙊 x” 
S.Ball 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“I attended your Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt. It was one of the most incredible and best nights of my life…..Once again, the night was incredible and I will definitely be trying to book more in the future. Thankyou ”
K.Warren 06.05.18 Source:Facebook

“As a newby it was anything but quiet. Opened my eyes and wanting more” M.Woolgar 06.05.18  Source: Facebook


Oxford Castle is such an atmospheric location and with areas such as the Crypt, debtors tower, cell block and Keep/St George’s Tower to have access to after dark, Oxford Castle certainly lends itself nicely for splitting groups down to conduct a variety of experiments.
We chose to use the base area of St George’s Tower as our starting point for the Ouija Board session, with activity reported (of varying degrees), during all 3 vigils, from fairly indecipherable communication from spirit during one vigil to other guests gaining memorable personal moments in another.
In the lower level of the D-Wing and debtors tower, guests were given the opportunity to use as much of the equipment as they could carry in a freestyle vigil, with many taking the opportunity to go it alone down in the Crypt area whilst others investigated the cells on the ground floor. Muffled voices were captured on our voice recorders down in the Crypt and a dowsing rod experiment concluded that we weren’t welcome down there!
Upstairs we chose to conduct a vigil combining equipment and traditional methods with guests taking part in a human pendulum. For one group this was particularly intense and for another, whilst a guest was responding during the pendulum, our equipment (k2’s and movement device) were triggering on command.
Such a privilege to have access to this historic Oxford landmark and it was an interesting return visit so thank you again to everyone who attended and got involved during the evenings events.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Fantastic night .. thanks guys x can’t wait for another”
J.Tate 29.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Thank you to all the team for the best night. Was an evening of mixed emotions but definately up there as one of the best nights of my life.xx”
D.Aydemir 29.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Dear team.Thank u all for a fab night, i enjoyed the whole evening even being pushed!!.Deff recomend ur experiances n looking 2 book again.Thank u” V. Holmewood 29.04.18 Source: Website/Email


A fascinating second investigation at this magnificent Mansion near Grantham took place last night.

Guests got to experience 4 “zones” out of bounds to the general public, taking part in an array of experiments down in the catacombs, orangery basements, William Burns suite and Chapel Passage area. A phenomenal table tipping experience happened for one lucky group, with results also being fruitful for participants of other traditional vigils, such as the automatic writing, dowsing rods session, human pendulum and Ouija board.
Our first investigation back in February indicated a strong energy down in the abandoned catacomb bar area and last nights investigation strengthened this when one group managed to capture a Class A EVP from a spirit in the catacomb area which said “Come Back”, clear enough for all present to hear on play back. (EVP posted up on our Haunted Evenings Instagram and Twitter feed).
This is only the second time this Grade I listed mansion has ever been investigated and last night certainly didn’t disappoint, we left with the feeling that as time goes on, this place will only continue to open up and reveal more paranormal experiences.
All our team reported back how wonderful their groups were, we acknowledge and always appreciate it when guests attend with enthusiasm and willing input so from us all, we’d just like to say a huge thank you for all being such a great bunch and making last night such a memorable one!
We hope to see you all again and we hope Stoke Rochford Hall continues to produce such intriguing experiences, we’ll be back for our sold out event in September and for those who fancy joining in the future, a new date has been set for January!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“it was awesome thanks for a good night cant wait to do another one”
T.Newman 28.04.18 Source:Facebook

“thank you so so much we all had an amazing night and can’t get over the EVP can’t wait to come back x”
K.Quinn 28.04.18 Source:Facebook



It’s been 2 months since our first visit to “The Village” in Mansfield and the team were back in force to continue the investigations of this old slaughter house. This time a new full house of guests attended and The Village did not disappoint!. Guests, independently of each other, saw a shadow at the start of the event and a group reported a sense of shadows lurking during a human pendulum vigil where a strong male spirit presence was detected. 

The Ouija board produced some interesting results whereby the spirit of a pregnant lady came through who had allegedly been murdered by her husband because he didn’t want the baby. The team also reported that the REMPOD’s were triggered by an unknown force during a couple of vigils as well as voices captured on the spirit box!

All in all a fun and busy nights investigation was had by all. We’ll next be at the Village in October, tickets are still available for those that have missed out on our events here so far this year! BOOK NOW FOR THE VILLAGE.


