2018 Ghost Hunt Reviews

Read all about what happened on our 2018 Ghost Hunt Events and what paranormal experiences occurred during the latest haunted evening!



2 amazing locations were investigated as part of our “Wales Weekend”, starting with Craig Y Nos Castle on Friday night and Margam Castle on Saturday.

CRAIG Y NOS CASTLE : At Craig Y Nos Castle, activity occurred mainly down in the salt-cellar and beneath the stage area of the old theatre, interestingly both places proving active on previous visits. In vigil 1, the sound of a door banging was followed with footsteps coming down the cellar steps. Those down in the cellar at the time all expected someone to appear but no-one was there. Later, during vigil 3, also in the cellar, a stone was chucked, adding to our experiences over the years that a darker entity is lurking in that part of the premises.
At the stage area, separate groups experienced unexplainable activity with the equipment. Our movement devises triggered on command and our EMF meters surged into life, guests experienced unusual cold spots and it was believed we were in contact with children and a male entity.
Up in the old Children’s Ward, a dilapidated part of the building once used to treat children with tuberculosis, EVP’s were captured. When asking the spirits for their favourite nursery rhyme, all guests concluded the response was ring-a-ring-roses from what was picked up on the voice recorder. Spikes on the K2’s helped back up the sense of not being alone.

MARGAM CASTLE : Saturday nights event was spent over at Margam Castle. Guests were split into 3 groups and took part in 4 different types of experiments. Throughout the night, guests experienced unusually chilling cold spots that came and went at times we were also getting heightened activity. Knocks and bangs were heard in the library area, with everyone on site accounted for. Also in the rear library, one of our K2’s was found over a metre away from where it was set up, face down, during a Human Pendulum vigil being conducted at the other end of the room.
On the upper floor of Margam Castle, in the old nursery, equipment triggered and a human pendulum suggested the presence of a female servant. Children were sensed in a further vigil in that area too with EVP’s from a spirit, suggesting it was (the children’s) bedtime!
Many personal experiences occurred for guests, mainly on the ouija board, which was a pleasure to witness.

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thank you for such a great weekend guys, absolutely loved our first ghost hunting experience & it certainly won’t be our last. ☺ “
C.Allen 18.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a terrific evening at Margam Castle. We were so busy it flew by!!”
M.Ashford 18.02.18 Source:Facebook


The team had a very special Friday night, hosting the first ghost hunting investigation to ever take place at the beyond stunning Stoke Rochford Hall, an exclusive location to Haunted Evenings…….

A full house of guests were welcomed into the Orangery for introductions before being split down into 4 main areas, the Orangery Basement, Old Catacomb with service tunnel, chapel passage and the William Burns suite, once a staff room that no staff liked spending time in! It is here that a gentleman spirit was picked up on, muffled voices were captured and ceiling lights flickered during a dowsing rod experiment.
Down in the chapel passage, a couple of guests reported seeing a shadow move across the doorway, later in the same area, EMF devices spiked giving us activity we couldn’t debunk.
Down in the old Orangery Basements, once the bakery for the Hall, Ouija boards were set up and personal messages came through for numerous groups.
One of the highlights was an almighty bang down in the catacomb, probably for now, the creepiest area of the building to be investigated. The bang was so loud and came from the old bar area. Despite trying to replicate the noise, this couldn’t be debunked. At the time everyone was accounted for and stood together in a circle. Most unnerving!

Thanks to all the wonderful guests who came to investigate on Friday! Always a mission when entering the unknown and everyone took on the challenge to see what Hauntings this magnificent Hall has to offer. Stoke Rochford did not disappoint and we are so excited to be returning in April for our next sold out event.
Thanks to all the staff who came out in force to make this massive location a success, all inputting to the night with various experiments and techniques!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Thankyou…amazing building and thoroughly enjoyed our first event with yourselves…( but not our first ghost hunt) well organised and friendly staff…looking forwards to more and certainly here again …if you return after April. “
M.Lowe 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks to everyone on the team. It was a well organised and fantastic night and we’re looking forward to going on another one!”
S.Marr 11.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Another amazing night with the haunted evenings crew x”
T.Cain 11.02.18 Source:Facebook


Last night Haunted Evenings were out investigating in force with 2 sold out events running at The Ancient Ram Inn and The Village in Mansfield.
Down in Gloucester at the infamous Ram Inn, activity kicked off almost immediately up in the Bishops Room, one very creepy bedroom that most don’t like spending time in alone! EMF spikes indicated a shift in energy and one of the guests picked up on a little boy called Peter stood in the doorway. On command, Peter was able to light up the teddy bear and EMF meter before a stronger Male energy stepped in with an EVP saying “Jesus Christ” suggesting religious connections. Up in the attic, 3 people witnessed a shadow with EVP’s, picked up on 2 recorders, backing up that we weren’t alone! The Ouija board wasn’t giving us much last night so guests moved on to take part in a Human Pendulum in the Barn area. The same character from upstairs came through which didn’t like us being there!