Shockingly, despite being a Leicester based Company, it’s taken 3 years to get around to arranging a return visit to Belgrave Hall! April finally saw the team return and, like all our events this month, the event was a sell-out! An interesting night was experienced, with activity up in the attic (Ouija board) and down in the Cellars (EVP’s and EMF spikes). We’ll try not to leave it so long next time to investigate, hopefully we will be back in 2019!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Hi… thanks for a fantastic night.. great professional team with some great results.. see you all soon”
G.Clarke 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

Had a fantastic time last night at Belgrave hall from the 4 in group 4 !!!””
J.Mccormack 22.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a really great night. Thanks”
A.Robinson 22.04.18 Source:Facebook


Not really sure where to start with this summary…Maybe a simple “wow” will do?!
Lancaster Castle is truly one of the teams top favourite locations and certainly our most regular haunt for a reason. The location is steeped in some pretty gruesome history and as a former prison, with its abandoned A and C wing to explore, is the perfect ghost hunting location.

Loud bangs were reported throughout the evening in the C-Wing (the former women’s cell block) with doors being opened and closed without explanation. During one vigil, a loud clatter echoed throughout the wing and was first assumed by all to be a clumsy guest until everyone reported back that it wasn’t them! K2’s yet again kicking off in the end ground floor cell on command (as had done on previous nights) and muffled voices captured on our recorders.
Over in the A-wing, the larger of the two wings available to investigate, there was someone (not living) lurking in the shower block as clear EVP’s were captured on command, from shouts to a “yes I can” when asked if they could push one of us.

Guests felt very strange up in the old staterooms too (above the gate entrance), some having to stand back as the atmosphere became pretty intense during a traditional experiment.
Far too many things to mention in one small summary but what a night!
I’d just like to say a huge thank you to John and Danny (Castle staff) who as always, went above and beyond to support the evening, to team members Jo, Rob and Jenn for conducting some very productive vigils and last but certainly not least, to the guests who I can honestly say were one of the nicest bunch of people we’ve had the privilege of working alongside.
Until June, thank you Lancaster Castle for another memorable haunted evening!

Thanks for the feedback guys!…..

” Had a brilliant night..experienced some amazing events…Thank you Haunted Evenings..will be back again ”
B.Driscoll 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Was a fantastic night can say I have never experienced anything like it will definitely be coming back there to do it all again thank you”
M.Wilkinson 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a fab night thank you xx”
J.Lye 15.04.18 Source:Facebook

“Had such a brilliant night, thank you all so much x
N.Melia 15.04.18 Source:Facebook


With so many areas inside and out for guests to break away off into to investigate, last nights Friday 13th was certainly an interesting night!
The main building area, usually out of bounds to the general public, produced some great EVP’s, with one Male spirit expressing that he was stood behind one of the guests. A later vigil in there, whilst carrying out a ouija board session, picked up on a couple of strong energies and the year 1938/9 was prevalent throughout the vigil, the spirit also took a shine to one of the Male guests!.
A “get out” was picked up down at the Lime Kilns with a few people, independently of each other, feeling the sensation of being pushed/swayed throughout separate vigils down there. The workshop at the top of the Furnace, showed signs of activity sporadically throughout the night, with temperature drops, movement devices triggering and a couple of indecipherable EVP’s, along with a strong smell of stale alcohol and flowers?!
Whilst some guests tried their hands at dowsing under the Furnace in the tunnel passageway, others tried communication techniques using a Ouija board in the Hastings area, once old cottages. A child was picked up in there on 2 vigils, who we believed had connections to the building.
We finished the night down in the forest area conducting a Human Pendulum and connected with a rather heavy energy who had been picked up earlier outside at the Lime Kilns.
Moira Furnace definitely is an interesting location and certainly warrants further investigation, it would be great to get to the bottom of who is up in the old Workshop!
Thank you to all the guests who were willing to get stuck in and helped bring forward the energy at Moira Furnace and to all the team who worked really hard to cover all the areas this location has to offer.




We ended our sell-out month of events at the magnificent Shrewsbury Prison, also known locally as “The Dana”.  


Despite the snowy weather, a good time was had by all at Armley Mills!. Here’s some of the fabulous guests “mug shots” at our event here in March 2018


Absolutely cracking night last night at this regular haunt. Some fantastic moments experienced, from a footstep heard that was immediately followed by our static doll triggering that made us all gasp! (No-one was anywhere near it at the time) to EVP’s and personal experiences coming through from loved ones! Far too much to mention for now so will attempt a full review on the website later. Thanks to all the amazing guests who truly took on the challenge of investigating this vast site and to all the team who worked so hard to help capture these moments. FURTHER DATES AVAILABLE

Thanks for the feedback guys!…..

“Me and my family had a fantastic time here at drakelow tunnels. We are still in shock that my grandad came through on the ouiji board and it is something that we will treasure forever. Thankyou so much for the love and support we had after that amazing experience x”
L.Cooper 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Yet another fantastic night with the Haunted Evenings crew this time Christine N-a and I’s second ghost hunt within the Drakelow Tunnels. We loved every minute and will be looking forward to booked a few other special nights with the HE team very soon.”
M.Scrivener 17.03.18 Source:Facebook

09.03.18 / 10.03.18

12+ hours of ghost hunting and 700 miles later, our weekends events up in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh came to a close yesterday. Albeit very tired we all had a fabulous weekend and just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the guests who joined us at Kielder Castle and Niddry Street Vaults. Thanks to the weekends team who went above and beyond to make the weekend another memorable one.
KIELDER CASTLE REVIEW: The main areas at Kielder Castle that appeared most active were upstairs in the area known as the Tower (highest rooms in the building). A female spirit interacted with many of the guests, particularly the men amongst the groups, with EVP’s captured and contact through Human Pendulum style vigils. Downstairs, albeit fairly quiet all evening, did produce some evidence on the Ouija board and some muffled voices were captured via our voice recorders.

THE VAULTS EDINBURGH: One of the main highlights were the consistent results given from the automatic writing vigil conducted in the front area of the Vaults. 2 separate groups experienced similar results, whereby a child spirit came forward and interacted, mainly with female guests – giving the same answers unbeknownst to the guests. A male spirit communicated with one group in the stone circle vault through a human pendulum experiment and various voices were captured throughout the location by guests and the team on voice recorders. A blue light was also seen by more than one person and a guest was fortunate enough to capture it on camera!

Thanks for the feedback guys!…..

“Spent Saturday night down in Niddry Street Vaults with the team from Haunted Evenings. My first time doing an investigation and can not wait to do my next. Super interesting and exciting and had a one to one with a spirit which was freaky but awesome!”
RachM 13.03.18 Source:Instagram

“Thank you all for a great night we had an amazing night. Thanks again :)”
C.McFadden 13.03.18 Source:Facebook

Thanks for an awesome night in Edinburgh guys!”
R.McDonald 12.03.18 Source:Facebook

“Happy to have been part of it …hope to see you all soon …David & Jackie …’kielder’ …
David 12.03.18 Source:Facebook


Last night our guests and team travelled the distance and braved the cold to investigate this amazing gem in the heart of Stratford Upon Avon – The Creaky Cauldron.

THE CREAKY CAULDRON : Again, this historic location did not disappoint with activity captured in all areas – through both the use of traditional methods and equipment.
Up on the middle floor, our SLS camera detected a spirit in the form of a small stick figure in the next room, at the same time as a vibe-pod was picking up on movement in the same area. As guests moved on into that room to investigate, we established the spirit was that of a little girl called Molly. On request she was able to hold 2 of the Male guests hands and raised the arms of 2 other people before setting off the K2 meter on request (which had shown little signs of life beforehand).
Later on, downstairs, Molly came through during an automatic writing experiment and was able to draw a picture of herself and another of some flowers before signing off her work with the letter “M” – absolutely fascinating to witness! (Picture attached).
EVP’s were captured up on the top floor with dates given through our voice recorder and children were detected once more, this time in the theatre room.
These are just a few of the many highlights from this unique location.
Thanks once again to those who ventured out on this extremely cold weekend to make last night another memorable investigation, and to the team, some of which travelled as far as Liverpool, to take part in last nights event!


2 amazing locations were investigated as part of our “Wales Weekend”, starting with Craig Y Nos Castle on Friday night and Margam Castle on Saturday.

CRAIG Y NOS CASTLE : At Craig Y Nos Castle, activity occurred mainly down in the salt-cellar and beneath the stage area of the old theatre, interestingly both places proving active on previous visits. In vigil 1, the sound of a door banging was followed with footsteps coming down the cellar steps. Those down in the cellar at the time all expected someone to appear but no-one was there. Later, during vigil 3, also in the cellar, a stone was chucked, adding to our experiences over the years that a darker entity is lurking in that part of the premises.
At the stage area, separate groups experienced unexplainable activity with the equipment. Our movement devises triggered on command and our EMF meters surged into life, guests experienced unusual cold spots and it was believed we were in contact with children and a male entity.
Up in the old Children’s Ward, a dilapidated part of the building once used to treat children with tuberculosis, EVP’s were captured. When asking the spirits for their favourite nursery rhyme, all guests concluded the response was ring-a-ring-roses from what was picked up on the voice recorder. Spikes on the K2’s helped back up the sense of not being alone.