Over at The Village, guests were split down into small groups to cover all areas. Names were picked up over the spirit box which were validated by the venue organiser. People were touched and an interesting Human Pendulum down in the old club area picked up on a strong male presence that a previous group had picked up earlier on in the night. Our devices were triggered throughout this old slaughterhouse/nightclub and all areas produced some fascinating experiences for the guests.
Thank you to each and every guest who travelled out in the cold to join us on our Haunted Evenings and to the team members out last night on both events, thanks so much for your hard work. Places are still available for our return visits to The Village in April and The Ancient Ram Inn in May if anyone fancies joining us and missed out on last nights antics!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“Was a fun night at the Ancient Ram Inn that was for sure. A really enjoyable night. You guys are great and definitely are a brilliant team to investigate with “
M.Brindley 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

“Had a brilliant night at the ram inn, you were a fab team to investigate with. Look forward to visiting the creaky cauldron with you in July! “
C.Porteous 03.02.18 Source:Facebook

January 2018 News Reviews

26.01.18 + 27.01.18

Haunted Evenings ended January with two back to back events up at Lancaster Castle, a top favourite location of ours!
Both nights produced some phenomenal moments, with energy from spirit coming forward in all areas, from strong EMF spikes on command up in the A wing, to voices captured in the medieval cells at the base of the Norman Keep. One of the many highlights was an amazing vigil in cell 8 in the C-Wing, a male presence named Edward came forward and caused all our EMF devices to spike in such a way we (team included) were left literally blown away! Phenomenal.
We also did our first 360 live which will be archived over at fb page Haunted Evenings 360 (Sadly 4G wasn’t so kind to us on night 2!)
Guests, you were all amazing on both nights and we thank you all for getting so involved in the various activities throughout the Evenings. A massive thank you to the teams too who yet again did Haunted Evenings proud!

Thanks for the feedback Guys!…..

“It was such a brilliant night! Thank you to your and you’re team and Edward in cell 8!”
K.Helme 29.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Absolutely blown away by it”
L.France 30.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Thanks for a great evening really enjoyed it”
A.Fisher 27.01.18 Source:Facebook


Last night Haunted Evenings hosted our very first “Haunted Psychic Evening” at Smethwick Baths joining forces with Universal Medium Grant Colyer. Lovely to witness some fantastic communication come through for our guests throughout the event which were held down in the Haunted Tunnels. Thank you for all those who attended but the biggest thank you has to go to Grant for doing what he does best (and also travelling all the way up from Kent!). More evenings to come so watch this space!

20.01.18Leicester Guildhall Ghost Hunt Facebook Live feed at Leicester Guildhall

A full house at the Leicester Guildhall again on Saturday for our return visit (last here April ’17) and despite the freezing temperatures, a great night was had by all! We livestreamed part of a vigil, for our Facebook followers, up in the old Library (see above) which shows spirit interaction through our EMF devices. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Haunted Evenings hometown at this very treasured Leicester site. We shall be back!

Thanks for the feedback guys!…..

“Thank you for a great evening last night at the guildhall in Leicester. It was my very first ghost hunt and I went by myself. I was very apprehensive but everyone (staff and guests) were extremely friendly and made me feel a little more relaxed. Will definitely watch out for some more your events and I will be back!!”
N.Pearman 21.01.18 Source:Facebook

“What a great night for my first ghost hunt.
Looking forward to my next hunt with you all in the future 🔦👻 thanks again.”
Jane 22.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Really enjoyed the evening!”
Judith 21.01.18 Source:Facebook

“Now that was intense”
C.Jackson 20.01.18 Source:Facebook


January 2018 News Reviews
What a cracking event to start off the New Year!

We’ve investigated Smethwick Baths countless times because of its hidden history and fascinating tunnel rooms and it only seemed right that this should be our first port of call!.
Last night didn’t fail in providing some strange experiences throughout the building with many guests reporting personal experiences such as stabbing pains and feeling sick, all in an area where this has, unbeknownst to them, happened before on previous investigations.
Some very loud EVP’s captured once again up in the pool observation area with REMpod activity to back up the vigil. Spikes on EMF devices and energy detected through dowsing rods were experienced in other areas of the building and some lovely personal validation for guests on the Ouija board!
The highlight has to go to the captured Class A EVP recorded in the old 1930’s foyer where a female voice can be clearly heard on playback 8 seconds in to the recording, with a male voice then captured at 10 seconds in. We can vouch for these not being anyone in the area at the time!! Spooky!
Thanks to all the new faces we met last night who got stuck in with the experiments and to those we’ve met before for choosing to return with Haunted Evenings!. Team members Andy, Treena, Sarah, Rob (and Spooky!) – thank you all once again for kick starting 2018 in style!

Thanks for the feedback guys!….

“Thanks for a great night we really enjoyed it. We will definitely be coming on one again”
K.Foster 14.01.18 Source:Facebook

“My first ever investigation experience and it held all the proof I needed to happily say there is spirits, thank you to all the staff for making the night that much greater for helping and guiding some of us through the vigils”
R.Doyle 15.01.18 Source:Facebook

“It was a great night! Thankyou to all the staff we all enjoyed it”
S Harrison 15.01.18 Source:Facebook