MARGAM CASTLE : Saturday nights event was spent over at Margam Castle. Guests were split into 3 groups and took part in 4 different types of experiments. Throughout the night, guests experienced unusually chilling cold spots that came and went at times we were also getting heightened activity. Knocks and bangs were heard in the library area, with everyone on site accounted for. Also in the rear library, one of our K2’s was found over a metre away from where it was set up, face down, during a Human Pendulum vigil being conducted at the other end of the room.
On the upper floor of Margam Castle, in the old nursery, equipment triggered and a human pendulum suggested the presence of a female servant. Children were sensed in a further vigil in that area too with EVP’s from a spirit, suggesting it was (the children’s) bedtime!
Many personal experiences occurred for guests, mainly on the ouija board, which was a pleasure to witness.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thank you for such a great weekend guys, absolutely loved our first ghost hunting experience & it certainly won’t be our last. ☺ “
C.Allen 18.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a terrific evening at Margam Castle. We were so busy it flew by!!”
M.Ashford 18.02.18 Source:Facebook


The team had a very special Friday night, hosting the first ghost hunting investigation to ever take place at the beyond stunning Stoke Rochford Hall, an exclusive location to Haunted Evenings…….

A full house of guests were welcomed into the Orangery for introductions before being split down into 4 main areas, the Orangery Basement, Old Catacomb with service tunnel, chapel passage and the William Burns suite, once a staff room that no staff liked spending time in! It is here that a gentleman spirit was picked up on, muffled voices were captured and ceiling lights flickered during a dowsing rod experiment.
Down in the chapel passage, a couple of guests reported seeing a shadow move across the doorway, later in the same area, EMF devices spiked giving us activity we couldn’t debunk.
Down in the old Orangery Basements, once the bakery for the Hall, Ouija boards were set up and personal messages came through for numerous groups.
One of the highlights was an almighty bang down in the catacomb, probably for now, the creepiest area of the building to be investigated. The bang was so loud and came from the old bar area. Despite trying to replicate the noise, this couldn’t be debunked. At the time everyone was accounted for and stood together in a circle. Most unnerving!

Thanks to all the wonderful guests who came to investigate on Friday! Always a mission when entering the unknown and everyone took on the challenge to see what Hauntings this magnificent Hall has to offer. Stoke Rochford did not disappoint and we are so excited to be returning in April for our next sold out event.
Thanks to all the staff who came out in force to make this massive location a success, all inputting to the night with various experiments and techniques!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thankyou…amazing building and thoroughly enjoyed our first event with yourselves…( but not our first ghost hunt) well organised and friendly staff…looking forwards to more and certainly here again …if you return after April. “
M.Lowe 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to everyone on the team. It was a well organised and fantastic night and we’re looking forward to going on another one!”
S.Marr 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Another amazing night with the haunted evenings crew x”
T.Cain 11.02.18 Source:Facebook


Last night Haunted Evenings were out investigating in force with 2 sold out events running at The Ancient Ram Inn and The Village in Mansfield.
Down in Gloucester at the infamous Ram Inn, activity kicked off almost immediately up in the Bishops Room, one very creepy bedroom that most don’t like spending time in alone! EMF spikes indicated a shift in energy and one of the guests picked up on a little boy called Peter stood in the doorway. On command, Peter was able to light up the teddy bear and EMF meter before a stronger Male energy stepped in with an EVP saying “Jesus Christ” suggesting religious connections. Up in the attic, 3 people witnessed a shadow with EVP’s, picked up on 2 recorders, backing up that we weren’t alone! The Ouija board wasn’t giving us much last night so guests moved on to take part in a Human Pendulum in the Barn area. The same character from upstairs came through which didn’t like us being there!

Over at The Village, guests were split down into small groups to cover all areas. Names were picked up over the spirit box which were validated by the venue organiser. People were touched and an interesting Human Pendulum down in the old club area picked up on a strong male presence that a previous group had picked up earlier on in the night. Our devices were triggered throughout this old slaughterhouse/nightclub and all areas produced some fascinating experiences for the guests.
Thank you to each and every guest who travelled out in the cold to join us on our Haunted Evenings and to the team members out last night on both events, thanks so much for your hard work. Places are still available for our return visits to The Village in April and The Ancient Ram Inn in May if anyone fancies joining us and missed out on last nights antics!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Was a fun night at the Ancient Ram Inn that was for sure. A really enjoyable night. You guys are great and definitely are a brilliant team to investigate with “
M.Brindley 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night at the ram inn, you were a fab team to investigate with. Look forward to visiting the creaky cauldron with you in July! “
C.Porteous 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

January 2018 News Reviews

26.01.18 + 27.01.18

Haunted Evenings ended January with two back to back events up at Lancaster Castle, a top favourite location of ours!
Both nights produced some phenomenal moments, with energy from spirit coming forward in all areas, from strong EMF spikes on command up in the A wing, to voices captured in the medieval cells at the base of the Norman Keep. One of the many highlights was an amazing vigil in cell 8 in the C-Wing, a male presence named Edward came forward and caused all our EMF devices to spike in such a way we (team included) were left literally blown away! Phenomenal.
We also did our first 360 live which will be archived over at fb page Haunted Evenings 360 (Sadly 4G wasn’t so kind to us on night 2!)
Guests, you were all amazing on both nights and we thank you all for getting so involved in the various activities throughout the Evenings. A massive thank you to the teams too who yet again did Haunted Evenings proud!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“It was such a brilliant night! Thank you to your and you’re team and Edward in cell 8!”
K.Helme 29.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Absolutely blown away by it”
L.France 30.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great evening really enjoyed it”
A.Fisher 27.01.18 Source:Facebook


Last night Haunted Evenings hosted our very first “Haunted Psychic Evening” at Smethwick Baths joining forces with Universal Medium Grant Colyer. Lovely to witness some fantastic communication come through for our guests throughout the event which were held down in the Haunted Tunnels. Thank you for all those who attended but the biggest thank you has to go to Grant for doing what he does best (and also travelling all the way up from Kent!). More evenings to come so watch this space!

20.01.18Leicester Guildhall Ghost Hunt Facebook Live feed at Leicester Guildhall

A full house at the Leicester Guildhall again on Saturday for our return visit (last here April ’17) and despite the freezing temperatures, a great night was had by all! We livestreamed part of a vigil, for our Facebook followers, up in the old Library (see above) which shows spirit interaction through our EMF devices. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Haunted Evenings hometown at this very treasured Leicester site. We shall be back!

Thanks for the feedback guys!…..

“Thank you for a great evening last night at the guildhall in Leicester. It was my very first ghost hunt and I went by myself. I was very apprehensive but everyone (staff and guests) were extremely friendly and made me feel a little more relaxed. Will definitely watch out for some more your events and I will be back!!”
N.Pearman 21.01.18 Source:Facebook

“What a great night for my first ghost hunt.
Looking forward to my next hunt with you all in the future 🔦👻 thanks again.”
Jane 22.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed the evening!”
Judith 21.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Now that was intense”
C.Jackson 20.01.18 Source:Facebook

13.01.18January 2018 News Reviews
What a cracking event to start off the New Year!

We’ve investigated Smethwick Baths countless times because of its hidden history and fascinating tunnel rooms and it only seemed right that this should be our first port of call!.
Last night didn’t fail in providing some strange experiences throughout the building with many guests reporting personal experiences such as stabbing pains and feeling sick, all in an area where this has, unbeknownst to them, happened before on previous investigations.
Some very loud EVP’s captured once again up in the pool observation area with REMpod activity to back up the vigil. Spikes on EMF devices and energy detected through dowsing rods were experienced in other areas of the building and some lovely personal validation for guests on the Ouija board!
The highlight has to go to the captured Class A EVP recorded in the old 1930’s foyer where a female voice can be clearly heard on playback 8 seconds in to the recording, with a male voice then captured at 10 seconds in. We can vouch for these not being anyone in the area at the time!! Spooky!
Thanks to all the new faces we met last night who got stuck in with the experiments and to those we’ve met before for choosing to return with Haunted Evenings!. Team members Andy, Treena, Sarah, Rob (and Spooky!) – thank you all once again for kick starting 2018 in style!

Thanks for the feedback guys!….

“Thanks for a great night we really enjoyed it. We will definitely be coming on one again”
K.Foster 14.01.18 Source:Facebook

“My first ever investigation experience and it held all the proof I needed to happily say there is spirits, thank you to all the staff for making the night that much greater for helping and guiding some of us through the vigils”
R.Doyle 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

“It was a great night! Thankyou to all the staff we all enjoyed it”
S Harrison 15.01.18 Source:Facebook